How to Do a Faux Bob Hairstyle

As seen on Freida Pinto, Hilary Swank and these models at Toronto Fashion Week.
Michelle Villett
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As seen on Freida Pinto, Hilary Swank and these models at Toronto Fashion Week.


Holy hot rollers! I've been poking around our Toronto LG Fashion WeekFlickr feed—which you may both have a gander at as well as use on your own site—and discovered the most gorgeous, glamorous faux bob hairstyles at the Rachel Mara show last night.

And THEN, in what can only be called beauty synchronicity, I realized that Freida Pinto and Hilary Swank both wore a version of this look at the London Film Festival on Monday night.

I love when that happens, because when celebs wear what's on the runway, it means we're dealing with an actual, honest-to-goodness Real Trend.

Here's the runway version:




And here's what it looked like on Freida:

Busted Image

And Hilary:

Busted Image

Freida wins, don't you think? Hers is just softer, looser, longer—really, much more flattering. I think the looseness is the key, whether you do this in a curly style (as per the runway version) or even straight. Here's a pic of favourite Rachel Bilson rocking a straight faux bob:


See how that works too?

Now here's how to do it—no matter which texture you prefer:


1. Shampoo, condition and blow-dry your hair based on the texture you're after. For example, blow-dry it smooth if you want a sleek, straight look... or if you want to go curly and your hair has a natural wave, use a diffuser to retain the curl. The challenge is if your hair is naturally straight and you want to go curly. It's a bit more work, but you'll want to curl it with either hot rollers (smaller ones will give you a tighter curl) or a curling iron. You could even pin-curl your hair overnight, a technique which I've just re-discovered and LOVE. Perhaps a video on that coming soon.


2. Now that you've got the texture you want, it's time to backcomb for a bit of volume. Part your hair in a deep side part and backcomb sections of your roots using a good-quality brush (like a Mason Pearson) or fine-toothed comb. Make sure you're backcombing the underneath sections though—you don't want the uppermost layer to look like a ratty mess. Spray with hairspray (you can't go wrong with Elnett) and gently brush to smooth things out a bit. Brushed-out, '70s-style curls are VERY BIG, you know. See: Marc Jacob's seksi '70s show. Rememba?


3. Divide your hair into two sections. Grab the side that your hair is parted on as if you're making a low, loose ponytail. Keeping everything really loose, start twisting the top of the ponytail and then tuck it under to make the faux bob. Secure with two criss-crossed bobby pins (or more if you need them). Tip: spraying the pins with hairspray will help 'em stay put.


4. Repeat on the other side, but leave a few pieces out at the front so that they fall rather fetchingly in front of your face. Make sure, when you pin it, that the two sides join flawlessly so that it looks like a single bob. Use additional bobby pins as needed to keep everything secure. Finish with hair spray to set.

Are you a fan of the faux bob?
Do you prefer it wavy—like on the runway—or straight?
Do you think Hilary was jealous that Freida's version was So. Much. Prettier?