Who Had the Best Beauty Style at Toronto Fashion Week?

A models versus civilians face-off!
Michelle Villett
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A models versus civilians face-off!


Don't get me wrong: I love to gawk at models—especially the ones wearing hair or makeup I want to copy personally—as much as the next person beauty addict. But I've gotta say...the civilians are REALLY stepping it up lately. (I like to think I play a small role in that. Is it wrong that I take some credit for this?) By civilians I mean regular people like you and I. Not six feet tall. Not genetically-blessed. Not teenagers. Just workin' the beauty looks with what Mother Nature gave us.

Need proof? I haz pics! From Toronto's LG Fashion Week last night. (And you can see/use 'em too... just check out our Flickr feed here.)

Let's compare and contrast, shall we? And then tell me if you agree that us regular folk clean up real nice!

The civilians are first, and wowza—do I ever love this haircut. Now you know I both hate layers and love bangs, so this ticks off both my boxes. But also note that it's exactly the trend Kevin Murphy talked about in our recent video—hair that's more solid-looking and not so "piecey."


Now the next gal really stepped it up, because she not only rocked a similar haircut, but ALSO did something pretty funky with her eyeshadow. It totes reminds me of the smoky eyes with a twist that we saw at Giorgio Armani's S/S '11 show (i.e. more emphasis in the inner corners).


Annnnd another girl with bangs (hurray!). I really like them here with the rest of the hair wavy. In case, you know, you were tiring of me always talking about straight hair since that's What I Know.


And finally, an excellent example of the single universally-flattering lip colour I've been talking up lately: berry. She wears it exactly right, too—hair scraped back and low-key on the rest of the makeup. Well done!


Now, the models. While fashion editors are busy clamouring for—and noticing who gets rewarded with—a front-row seat at every fashion show, beauty editors can always be found backstage. Because backstage is where you'll find an army of hair, makeup and nail artists working their magic.

Like with this hairdo. K-Murph also talked quite a bit about this rockabilly-style hair. And no, I have no idea how to do this—but isn't it cool?


Here's where things get more interesting. And ridiculous. Strictly a runway look, ladies:


I AM, however, really digging this winged-out eyeliner. (Shame the girl looks a bit tired here though. I am blaming the lighting.)


BIG points though to whoever this model is. Great brows, great lips and a really great Sexy Face, no?


And finally, blondie here. How do I bring this up without sounding like I'm snarking? Okay—really I am not, and perhaps this is just a trick of the lighting, but I wanted to point out that models do not, necessarily, always have the best skin. This is because they're constantly doing things that no skin deserves, like flying all the time, and slapping on heavy layers of makeup multiple times a day, etc.

All of this should make you feel a little bit better if you thought models were impossibly physically perfect. Most of them are, but you know what? The skin thing sort of evens the playing field. In real life there is no airbrushing. (And apparently not on BeautyEditor.ca either.)


So what do you think?

Did the LG Fashion Week models have it in the bag with their backstage beauty looks?
Or do you think the prettied-up civilians were equally on trend?
Did you know models get pimples and does that make you just a tiny bit happy inside?