The Best Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Michelle Villett
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So. Have you decided what you're gonna be for Halloween yet? Tick tock, my friend.

The good news is—like I said in last year's costume idea round-up—probably most of your look comes down to makeup. And also hair. And doing your hair and makeup is (usually) the easy/fun part.

To help you out (because I am nothing if not servicey), I had a poke around YouTube for some Halloween how-tos... just in case you're still struggling for costume ideas.

You can thank me later. With candy. (I like Bounty bars!)

#1: The Lady Gaga Coke can hairdo

#2: Katy Perry California Girls hair (just buy a wig) and makeup

#3: Avatar (don't try this if you want to, um, pick up members of the opposite sex...)

#4: The always reliable (and pretty!) Mad Men hair and makeup

#5: The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland

And now for the perennial favourites...

#6: Sexy Vampire!

#7: Sexy Devil!

#8: Sexy Kitten! (Notice a theme here?)

Are you going out for Halloween?
What are you gonna be?
What do you predict will be the most popular costume of 2010?