All the Details on Justin Bieber's New Nail Polish Collection and Fragrance

His takeover of the beauty industry starts now.
Michelle Villett
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His takeover of the beauty industry starts now.

I suppose it was inevitable because he is, after all, taking over the rest of the world—so why not our beloved beauty products?

I'm here to tell you that it's true. Justin Bieber, not content to sell albums and fan T-shirts and copies of Tiger Beat and a doll, is now about to tell us what our nails should look like and also how we should smell. And probably more products to come shortly—just imagine the possibilities!

The biggest surprise for me is that he didn't start with a flat iron. You know he uses one. Him and that Zac Efron guy. Right? And come Halloween, there are going to be a shiz tonne of people using them to "get the look." (Because I like to be servicey, take some inspiration here.)

Anyway, news first broke a couple of weeks ago on his new nail polish line, and I got a bit more of a scoop on Friday when OPI's Suzi Weiss-Fischmann was in Toronto for the company's annual fall press event.

The line will be called One Less Lonely Girl (ahem...) and will be part of the Nicole by OPI brand, whose surprisingly excellent Gossip Girl collection just came out a couple months ago. And how much do you wanna bet that this will be five zillion times more successful?

Of course, there is sparkle (which we actually should not knock, because it's making a comeback in adult-focused lines as well). And I've got to say that I love these colours:

Also just so you know—the Nicole by OPI line is exactly the same quality as regular OPI; the difference is that you don't have to go to a salon to buy it. (It's at Walmart.)


You WILL have to wait until Feb. '11, however, to buy this. And you know what's weird? ...I kind of want this collection. What?

Anyhoo, available sooner (Nov. 26 at Walmart in the U.S.—no word on a Canadian launch) will be the Bieb's debut fragrance line, announced in today's WWD:

Busted Image

Fittingly, it will be called "My World." Because what the world needs is more Bieber, obviously.

It will be unisex, which surprised me because I was not aware that he had male fans. There will be four scents to choose from: Icon, Energy, Tour and Web. And they're not, apparently, going to come in traditional bottles—they're going to infuse dogtags and wristbands.

Wow. Very creative.

So what will they smell like? No word yet—but consider this quote (from WWD) a warning:

"I actually like the Britney Spears perfume on girls," he admitted. "It smells good."

Yikes! So... assuming this post will bring out the haterz:

Should I even ask if you are a Justin Bieber fan?
How do you feel about him venturing into beauty products?
If you had to choose, would you go for the nail polish or the fragrance? Or is that not really a "choice" at all?