Growing Pains Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

Baby with bad hair Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

Despite the image I’ve chosen to go with this post, today’s topic doesn’t actually have to do with kids’ haircuts—although I’m sure we all have at least one childhood haircut-related horror story. (In my family, my brother and I wore his ‘n hers matching bowl cuts.)

No, today I’m talking about botched haircuts in general. And I don’t know about you, but whenever I get a cut I don’t like, I immediately feel like this little girl here. I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve CRIED over my hair. Many times.

And when I read about reader Jemima’s recent haircut horror story, I wanted to cry FOR her.

crying girl Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

Read it and weep:

Last (ever) visit to a trendy, high priced salon: I found that their “let’s choppy it up a bit shall we!” handiwork was actually NOT the easy-care, sleek, jolly little shoulder-length bob my fine-to-medium (lots of it), dark brown (and actually very healthy and shiny!), straight hair required. 

Neither did the chopped-up, over-layered mess allow for my quiet, reserved personality or my small, ‘quiet’ face shape either. Oh, and the nasty little git threw in a comment about “making you look younger” too!!

Being a bit pre-menopausal, shy and recently bereaved of my mum—wanting to cheer myself up—I “let him do what he thought”. I am now in tears most mornings with my wispy, dried-up ends just touching my shoulder tops and a great thick lump of over-layered, uneven ‘hair’ at about ear height—some of it is shorter that this actually! It doesn’t move at all or swing in a healthy, shiny way as it did; it looks dull (due to all the layers), thin and dead or thick and immobile. The whole thing is vile. The longest layer is 15″ long; shortest layer way up on back of head is 4″ long.

Any advice AT ALL would help please! I went back to complain, he told me that a dark red rinse and some tongs would help… “did I want to purchase these?!!!!!!!!!”

Poor, poor Jemima. I’m imagining her cut looks something like this, but maybe a little bit longer:

choppy bob Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

And you know what? These kinds of cuts belong in hair shows, not real life. They’re nigh on impossible for regular people to style. I mean, think about it: have you ever seen a celeb wearing something like this? (This is one reason I always, ALWAYS recommend reading Us Weekly—or a similar celebrity tabloid—before you visit your hairdresser to get a sense of the cuts and colours that work in real life. Those paparazzi pics do have a useful purpose.)

So someone needs to strip this guy of his license, no?

And yet, as I’ve bitched about before, so very many hairdressers want to layer the shiz out of straight hair. One of the other things Jemima mentioned to me was that cutting straight hair actually requires more skill and handiwork than doing curly hair, because the lines are always visible instead of obscured by the curls. Good point. And as much as I love my products and tools, who wants a cut that requires you to bust out the texturizing gel, volumizing mousse, hairspray, hairdryer, velcro rollers and curling iron every single time you wash it?

Now for my advice…

First, the bad news. As the layers grow out, unfortunately, it’s going to take more styling work in the short-term. Waiting for the layers to catch up to the ends will take a while, since hair only grows about six inches a year.

However, there are lots of cute shorter ‘dos out there to aspire to, such as Katie Holmes’ sweet bob:

Katie Holmes short bob Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

Or Nicole Richie’s side-swept bob ‘n’ bangs:

Nicole Richie bob haircut Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

The most important thing to do is to keep trimming the bottom—but NOT THE LAYERS.

If you can handle going a bit shorter right away, consider seeing a hairdresser (get a friend whose cut you admire to recommend a new one—I wouldn’t bother with the guy who botched it) and get him/her to just fix the ends only. Not to take off much of the length but just to make it really blunt so you don’t get the wispy, raggedy ends. The bluntness will make your hair look thicker. The only place you want the layers to be is around the face. (See: Katie and Nicole, above.)

Then—once the ends are blunt, you’re going to have to let the shorter layers on top grow in.

You’ll probably want to get a few trims along the way as it grows out—just keep trimming the bottom layer up so that it gradually matches the top ones. As the layers grow and start to match up it will start to feel thicker. But don’t let them cut the layers to “freshen them up”—just leave them until they grow long again.

Playing with your hair texture will also help. I’d try to wear it a bit wavier if you can, as that will disguise the layers. Try hot rollers, velcro rollers, curling with a flat iron or even old-fashioned pin curls. Brush out the curls and it should give it some body and fullness. (Brushed-out curls are very on trend right now, by the way.)

Something like Charlize Theron has would be good to aim for:

charlize theron wavy bob hairstyle Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

Products-wise, consider investing in a beach hair product (like a sea spray) to give your hair more texture and fullness. You can’t go wrong with Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray:

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

Or Oribe Après Beach:

Oribe Apres Beach Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

A volumizing, root-lifting product would be great too. I’ve been using this one from MOP:

MOP Lemongrass Lift Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

Matrix makes a similar root lifter; the dispenser lets you target the product right at the roots.

Matrix Total Results Amplify Volume Wonder Boost Root Lifter Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

To deal with the dullness, you might want to try a clear gloss treatment, which won’t change the colour of your hair but WILL add more shine. (I know the dullness is brought on by overzealous layering, but this extra boost can only help.) Clairol’s Shine Happy is a good one:

Clairol Shine Happy Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

Finally—try playing around with where you part your hair… switch it from the middle to the side and vice-versa. You can also add some hair accessories. Try pinning your hair off your face or behind one ear, or wearing a pretty hairband or clip. Check out Selma Blair:

Selma Blair Reader question: How do I grow out my botched, overly layered haircut?

And remember… winter is coming and there are always hats. (Anthropologie has the cutest selection.)

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Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 2:10 pm

Poor Jemima! I can totally sympathize. I had a botched haircut that my mom called a “wedge” when I was seven. It was done at the Regis Salon at “the mall”. I looked like a boy and I cried for weeks. Mom dressed me in pink for MONTHS and people still thought I was a boy. As a result, not sure I could ever do short hair.

My hairdresser (Rob Dunne, The Alcorn) does a really good job. I actually had (colour and) a blowout recently at Hair on the Avenue and the stylist, Dante, went on about how good my cut was. I like that kind of professional credentialing, since it seems to be kinda rare. In my experience they usually tell you that your hair was all wrong and wonky if they weren’t the last person to cut it. Unless my hair has always just been wrong and wonky. OMG.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 5:41 pm

Oh wow, that sounds traumatic! Yeah… I don’t trust salons that are in malls either!

Thanks for the tip re: The Alcorn… I hadn’t heard of it but their website looks cool. It’s always a great sign when other hairdressers are complimentary. I HATE when they diss your previous haircut for no reason – it’s so lame and tacky to do that! There are ways to be diplomatic that you have a different vision without having to criticize the previous guy/girl. I’m always offended by that because it’s kind of like criticizing me, too!


Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 2:14 pm

Frankly I’m terrified of getting my hair cut. It feels a bit silly since I’m not afraid to try new things with it. I change my color more frequently than is healthy I’m sure, and I like both short and long cuts on me. I may have an idea of what I want but my only two absolute requirements are 1) easy to style, and 2) looks good. No matter what my intentions I will never wake up an hour earlier to do my hair but as long as it’s cute it doesn’t matter what the cut is.
Now, I can see where you’re coming from with the statement regarding straight hair being harder to cut; however, having wavy/curly hair I can tell you it’s EXTREMELY difficult to find someone who understands how to cut it properly. It’s amazing how many stylists cut my hair in a “straight” cut despite me telling them I will not straighten it on a regular basis. Then again, I know you’re not a fan of layers and I am, even on straight hair.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 5:49 pm

No not silly at all! I’ve had so many bad cuts that I get nervous whenever I go to someone other than my regular guy (Bill Angst). (I usually don’t but sometimes the lure of a free haircut is hard to resist since Bill costs $150…. ) And I’m SO picky – even the bang trim I got 2 weeks ago is not quite right.

Re: curly vs short hair – yeah, I don’t know which is truly harder to cut, just thought it was an interesting theory about the lines showing up more with fine hair. But I have some curly-haired friends who REALLY struggle with finding a good cutter, so it’s probably a toss-up.

As for layers – definitely great on curly hair… and I guess they CAN look good in some cases on straight hair… but my reason for not loving them is that they’re just so much more labour intensive to style. Plus the dullness thing Jemima mentions above is very, very real.


Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 3:00 pm

Yep–my last cut was definitely a hack job. He’s never gone wrong before…but my guy went a little crazy on layers this time. I wanted a Cheri Currie inspired rocker ‘do, but maybe he was too rushed this time. I ended up with stringy mid-back length ends and a non-gradual chin-length layer. I REALLY want to keep my length, but am contemplating just cutting them up to shoulders to make my fine hair look fuller. boo.
Okay after this post, you’ve inspired me to just do it. my ends are pretty damaged anyway.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 5:51 pm

Oh my gosh LOVE the Cherie Currie inspiration! A friend of mine has something like that and it looks amazing… will have to find out who did it. Are you in Toronto?


Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 6:12 pm

Yeah the first time I got the cut I felt so sassy and sexy and edgy. He did it perfectly too. Even when it grew out it was so rad. 2nd time around was different, maybe because it was more of a trim and he trimmed off too much up top. But he’s NEVER gone wrong with my blonde colour. His website:
(I’m in Pasadena, CA but orignally from British Columbia, so I love following Canadian blogs and always crave a good Tim Hortons double-double.) :-)


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 6:17 pm

Oh too bad – I was getting all psyched that you guys would share the same haircut! But if he’s done it right before then he should be able to do it again… I’d probably give him the benefit of the doubt. I like his blondes :-)

Very jealous of you being in CA instead of here where it’s suddenly freezing and pitch black at 4:30pm! Gosh I hate winter.


Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 3:02 pm

My question is…do I go back to my hair guy to fix it a month later? is that tacky/rude?
arg. I wish I could just cut and colour my own hair the way I want it!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, November 10/2010 at 5:57 pm

I think most hairdressers appreciate being given the opportunity to fix something you’re not happy with, as opposed to you just ditching them forever and going elsewhere.

However. It really depends if you think he’s capable of giving you the look you want…. you don’t want it to end up even worse! I’m one of those people who writes off hairdressers forever if we don’t see eye to eye right away. I’ve just tweeted my friend whose cut is AWESOME (she is, like the coolest girl ever), so going to see where she goes. If you’re in Toronto maybe you could look into that place. Just a thought!


Thursday, November 11/2010 at 2:25 am

I’ve been a victim of too many layers. My mistake is when I’m paying for an expensive haircut, I foolishly trust the stylist to know better and don’t speak up before they layer my straight fine hair to death. Once a stylist told me, “It will grow out nicely.” I felt like punching him and I’m a sweet non-aggressive person. The best haircuts I’ve had are from less expensive salons because I am very specific about what I want.
Why do hairstylist’s always try to push layers?


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Thursday, November 18/2010 at 6:50 pm

Uh – he said it would “grow out nicely” as he proceeds to chop it all off! GAH! Have you seen my rant about layer-happy hairdressers? If not I must refer you here… trust me, you’re not alone in being victimized:


Thursday, November 11/2010 at 9:19 am

I have totally been there I went into the salon once with long and I mean long straight hair and said I wanted some long layers and the idiot of a hairdresser gave me these weird choppy layers all the way upto my chin for months I used a flat iron to make my hair look decent, and when I tied my hair in a ponytail it look so awkward and thin almost like a birds tail with volume at the top and really thin long ends hanging out. Now I am very very very particular about my hair and I insist on trimming it blunt at the ends despite the hair dressers hands itching to give me layers.
And if anyone does want to layer their hair I would suggest go to someone you trust OR ask for face framing layers only in the front not all around your head this way even if they manage to screw up all of your hair isn’t a mess.
As for Jemima the tips above are great and maybe try taking supplements to grow your hair out faster, or use hair treatments or oils and keep trimming your hair.
This may sound a bit cheap but if your just trimming your hair every few weeks to get it back into shape I would skip going to a fancy salon, I use to go to a friends- friend who was a hairdresser out of her basement and she would trim my hair for $15 just almost half and inch every few weeks (no shampoo or blow dry though) and its much more affordable and really nurses your hair back to health.
Hope this helps.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Thursday, November 18/2010 at 6:54 pm

Oh my gosh I totally agree! I’ve had the same exact haircut where at the hands of the mad hairdresser your ponytail becomees a sad, wimpy, thin little thing and it’s layered so aggressively that the layers actually escape from the ponytail at the top. It’s bloody awful.

Great advice for Jemima! Agree that a cheapie blunt-cut trim is the way to go as the layers catch up.

I don’t know much about hair supplements – do you have any specific nutrients/brands to recommend?


Tuesday, January 31/2012 at 3:09 pm

OMG, Rachel it just happened to me. My hais is very long, straight fine like silk but thick, I have long layers, I went and asked my stylist for a trim 2 to 3″ no more. Face layering to clean up what I had. She mesured it looked fine, afterall she cut it 4 months ago and it was great.

When she finished cutting it, she straightened the crap out of it, then curled it with a flat iron, ( I dont curl my hair and I told her that) it loked nice, lot shorter but nice. I think she did that to hide the horrible cut.

Day later, I washed it, oh boy.. when I saw sides of my hair was gone che cut approx 10-12 “. One side is Ok , the other side is all choppy and very short. It looks horrible. I’ve always had long hair and I am very perticular to precision layering.

This will take me a year to grow out to balance with the rest of the lenght.

What do I do now, I’m friends with my stylist? So you see even when you trust your stylist, they will mess up, this is so you come more often and they make money.


Thursday, June 6/2013 at 11:59 pm

This exact same horror story happened to me yesterday.

I’ve spent the last four years growing my hair out from a spare of the moment decision to cut it into a concave bob. Over this past year, my hair finally started looking really thick and healthy and I had reached my goal of growing out all of my layers to waist length. I was very proud of my long thick hair and everyone always gave me compliments.

My only problem is that it was so thick and long that I was having trouble styling it. I also felt like I needed a little more shape around my face. My issue is that I’m absolutely terrified of hairdressers. My partners mother insisted that I go with her to her salon so that I could help her pick a new style for her and she would pay for me to have my hair cut while she was getting her’s done. I was pretty reluctant and tried to tell her that I was happy to accompany her without getting my hair done but she was persistent and booked the appointment thinking that I just felt bad that she was paying for it.

Feeling nervous I showed up for the appointment but made sure I had very clear instructions and a picture that showed exactly what I wanted. I showed the hairdresser a picture of Cheryl Cole and pointed out that I wanted the same face framing layers and a few shorter pieces in the front that I could leave out when putting my hair up. I told him not to touch the back too much, I just wanted some very soft long layers and only a centimeter or two trimmed of the overall length. I mentioned that I wanted the length of my hair to be the thickest part as I hated having hair that was really layered and left with scraggly long bits underneath. I also said that I wouldn’t mind soft long side bangs that were about level with the bottom of my ear. Pretty clear instructions right?

He started off with the back of my hair first, pulling up a section and confirming with me how short he was going to cut the layer. What he showed me was perfect and we also made a joke about how bad really short layers look on long hair and that it’s almost like another version of a mullet. I felt at that point that he knew what I wanted, so I let him go. He then layered the front and started to cut what is probably too long to even be considered as side bangs. I was actually liking what I was seeing because he hadn’t actually cut it as short in the front as I had originally asked which personally, I’d rather that than too short. It was looking good enough. He then went to the back of my hair to even things out. I got it blow dried, curled and from what I could see, my hair looked really great. I told him I loved it and that i was very happy.

It wasn’t until I got to my car and started running my fingers through it that I realised just how much hair he had hacked out of it. My hair felt 1/3 of the thickness it used to be and started to get me worried. I rushed home, to look at the back in the mirror and to my horror, discovered chunky chin length layers all through the back of my hair. About 2/3 of my hair is shoulder length or shorter and then there’s these long thin pieces underneath that go all the way to my waist. It’s ruined. Then I thought that I could maybe hide it by putting it in a ponytail but as previously mentioned above, you just end up with a weird short ponytail with a random long piece hanging out.

I’ve ended up with a cut that looks nothing like I wanted and I’m absolutely devastated. I haven’t stopped crying. Four years of diligent growing right down the drain. I feel after this experience I’m never going to a hairdresser again!!


Thursday, November 11/2010 at 12:02 pm

Oh poor Jemima. I can sympathize (and so sorry you lost your Mum).

A fancy-pants Toronto stylist (who is no longer working as a stylist, hmmm) gave me ‘layers’ to reduce volume and left my ends so thinned out that I looked like I was in the middle of chemo. Truly horrible.

Many tears (and only a few weeks) later, a compassionate stylist at John Donato gave me a shorter, blunter cut and voilà – I could look in mirrors again. Yes, it will take a while to grow out but after that first cut you will see an immediate improvement. The Nicole Richie pic looks like a perfect solution (great idea, Michelle). Good luck.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Thursday, November 18/2010 at 6:56 pm

Ok now I need to know who you’re talking about! I had no idea even your voluminous hair texture could be victimized by too many layers. Here I thought it was just straight/fine haired types like me. This is a real problem! (well in our world at least)


Friday, November 19/2010 at 12:54 pm

Oh Boy. Here’s my story. I have always gone back and forth with wearing my hair styled in a bob. Personally, I love my hair in a chin-length bob, but over the years I like to change it up because my hair has a tendancy to “pyramid” after a while. That said, I spent the last seven months growing my hair out. I wanted to get it long enough to wear it pulled back and wanted to let the dye grow out and just wanted a change but I wasn’t sure what kind of change. Since my hair has a tendancy to curl as it grows, I decided to get a Ouidad cut (made for curly hair). Well. I got it. Although the hair cutter did a great job–the Ouidad cut is not for me. It is too much work and I feel like a have a mullet in the back–it is way too “bushy”. I spent 150.00 on this cut.
Today I am going back to my tried-and-true haircutter at ….drum roll please….The Hair Cuttery! Yes. My 15.00 haircut is better than the expensive one. I’m going back to my girl Ashley and having my hair cut into a nice stacked bob. Luckily for me the top “layers” of the Ouidad cut are long enough that my hair can lend itself into a bob.
I miss my old haircut!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, November 22/2010 at 6:05 pm

Oh my gosh Catherine I love your comment! Now I can’t speak for curly hair since mine is pathetically fine and straight and flat… but I’ve always been scared of places that specialize in curly hair only. I just feel like they’re giving people these ’80s halo styles. There is a billboard in Toronto on Front St. that advertises a curly hair salon and I always laugh because it is the worst looking hairstyle evah!

So funny that a $15 jobbie at Hair Cuttery looks better… love it!

Hopefully your layers catch up soon :-)


Monday, November 22/2010 at 3:22 am

silica, and biotin(supplements) are great for hair and nails!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, November 22/2010 at 6:02 pm

Thanks Rachel – I have tried biotin and didn’t see any difference so I will have to seek out silica!


Wednesday, December 29/2010 at 3:31 pm

I have so much sympathy for Jemima. I spent 2 years growing out a really really bad haircut in which my top layers (which were below my ear) were chopped into so heavily they ended up 3 inches above my ears. The layers were horribly uneven and the rest of my hair had a square shape, it was vile. Every 3 months i got the ends trimmed and waited patiently for the top layers to grow down, and finally last year my hair was about 2 inches below shouler level, my fringe was a couple of inches below my eye, and the sides were a couple of inches below my ears. Then the sides felt bulky as they grew longer so I wanted the ENDS chopped into slightly, and somehow, I don’t even know how – the hairdresser picked my hair up and combed it to the back of my head (where I couldn’t see what she was doing) and she proceeded to hack into the layers so much, they are now abour 3 inches long on top, then there’s a huge gap/dent between where they end and the rest of my hair. She ‘trimmed’ my fringe which is now the same length as my shortest layer so it looks like my fringe goes all the way round my head.

This happened the week before Christmas and I was really upset. Now it’s been chopped into so much, all the ends are wispy and sticking out everywhere. I estimate a minimum of at least six months waiting for it to grow out again, and then I have to find someone who knows what they’re doing. All that time to grow out my layers and it was butchered in 10 minutes.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Saturday, January 1/2011 at 12:50 pm

Oh Em Gee! Sorry to hear your hair got hacked not once but twice!!! You have my deepest sympathies. And hairdressers wonder why a lot of women don’t trust them.

Are you able to disguise the layers at all by wearing your hair curly? That – and pinning parts of it back/up are the only things I can think of that would help as you go through the awful growing-out phase again. Poor Julie!

As for finding a new hairdresser – are you in Toronto? If so I can make some suggestions… otherwise I think the best way is to just stop people whose hair you like (friends, acquaintances… I’ve even done this to strangers on the subway!) and ask them who cuts their hair. I’ve found that bad haircuts can happen anywhere – even high-end salons. It’s a battlefield out there.


Saturday, January 8/2011 at 6:13 pm

Thanks Michelle. I’m in the UK so am now looking again to find someone with scissors that also has eyesight to see what he’s doing and ears to hear what I want! Is that too much to ask? My hair got destroyed by a top London salon. My regular hairdresser had left suddenly, and they stuck me with someone who was allegedly a ‘junior manager’, but he didn’t listen to me at all. I specifically said I didn’t want the layers to go shorter than my ears because I needed the length and some weight to keep my hair from frizzing up at the ends, and he just nodded and then killed my hair. The actual manager said: “He’s given you the classic one haircut on top of the other, a good old mullet” – and then said i didn’t have to pay. I should hope not. My hair is fine but there’s lots of it with a tendency to curl and kink UNnaturally if the layers are too short and choppy. So I keep it about shoulder length with long layers at the sides to stop it feeling bulky. So the hairdressers deal with the bulk at the sides by simply chopping the whole section off and creating wedges higher up and dents further down (from the missing hair).

It’s okay if I’m indoors because it won’t kink up unless I’m out in the weather…. in any weather.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, January 26/2011 at 8:39 pm

It just goes to show that most of the time, WE KNOW OUR OWN HAIR BEST. Inexperienced hairdressers that give “one-size-fits-all” cuts are the worst… wishing you a speedy grow-out Julie!


Friday, January 28/2011 at 11:09 pm

Same case as Jemima here, the worst part is that my hair was really long so the effect was even worse, to have all that lenght and then short layers up to my eyes like a helmet, i cant wear my hair down never because like you said in the other post is fine and more in the straight side so it looks like i dont have a lot. The layers are growing but is a mess right now, i think it will take a lot of time until it gets nice again
I’ve never feel so ugly in my life, i just try to ignore it and i dont look at myself in the mirror now. I really miss my long hair.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Friday, February 11/2011 at 7:07 pm

Poor Lo! Have you cut your hair since they butchered it? I know you don’t want to lose the length but even if you went a few inches shorter with a blunt cut it might make it look better – thicker and less stringy.


Monday, February 14/2011 at 3:31 pm

no i havent yet im waiting a few months until the upper layer reach my neck, at least with the length i have i can wear it up and disguise a little, the most difficult part its to grow the hair line wich was part of the fringe , that is just below my ear now, this has been the most horrible hair episode in my life, not even in high school when i cut it like “rachel” myself.. i hope in 4 to 6 months to get fixed again.
thanks for your reply


Tuesday, May 10/2011 at 1:12 pm

I am a retired hair dresser myself and even I have had some terrible cuts.I always would tell my client to bring me a picture.Also I would look at their hair and see if the style would work for thier hair type.Also ask if they have any pictures of their work.Ask how long they have been doing hair?Be firm on what you want and do not want ,because you are paying for it,make sure the stylist understands you!Good luck and have a style that you will enjoy!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, May 11/2011 at 11:46 pm

Great advice! Thanks!


Monday, November 28/2011 at 4:24 pm

It’s just happened to me. I was growing my hair longer and I went into my hair dressers to get it neatened up as I have thick wavy hair that tends to look a bit king Charles Spaniel if it doesn’t get a trim and she cut the top layers so short they now stick almost straight out because of the wave in my hair. I even showed her the layers and said I just wanted them a bit neater and not to loose the length, I said I liked the length, why then did she chop it all off?! She’s a senior stylist as well, and it wasn’t a cheap cut. I’m so shy I couldn’t even say anything to her. it’s so distressing, it’s going to be months before they grow out. I know it’s not true but it makes me feel hideous. I feel stupid because it’s affected my self confidence.


Monday, January 16/2012 at 3:54 pm

that’s like the EXACT thing that happened to me, ( i’m super shy too) but it’s okay because you know what i figured out friends and family and anybody who likes you won’t care a bit about one bad haircut. Afterall, it happends to everybody. <3


Monday, January 16/2012 at 3:51 pm

okay, here’s what happened to me: I’m 14 and i wanted to get straight bangs instead of side swept bangs to help frame my face. But the stylist took way to much hair into my bangs and made me look really top heavy. So i went back and she waid if she turned it into a layered haircut it wouldn’t look so bad and she did. But my natural wavy hair had the longer layers totally sticking out, so; to make it not look to bad I straightened my hair almost everyday!! i was so stupid, then my hair was so damaged. So i went back and was going to get my hair cut a lot shorter so it went to the length of hair that was sticking out but my stylist suggested to :”chip into the layer to make it lie flat” and so she did it (i was too shy to say no) and now i have WAYYYY to short hair at the top. So now I trim my own bangs now and made them a little thinner to look nicer. and my dad is just trimming the longest legth every month so the stupid short layers will grow longer.

But the only good thing that turned out of all of this is i realizing if you straghten you hair much it damages it horribly. So I am proud to say that i haven’t picked up a straightener in over a month!!


Wednesday, January 25/2012 at 10:01 pm

I realize this is an old article but I just have to add to this thread! I grew out a super super short PIXIE cut for two years. I even spent BIG BUCKS on keratin extensions to mask the awkward growing out phase. It finally touched my shoulders this December and I was THRILLED. However, having thick, dense hair can be difficult to style for work on a daily basis. I decided to have a couple of inches taken off and long layers added for style and body. I brought in four pictures at different angles illustrating the exact cut I wanted. The stylist hacked and chopped until I was left with super, super short (one and two inch) layers in the back and an inverted angle in the front. The longest layers in the front are above chin length. I have a “round” face shape and recently put on weight due to health issues. I used to be a very pretty girl and now I feel like a swamp creature. And unfortunately I cannot curl, straighten, or scrunch this cut because the back is SO short and choppy. I am MISERABLE.


Thursday, March 1/2012 at 10:17 am

What does it say about me that the what NOT to do haircut is the one I’m looking at to try to grow out my supershort boy cut, lol!


Thursday, March 1/2012 at 11:09 am

last week, i went to a new hairdresser. i asked her to cut my hair which was to my elbows. i said i wanted a fringe. she cut my fringe so short, and started it so back. she was self taught. it was so obvious, she was a novice. didnt know a godamn thing. i also feel like cryin. i have this fringe cut taht looks awful. the hair at the back , she cut it so its a wisp of a ponytail. i now have to go on holiday with this awful hair cut. i cant pin it back, as hse sut the bangs at the side so short.


Ashleigh Vilk
Sunday, March 25/2012 at 12:08 pm

OMG I feel the pain! I’ve just sickenly paid 40 quid for a trim that the hairdresser convinced me needed more ‘softening’. Well, I agreed as I had come in to address the dog ears I was cultivating and she assured me if I was going to grow it out then we’d keep the length. So why oh why oh why is my hair 2 inches shorter on the longest side! It’s layered to crap while the other side is well on to getting to a bob. I’m mortified as I knew what I wanted but every time I get in a salon I give the stylist more credit than they are due. It took months to get my short hair to similar lengths on both sides working up to a bob. Now I’m three months behind and I’m sure will have to shorten the longest side while the other catches up, again! Oh yeah did I mention it’s the second time I’ve let this hairdresser do this – why do I do it. Scarves it is and a bruised tearful ego!


Tuesday, March 27/2012 at 2:35 pm

I have just paid £50 at Ginger Group and I have received the most disgusting haircut I have ever seen. I have quite thin limp hair and when I went in it was just touching my shoulders its 4” shorter it’s horrendous my stylist decided to put random choppy layers all over my head that flick out looks as if she took garden shears closed her eyes and cut my hair! I don’t know what to do my mum said I should go back and complain but when I left I told her I liked it (it was still nice and blow dyed at this point) and I’m much to shy to go in alone… Please help


Tuesday, April 3/2012 at 5:53 pm

i had hair to my butt.i never get it cut.went to get long layers she cut it above my bra line.i said i didnt meen cut it all off.she said it can grow long from here……..never again will i let a stylist cut my hair.:( i had long hair my whole life too….


Tuesday, April 10/2012 at 7:05 pm

Omg, this is exactly what just happened to me, and I’d finally gotten to where I liked wearing my hair down without any accessories ,. I specifically said what I wanted and and that i did not want a million lite layers because my fine hair does not would only frizz up. I look like someone ran a lawn mower over my head. There are a million angled layers everywhere. What used to have long soft waves and a curl up at the bottom now has jagged ends sticking out all over and doesn’t even shine anymore. I’m so upset about it I have to try to calm down before going back to my stylist to ask her to try to fix it… I was supposed to be finally enjoying my hair…and now it makes me ill to look in the mirror. I feel like she ruined my Summer…ugh and we were planning a special vacation too.


Monday, April 30/2012 at 1:58 pm

This happened to me too. Im 15 and had grew may hair to sholder lenth. I went in and asked for no layers and just a trim & hairdressers being hairdressers and thinking they know best gave me a chin lenth bob and ‘choppy layers’ makeing it look like i have a birds nest on my head!! i was gutted, but looking on the brightside 3 months and it’ll be n ormal again -_-


Monday, May 21/2012 at 2:23 pm

This has happened to me today and I’m a hairdresser! My manager always does really amazing haircuts and had been wanting to cut mine for ages so I finally let her do her own thing trusting she knew exactly what she was doing. The only conditions I had were that I wanted to be able to wear a ponytail still and no clippers!! What I ended up with is a choppy mess. I have fine hair and it’s overtexturised so I feel like my hair is dead and limp. Worst part is I can’t wear a pony, not even 2 of them! And she clippered the back of my neck so now it’s all prickly and so short I can’t do anything with it. I feel even worse being a hairdresser as I feel like I should have realised what he was doing and told her to stop but I trusted her so didn’t pay alot of attention until afterwards. I bawled my eyes out like a little girl all night :( Beanies all winter it is for me! Just hope it grows enough for my best friends wedding in November, I’m in the wedding party :/ Feeling your pain and frustration girls!


Sunday, July 8/2012 at 10:54 am

I went to get a wash and set and she sprayed my hairw/god knows what,I was sick for years,and I lost alot of hair,FOLICILES!so my hair is now at a loss,even though its better at times it seems everytime I go just to get a trim or a shag.they screw me,what is it w/hair dressers they can play God and get away w/the crap,thier license are nothing cracker jack boxes! Im so made at thoses B—ms I could Scream, which I do quiet often!


Tuesday, July 31/2012 at 2:44 pm

I had a total whack job at some high end salon. (I knew to avoid the mall salons, to no avail!) I have thick, coarse, wavy hair and I girl claimed she knew how to cut thick curly hair. I now have a frizzy, dull, bowl cut that starts at my ear, with long straggly hair that does down to my shoulders. When I asked her what the deal was with the thick wedge sticking a good inch from the back of my head, she just had a deer in the headlight look. I still cannot believe she worked in a high end salon. Must have slept with the boss.

I wil be growing out this unfortunate mess for a long time. How many ways can you style a ponytail, anyone?


Sunday, August 12/2012 at 4:11 pm

This is an old post but I feel the need to share my problem with ladies who understand! Ladies, have you ever went into a hair salon with an image in your head of how you wanted your hair to look like and you were completely excited that this new hair is going to look awesome on you? You sit down on the chair, show the hairdresser what you want, she nods and says “yeah I can do this” then you let her snip away, confident that everything will be alright and now you have a new rockin do. Now switching to 1st person. I ask for layers that make my hair have more volume on top but nothing too intense that start from mid-neck and I EMPHASIZE that I WANT TO KEEP MY LENGTH, it took me forever to grow out. she leaves me with my hair still wet and I am a little suspicious of how short my hair is. I used to have long flowing one-length hair mid-back and with the wet hat is now mid-chest. I am suspicious but I assure myself that it will better once it’s dry. Wrong! :( After I dry it, it is just plain horrible! My hair looks thin, whispy, and kind of sticks out to the side instead of going straight down. It no longer has movement, it looks rigid and I can no longer style it around anymore. The top layers curve in my face but the rest curve out! It looks like a weird mullet kind of? I know its pathetic to cry over hair but you have to understand it took my a long time to get to that length and she just chopped off so many inches! I cry and the people said I am “ridiculous” and “pathetic” for making such a big deal, they don’t understand that I have lost so much confidence and self-esteem because of my new hair, I no longer feel pretty and everytime I look in the mirror I cringe, and when I come upon a photo of me with my old hair, the waterworks start flowing again. I know, it’s sad. So do you have any tips for me? Like anything that makes hair grow faster? Any ways I can style my hair to disguise the weird layers? I’ve never felt so hideous!


Tuesday, August 21/2012 at 7:59 am

I just got a haircut that I HATE, at a trendy looking salon. My hair is blonde, and it used to be long and wavy down my back. Everyone complimented me on it and said that it suited me. Anyway, I went to this salon because I wanted a TRIM, I was getting bad split ends. She ended up cutting about six inches off. She also gave me these horrible short layers, and because my hair is naturally curly, it has just frizzed up. I have been crying for a week. It took me so long to grow my hair out. I’m really sad. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((


Monday, August 27/2012 at 7:15 pm

I have this happen on a regular basis. I move a lot, so I rarely get the pleasure of having a stylist I like for long. My mother is the most trusted person I know with scissors near my hair (she is not a stylist, but she doesn’t do foolish things to it). I have curls on the underside of my hair and then straight hair on top. It is fine, kinda thin, super soft, and looks VILE with layers. They give it frizz and make it hug my head so I look like an artichoke heart (my husbands words).

I had a very cute pixie for a while, but I missed having hair to play with. I am almost shoulder length now, however I have horrid layers because the hair dresser ALWAYS thinks he knows better than me. And since they blow dry it straight it looks fine (but thin as paper) that first day. I only use heat on my hair for special events. Otherwise I just wash and air dry. It looks better when it is cut blunt. No amount of layers will make the top curl, but it will make it look messy all the time. I try to go as many months as possible between visits. And I prefer cheap places normally because they don’t care, they will do what you asked and not even style it. I would rather not get pampered and have my hair look nice when I wash it than get spoiled at the salon and cry every time I pass a mirror for months after.


Saturday, October 13/2012 at 11:32 pm

I just got my hair cut today and everytime I look in the mirror I start to tear up. I actually cried a little in the chair and really cried when I got home. He cut my layers so short and chunky and when I asked him to soften them and texturize my hair so it falls in a tendrill effect he said he couldn’t do anything like that to it and said I will just have to let it grow out. Seriously? What kind of a hairdresser does that? My friend who works as an instructor at the hairdressing college is going to try and save me and my hair tomorrow. At this point I don’t want to leave the house. I cancelled my plans cause of my hair and am now sitting home in a Saturday night cause I fear to be seen :(


Monday, November 5/2012 at 4:09 am

I’m experiencing the same thing today. I feel so bad and I’m crying right now. Please help me. School starts tomorrow and I don’t think I can even go out of my room. I really look bad. My bangs are cut too short, my hair is thick medium length but the back side is now layered pass my shoulder but the front is reaching my chin. I’m losing my confidence and am getting very cranky; not a good combination. Please….help.


Monday, November 12/2012 at 10:09 am

Oh, thank you so much for this post. How long did it take for your awful layers to grow out? I’m going through this right now–my hair was horribly butchered at a trendy expensive salon this weekend. It’s in a hat right now even though I’m inside. When I can see it down, I just want to cry. I realize that is childish–it’ll grow, it’s just hair, etc…. But I loved my hair. I had long (almost waist length) thick, wavy hair with a few face-framing layers around my face. I had the brilliant idea to get a side swept bang added. I went to a trendy salon… Instead he gave me this full bang, layers, and thinned my hair so much that if I pull it into a pony tail it looks like a spindly rat’s tail. There is no longer any hair around my face–just this bang that sticks out like some kind of helmet and erratic layers that might be chunky if he hadn’t thinned my hair so much. I look like I let my 4-year old niece cut my hair (with a blindfold on). The top layer–the bang that goes more that halfway around my head–is so short and chunky my hair doesn’t swing nicely like it used to. It just sits in a big clump on top and the rest is straggly. If I put it into a bun it’s bearable, but that’s it. I honestly don’t know what to do besides have the bottom 3 inches cut off and buy lots of head bands. What horrifies me is that I asked him not to thin or give these hideous layers. I had a photo of a LONG side swept bang–not a chunky full one. I even asked him if he was thinning my hair as I watched the chunks falling to the floor. He promised he was just giving it “movement.” Yet it doesn’t move at all. Sorry you went through this, too, but it made me feel somehow a bit better knowing other people have gone through this, too.


Wednesday, December 12/2012 at 10:43 pm

Yes I had similar experience where a hair dresser just hacked into my hair removing while sections from around the face at the scalp. Turned my thick hair into limp, lank thin hair with no volume at the roots. Don’t go to Sugar Hair Greenslopes is all I can say


Tuesday, December 18/2012 at 1:37 am

Hello, yes i have had a “blotched” haircut. In fact I have one right now. This article really helped, because my hair stylist chopped the hell out of my hair and now it’s in bad condition. Imagine this, a shoulder length hair cut with a top layer half the size of your thumb, with splint ends and dull brown hair. Indeed it does not look very… How should I say it, “crowd pleasing” practically it looks like, excuse my french, shit. Well I am going to try these hairstyles and if not I’ll just throw it up in a pony tail. But thanks for your help.


Sunday, January 6/2013 at 8:37 am

Thank you for this wonderful post – it is like therapy that I needed! ..I had a BAD chopped short layer hair cut TWO YEARS ago, did not go to my girl went somewhere I didn’t even know. It was the worst cut ever, especially since it was short on top and my hair curls making it even shorter. So I went back to my stylist and she fixed it for the most part. I researched how to make hair grow faster and the answer folic acid a cheap vitamin….and it worked, I was letting it grow and not touching it. I had gotten a new job at a spa that at the time had one stylist out of the blue some of my coworkers said “get a new do”…I didn’t like the stylist I saw her work and it wasn’t great, but got sucked in and said why not. she did the short in the back long in the front, UNEVEN layers this cut is not for my hair that waves……….BACK TO my regular stylist to fix that….and I swore I would never go to anyone else. January 2013 a year later I had long beautiful straight hair that I get compliments on. But I am getting my hair colored at a hair school my friend is at (bring my salon product $7.50 savings $50, nice). The guy doing my hair owns a salon with his partner who is a hairdresser. I am in need of a trim. After I swore no cuts by anyone but my sytlist..I make an appointment with the new guy. I like my hair but started looking at pictures thinking maybe I need to change it up a bit….I show him a picture of Gwenth Paltrow who has the long straight front and shorter back. Now what was I thinking, my hair curls, this is what messed me up at the spa. In the seat I am back in forth a trim or a cut…like the reader above, he talked me into it, it will be fun, sexy give you movement…I stressed I didn’t want alot off but to get the angle he said he was going to take a few inches off………..Then the biggest mistake he could have kept the length but started layering the bottom….from the front the cut looks the same length the back awful and one side is an inch longer it’s uneven – why – he only layered my right side not my left side so I actually have two different hair cuts. That’s right. And the sad part is I like the long side….I phoned my girl and I’m on her book on Weds to straighten me out once again.

I am sick over this, my hair was just as the reader above wrote in long shiny and had movement. It took me seven months to get that.

I love all your recommendations and will be getting the B&B surf spray as I hear great things about that product and I think I am going to have to do the messy look with this.

The one thing that he didn’t touch is my bangs that I just grew out, that would have been even worst.


Sunday, March 24/2013 at 10:13 am

What have I done to my hair?

I got it cut yesterday. Got about an inch cut off the ends of it, and i got short layers. It must have been the biggest mistake of my life! It looks like i have a mullet!
I had long, straight, brown, NEVER layered hair, now it’s horrible? I can’t tie it up into a ponytail!, a PONYTAIL?! And now it’s gone really thin since I got the layers in, and for someone who had a long, thick head of hair. I came home that day, and balled my eyes out.
But hopefully mine will grow out to be the way it was.


Monday, March 25/2013 at 12:01 pm

I currently have a botched hair cut. I have been trying to grow my hair long since I graduated highschool out of my ear length bob. I finally had shoulder length hair when I went in to get a trim and came out with my bottom layer hair severly uneven but still at my shoulders and the rest of my hair in massive layers cut off at my ears. I hate it and miss my sleek hair. I have been curling it to while I try and hide the mess till it grows enough that I can cut it not to short but back to blunt. But I agree, I use a leave in condistioner to keep my hair soft and a shiner


Monday, March 25/2013 at 1:25 pm

I posted on this blog Jan 6th…and my hair has grown out beautifully. Frist I went back to my regular stylist who had to acutally cut my hair dry because it was so uneven. I did buy the BB Spray but it didn’t work for me at all. What I did was started taking folic acid that I had run out of and now two months later my hair is falling into place nice. I need another cut but am waiting until May which will give it four months.

The folic acid is super cheap and it works, but yes, your hair grow all over not just on your head, but that I can deal with.


Sunday, June 1/2014 at 2:32 pm

I am replying to my own post a year later – why? Because after finally growing out the bad hair cut and swearing I’d never use another stylist by my girl Steph. I did it AGAIN….My hair a year from the post above was one length below my shoulders with layers on the bottom….it was in need of a good shaping, long layers maybe 1 inch off for the fried ends. But my gal Steph has been botching my color up so I went somewhere else for color but swore I’d only go to her for my cut….well I was on the fence…go back to someone I went to years ago who gives “sophisticated cuts” at a really reputable salon or Steph. I kid you not I cancelled and moved appointments between the 2 six times and then yesterday went to the the new/old place not Steph….I told her exactly what I wanted “keep the length as I work out and need to pull it up, I don’t want it feathered around the face, I need a trim, but want long layers”. I did not bring the tons of pictures I had already emailed Steph and then I made the mistake and asked the stylist “what do you think I should do” She said How about shaggy sexy ” Ok that sounds like long layers. Well her first cut on the bottom was fine…but then as she started cutting I saw tons of layers with the first being ABOVE MY EAR yes like a half bowl cut. She blew dry it and then started going in and FEATHERING IT AROUND MY FACE. This is when I stopped her and said why are you doing that? Well she kinda woke up from her daze and I got up to leave. So guess what one side is shorter than the other. I went to the main salon by my house and asked to have someone there look at my hair as I knew I was in for a ruined weekend. The girl agreed not long layers not what I asked, She said she really shouldn’t cut into it at all at this point. She said she was sorry, I should put it behind my ears, and take biotin. Oh yeah , I have four bottles of folic acid at home (see above) now I’ll be shaving my legs every other day (hello hair grow all over not just on the head). I also decided to call the salon where I got it cut and vented to the front desk girl who knew i cancelled so many times. She was surprisingly was nice and said they would refund me. That makes this a wee bit better. As the last botched hair cut I paid $55 and then had to go pay another $55 to fix it the next day and the first place said they would refund me, but didn’t. I will still get my color done at this salon – and they do have great stylists there just not the one I used.

So I ask why in the world did I not stick with my girl, I was happy with her cut, I know better…..Now when do I go back to Steph – she has already helped me through two major bad hair cuts. If the top layer was not so short it wouldn’t be all that bad but I can’t keep the top down at all or it looks like a bowl cut on the top. So back to cutting it slowly to bring it back up again to grow out the layers. Do these stylist have any idea how important hair is and how damaging this is to the emotions. The only thing that happened is my hair is now very curly with the millions of layers she put in it so I’m going to go with that for the summer and pull it up and hoping no one notices.


Monday, April 15/2013 at 8:03 pm

I could just smack the little scissor-happy She-beast as she “texturized and volumized” my thick and wavy hair. She offered to lighten up the crown a bit and before I knew it, she was dancing around me snip, snip, snipping, then, as if she knew she had gone way, way too far, she quickly squeezed out some volumizing (I didn’t need anything volumized) hair gel and began molding the top of my head and irregular wisps with that plastic berry smelling goo. The next day, after washing my hair and towel-drying, none of my hair looked right. The layers did not lay correctly and looked like big, mismatched chucks of hair. Again, I could just smack that little monster!


Thursday, April 25/2013 at 4:35 am

What excellent advice. I have recently had my shoulder length, one length hair, chopped into an uneven, tatty, bulky mess, by a hairdresser who I trusted. I was tempted to have the layers cut again, but will now grow them out and will have to put up with the way it is going to look in between. This has got to be the last time I let a hairdresser mess my hair up!!


Sunday, May 12/2013 at 12:51 pm

I used to have a short bob which always suited me and decided to grow it out a little and then have a few layers put in to give it a bit of height, I went to a new salon and the stylist razor cut my hair. At first it did look alright but now i’ve decided to let my hair grow out a bit its a nightmare, incredibly thin, whispy and splits so easily. Id never let a stylist use a razor on my hair again :(


Friday, May 17/2013 at 6:38 pm

I got a layered haircut with side bangs and I absolutely HATE it. It’s been a month and I hate to see my hair in the mirror. I was so happy to finally achieve my desired length after two long years of hard work and now it’s all wasted. I asked the moron to cut an inch of my hair and what I saw were five to six inches of my hair lying on the floor. Oh, and not to forget my side bangs. They look like a poof ball considering I have wavy (type 2b) hair. I am so upset. I always find reasons to cancel all my plans because I hate to show my hair to people. :(


Sunday, June 1/2014 at 2:39 pm

I am so sorry for you and in the same boat! But I am in it because I did not go to the right person out of what, boredom?

Take folic acid it really does speed up the hair growing. If your hair is poofy getting a brazlian blowout may help as it takes the frizz out.


Friday, May 17/2013 at 7:58 pm

Ladies, I had my bad hair cut in January of this year. I freaked out and was miserable with the bad cut , didn’t leave the house, the guy I was dating at the time thought I was crazy freaking out over hair. I just kept pulling on it like it was magically going to get long like one of those barbie dolls. This was on the weekend so I had to wait until Tuesday to get in touch with my stylist. Actually I texted her pictures of my BAD cut over the weekend. Yes hair makes us nuts!

I went to my regular stylist who didn’t ask me why I went somewhere else (again 2nd time we’ve been through this, you think I’d learn) . My hair was so chopped she had to cut it dry to get it even. She cleaned it up without taking much more out and although my hair was shorter I at least had a cute cut that I could deal with.

I started taking folic acid which I had ran out of. It makes your hair grow super fast ( all over is unfortunately, but worth the extra shaving).

My advice, you can’t get the hair back so go for a totally fresh new look. I searched the internet looking for a style with my shorter hair . And just think of it as a change not a disaster. It will grow back.


Tuesday, June 11/2013 at 2:05 am

OMG! Yes a cliche start to this comment but this blog just totally went with everything I’m feeling right now. My hair dresser who I’ve been seeing for 8 years had a very specific picture of what I wanted… I ended up with 3′ layers at the top and back she overly thinned out the fullest part of my hair instead of giving it chunky layers… I feel like I have an overgrown mullet and the worst part is I’ve spent the past 2 years trying to grow my hair back out. After reading this article its clear that I need to go see another trusted hair dresser to see if she can fix the botching by giving it some sort of bob and just rock out with an overly textured bob this summer. Thanks for admitting that you cry over your hair too, I’m not conceited but I’ve always had pretty hair and this is sooo not pretty.


Wednesday, June 12/2013 at 12:38 pm

I came to this thread looking for something to tell me what to do with a recently botched cut (which people keep telling me is not that bad but hey).

I have gone to this hairdresser a couple of times, but for some reason this time she got really scissor happy. I feel I look like I have one of those 4 year old bobs you get when your mother cuts your hair, and my fine hair is laying so flat on my head, despite how she kept telling me she was putting in layers for volume. I feel like I have a brown helmet with too short bangs (and I’ve told her numerous times I like my bangs to rest below my eyebrows, not an inch above. My hair overall looks really dull and unhealthy now.

I admit I have hair issues. I am growing my hair out post-chemotherapy (which she knew), so this time two years ago I was bald. I had a couple of cute short cuts along the way, but overall I really didn’t enjoy getting my hair cut anymore because it was so hard to grow out, and I just wanted to have more hair, you know? I had finally gotten it to the point where I could make a little stubby ponytail before I went for this cut. And I told her just a trim.

I’m now thinking of going with a messy look or even shorter again. As it is I feel like I have no hairstyle at all.


Friday, June 14/2013 at 9:17 am

If you dont trust a hairdresser to cut your hair or even to layer them I suggest cutting them yourself. For a layered hair cut: flip your head upside down and brush out any tangles, then cut it straight at the bottom. When you flip your head back, brush it out. This is what I do and the layers look amazing!! For curly hair you might have to straighten it first before you cut it. You wont have to straighten it every day to keep it looking good. But if you just want a blunt-cut: bring a small section of hair to the front and cut it at the desired length. Continue doing this with the rest of the hair but make sure the hair all matches up to the first group that you cut. Or get a friend to cut it if you dont trust yourself. Hairdressers can be a great choice if you’re just getting a trim but otherwise not really, as you’ve probably noticed from the article and comments above.


Wednesday, June 19/2013 at 9:38 am

Omg this story exactly describes what just happened to me, I think we have identical haircuts. I went in with thick, shoulder length, freshly highlighted and low lighted hair, my hair was so nice that the last little thing I needed was a fresh cut to show it off… And she just cut it all off and out. I’ve been crying for 2 days and still crying now. I just feel violated and almost as if this was a hateful thing done against me, just because I can’t understand how someone could see I have gorgeous hair I always get complemented on and then they cut it all off and thin it all out, so short I can’t even get it in a ponytail. And this even after the hairdresser commented I seemed nervous and I told her yes becuase I don’t want it too short or to make my face look fat…and what did she do? Make it so short that for the first time in my life I can’t wear a pony tail and took out all my volume so my face looks twice as big because I have short thin picky hair now. And yet she herself had long beautiful thick flowing hair, and I tried to relate to her in that please feel how you would feel if someone waS to mess with her hair, and she just didn’t hear me or take care of me at all. And I’ve been to trying to style it differently and I can’t because there is no hair left to play with. Do you think hairdressers ever do things like this because they don’t care for you and don’t want you back anyways, or this is just genuinely a mistake?


Sunday, June 1/2014 at 2:44 pm

I think this is exactly what happened to me! The last time I saw the person who botched my hair yesterday was years ago and my hair was long then and I thought maybe too long for me in my late 40′s but I remember her commenting “well you can pull it off”…well what made me go back to her 5 years later – she was miserable, her hair short and awful and I walked in with my long thick hair and she said “well your still thin, that makes me jealous”… when she chopped the heck out of my hair, yes I think she did do it on purpose. The entire time in her chair she was complaining about the salon manager, her husband her life, and guess what its like her anger came on my head. I

It’s been a year since your post and I’m wondering how your hair is doing now. I can’t believe I have to go through this entire process yet again, actually this time is even worst as it’s just not uneven it’s an entire head of of a mess.


Tuesday, August 13/2013 at 4:03 am

I feel a little better after reading all of your posts. I’ve been crying all day today since I got my hair cut. Before going in to get it trimmed I had long thick one layer hair all the way down to my waist, I always get complements on my hair because it’s so long and healthy looking. But I do straighten it so I often get split ends. Well my normal hairdresser wasn’t available so I went to someone else and they totally ruined my hair. I told them I love my long hair and want to keep the length and I ended up with ugly choppy layers a couple inches lower than my bra strap. My hair feels thin now, like noticeably thin and I used to feel a lot of movement in my hair now there isn’t even enough hair for any movement because it’ in these ugly thin layers. I even cried at the salon and refused to pay. I was furious because they ruined my hair after I told them specifically that I didn’t want it looking thin in any way. I don’t even know how long it will take to grow back but I feel miserable like something was taken from me today that I can’t get back. I know it sounds make such a big fuss about it but I really loved my hair :(


Monday, September 23/2013 at 6:36 pm

That incompetent hacker should have paid YOU! Stay away from salons in the future, and you will be happy. It’s getting a little better every day, I am sure.


Wednesday, August 21/2013 at 11:40 pm

Im so angry. I grew my hair to shoulder lenght, and it looked thick and shine, with nice waves, but I had a pyramid thing going on and wanted a little help with that. I Showed her BEAUTIFUL pictures of celebrity wavy and curly haircuts, and said I wanted something similar. I dont know how in the worls she thinks this mess of a mullet she gave me looks ANYTHING like the glamorous haircuts I showed her. Im so pissed. I would go back tomorrow to tell her to fix it, but im terrified shell mess it up even more and leave me with a boy cut (like one time when I ws a teenager, a hairdresser messed my hair up bad, and she just kept chopping and chopping and I just said you messed this up just do a boy cut, nd a boy cut I got). GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I hate her, how can she have a bloody license, I could cut hair better! Ill just do it myself from now on. I look ridiculous, sigh.


Thursday, August 22/2013 at 7:58 am

I am sure i hav the worst possible. Botched up haircut that could be, yet again. It looks like a bulbous blob stuck on the top of my head reaching to about bottom of ears when i distinctly said chin. I have to pull bits out from the back to try to get some balance. It is ageing and so old fashioned and on the left sid e is a kind of dent. My hair is not symetrical at the best of times. I am thimking maybe i should try going some place else just to try to t hin out the top section. The side fringe he left really long and i seem to have botched it up even more with a home made trim. My hair is kinky wavy but it does have potential i know it does. I am really upset and want to cut it all off. Looks much better wet. when i went in i told him i wanted it thinned out as it was quite heavy. He seems to have chopped at the length but left the heavyness so it looks like a helmet.


susan goodwin
Thursday, August 22/2013 at 12:42 pm

If someone else did something you didn’t consent to, it would be an assault. How do hairdressers get away with this?
It is unacceptable to tell a grown woman that she cannot have her hair the way she wants it or that her type of hair or ethnicity is unacceptable to today’s standards of beauty. Our monoculture is what the sudden straight hair trend is about. Hairdressers can’t think outside the box, they don’t listen, they are poor communicators and hey, hair-cutting ain’t rocket science. All the added extras are just bill-padding. I have several friends, some of whom are very glamorous, who cut and colour their own hair. Our current culture of mindless vanity is what lets these idiots betray our trust, ruin our hair and waste our money.


Thursday, August 29/2013 at 9:42 pm

I want to get my hair thinned out but not too much. I want to have my bottom layer thinned out then a side fringe.
By doing this will my hair be suddenly hard to manage?
I don’t know. I’m doing it tonight and everyone says that I would regret it, but I want to, for a change.


Wednesday, September 11/2013 at 5:48 pm

Wow……..I’m not alone in this nightmare of haircuts gone wrong and bad! Very, very sad for all of us…… women our hair means so much it’s part of our personality and yes connected to our ego and self-esteem. You’d think all these hairdressers would understand this and learn to listen to their clients. Communication is of most important in all jobs and relationships especially when it comes to haircutting and styling.

I also had a haircut go wrong ……..I allowed a friend/neighbor to trim….yes not chop off my hair nor layer. I said 1″- 1 1/2″ , she took it upon herself to cut chop off 6″ – 8″ off of my beautiful blond locks…..YIKES! Then she used texturizing scissors to thin out the back and layer…….none of which was asked for nor discussed. When I realized how much she chopped off I said what did you do? Her response was your hair needed it was so frizzy and lots of dead ends. Last I checked it’s my hair not hers not for her to decided amount to cut nor style. I had shown her a photo on my phone that my hairdresser had gone by to cut my hair before she started on my hair. Very basic figured she have some idea to go by. My hair was about to top of my bra in back took a few years to get that length I only had it trimmed every 3 months about and 1″ or 2″ to keep healthy and long. In front I had my hairdresser tapper a few gradual layers she always followed my request. For $16 haircut looked great! I only took a chance with my friend because she lost her job and could use a few $. She had told me she cut her boyfriends, brother, mother and fathers hair as well as her own. Unfortunately I think she was cutting my hair like she would her own which is unlike my hair. Hers is thick course and short mine is fine but I have or had a lot of hair and was long. She cut a big chunk out of one side in the back also when she was trying to layer which is so noticeable and cut off all my nice light blond color. My hair now is above my shoulders…….wow sounds like it will take 6 months to a year to grow out according to other posts. I can put up in a small ponytail and use a clip for up do. I’m so upset tho like many others don’t want to go out on dates nor to any events…… sad is this!!! I would had been better off cutting myself which I did before in between haircuts with hairdresser. What’s done is done……….now I have to learn from this the hard way as other’s here. I am going to take my vitamins and extra folic acid as other’s suggested and pray for hair to grow quickly! Lesson learned……..go back to my hairdresser for my $16 trims or trim myself! Good Luck to everyone here on growing out your hair and learning new ways to style and deal with bad hair cuts and hairdressers!


Friday, October 11/2013 at 2:43 pm

I think some hairdressers love to attack a client with healthy, long hair because they are secretly envious of our patience in keeping it long. My friends that went through hairdressing school do so much colouring, cutting to their own hair that when they get a hold of someone with ‘virgin’ hair – they just let loose. I have had the worst layering jobs on my coarse hair – even when explaining my styling techniques and I have literally sworn off going to a salon and only trust my mother now. I tried expensive salons as well and forget it – you cannot trust them.


Wednesday, October 23/2013 at 11:38 am

Oh God, Jemima, I can totally relate. Just a couple months ago, I got at least 3″ chopped off my medium layered hair with side-swept bangs, because I’m that paranoid chick who freaks over wispy ends. I TOTALLY regret it. She even gave me an un-even cut, making one side with shorter layers. I do remember I told the cursed hairdresser I wanted a TRIM.

Anyways, I digress. A few weeks ago, I just couldn’t stand it anymore and decided it would be a ‘great’ idea to level things out. After unclogging the sink of all my hair and trying to deal with my now choppy, large-spaced-in-between, three-layered half step-cut, side-burned (I accidentally cut the hair above my ears jaw-length) locks, I was utterly DEVASTATED. The only plus-es are that I have really healthy and thick straight black hair and decent side bangs. My friends and fam (hi mom) aren’t very happy either.

Now I have NO idea how to deal with this stupid hair cut. Thank goodness I didn’t decide to trim my bottom layer, so my hair is about mid-forearm length. PLEASE help me before I die. I’ve been making do with heavily pinned back ponytails and french braid-curled hair but I need a solution NOW, s’il vous plait.

Let us mourn for our lost hair together, Jemima.


Thursday, November 7/2013 at 12:30 am

This is what I wanted my hair to look like. I do not think that is what I got. First of all, the hair stylist thought it was shorter in the back than in the front. Wrong. Secondly, she got layer happy and now I have a bowl cut on top of some hair. :( Is my best option to go and get it fixed by another stylist or should I give it a chance? I cried after my shower it looks so horrible.


Wednesday, November 20/2013 at 7:46 pm

Ugh, I’m experiencing this bad haircut right now. I had grown out my hair and thought it was time to try something new so decided to get it cut. I didn’t know who to go to so I went to a lady I knew who had had messed up my hair before, but with color.. I know right? Why did I do that? I guess because she knew my hair. It’s crazy that this lady’s story described the exact mess I have. It’s so uneven in layers. My left side is shorter than the right, all the ends are wispy and thin, it won’t hold curls, which I never thought it would do that. I have thicker hair and I’m left with thin razored hair. I feel ugly too. I look in the mirror and hate this hair. I keep thinking about getting extensions, but not sure yet. Otherwise, I do have enough hair to pull it back into a tiny pony tail until it grows out, which is undesirable as well as it gives me headaches. I hope I can figure out how to style it down soon. Maybe in a month it’ll be a little longer and I’ll feel a little better about how I look. I will never go to her again. I showed her a picture of a blended layer haircut and somehow ended up with a choppy lop sided do. Ps I had a guy who cut my hair beautifully, but he left the salon and no one told whwere he want. I searched and searched for him, but never found him until a day after this stupid haircut. I will return to him next month to see if he can blend the layers.


Wednesday, March 12/2014 at 5:24 am

I needed a place to vent about this ladies, thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in my hair nightmare!!!
I had long dark blond hair down to my waist. All the same length. I like having an easy, retro, voluminous, thick, wavy style as I was even doing a pin up photo shoot that weekend in Monterey.
I had done a bit of an ombre myself but very slight and pretty.
I was trying to grow my hair out even longer and healthy and was told a slight trim would be good for it.
The pin up shoot was in a salon my friends friend owned so I chatted with the owner about needing a trim someday… She was pretty brisk and cold but She said she had an opening the next day, and we could do a conditioning treatment and small trim to help maintain it and cut any dead ends. I should have known what was up because I got a nagging gut feeling and almost canceled, as I haven’t had my hair cut in years (I want a thick healthy blunt cut so I trim it myself). Boy should I have listened to myself.
I get into the salon and she slaps me down to do a slight toning and conditioning treatment. When done, I sit in the chair and feeling very confidant that she knew what I wanted (I’m growing it out, I just want it to look thick and healthy, only a few inches off the bottom). She was cutting away but again I am not too well versed in salons so I assumed she was doing something necessary. She dried it with a round brush over and over until it was pin straight which I thought was weird since I never wear my hair straight as I have odd textured hair that’s course and gets frizzy with any layering or too much straightening. Soft thick natural waves are best. I was late to drive home with my boyfriend so I didn’t really inspect the hair (she never offered to show me the back or discussed what she was doing while cutting which was another huge red flag). It felt soft enough though extremely light but I assumed it had something to do with the styling. I got home, inspected it, FREAKED out. It’s ok I thought, I can wash it and style it and it will look finee… Welp I washed it and HOLY CRAP. She put tons and tons of choppy, thin, wispy, scraggly layers up to my CHIN. Like 3/4ths of my hair was cut in long, dull, lifeless mullet. She left the bottom quarter of my hair long , thinned and wispy like a rat tail. My hair is GONE. The layers are so choppy, short to my chin like a bob and uneven. I am devastated!!!! This was a salon owner!!! She had super short bright red hair and was older than me.. I have a distinct feeling she meant to do this (because really!? You think THAT looks healthier!?) and here’s why… I sent her a text of the new cut compared to my hair a few hours before she cut it… And told her I was confused as to what happened and I didn’t want to be rude it was just not what I expected. I didn’t mention it but I had been growing my hair out for about oh… 4 years solid to get to that point. Her response was cold, rude and dismissive. She asked what she was supposed to do to make me happy after stating that she did nothing wrong just cut some ends off (I never asked for insanely short layers!!!!)… I asked her what the salons policy was, Like what my options were and she said … That she had never had this problem in all her 16 years of styling and any other salon would tell me to go FUCK myself. YUP. Her exact words. I am so devastated, crying, beyond livid I look like something a three year old would do to a Barbie head… And she tells me to go fuck myself. Classy.
I suppose Im Going to be using a lot of heat to style this thin whispers mess of chunky limp dull layers from chin length to my lower back…which was exactly what I didn’t want to do (I.e. Growing it LONG, hick and healthy!)…
Her vindictive rude attitude makes me believe she absolutely did it intentionally because how could anyone be so idiotic for a living??? I tipped her 20$ because I’m a bartender and I respect the service industry!!
Never again!!! Here’s to years of feeling like crap and trying to hide a botched haircut.


Wednesday, March 12/2014 at 11:25 am

There is a reason that my long-haired wife has not walked into a salon since 2001. You can’t trust some stylists, and once their vindictiveness or incompetence has commenced upon your head, it takes months or years to undo the damage. I’m truly sorry about the pain that this witch has caused you. No woman deserves this type of assault, and that is what it is.
Oh yes, venal people always claim that YOU are the first to complain, to make you feel isolated. I hope you eviscerate her in person, soon!


S. Katz
Monday, April 28/2014 at 2:08 am

I got a Haircut From Hell last month. I was just wanting a nice bob, like Katie Holmes, and that’s how I had been getting it done for the past 2 summers. The classic bob is just perfect for me, and I simply love the simplicity and elegance of that cut– I would get a million compliments every time!

So. It was time for my spring cut, and I went in with a pretty good bit of winter grow-out, certainly enough for my bob. I went to my usual salon, only to find out that it was under new management, and my regular girl wasn’t there. But I gave the new girl a chance… big mistake! Apparently the girl could not cut my hair into a classic bob as I wanted… so she did a whole mess of graduated layers! It’s SUPER short and chunky. Now as it grows out a little, it’s starting to poke out everywhere and will not take a flat iron. It’s too short to wrap around a brush to make it look like anything.I wet it down and keep coming and brushing until it goes into place… only to see it pop back out sideways again. No matter what I do, it just springs back out sideways, like feathers. I look like a fucking barnyard chicken– no joke! I can’t even wear my bike helmet without looking ridiculous when I take it off, and the only thing I can do is drench my head and run a bunch of gel through it to glue the mess down in place. By then, my hair is so full of ‘plastic’ that I probably don’t need a bike helmet to protect my skull; the sheer hardness of the gel and my hair would beat NHTSA standards. No, it doesn’t move at all even without gel. I can turn upside down and my hair doesn’t move… no joking.

I am totally embarrassed. Thus far, not one stylist has said that it’s even fixable right now. It’s VERY short– too short to cut anymore, so I have to live with it for another month at least. And THIS came after my last fiasco– what was supposed to be a graduated bob for a little change ended up being a hot mess that was ‘rescued’ and became a pixie cut! The return to the classic bob was supposed to ‘celebrate’ a whole year of waiting for the pixie to grow out enough. So I have had bad hair for over a year now… and no end in sight.

I just want to cry… :’(


Sunday, June 1/2014 at 2:55 pm

Oh my word, I am so sorry for you…yes hair is such an issue. Seriously start taking plain old folic acid 800 mcg. its super cheap and really does work.

You’re a month out so hopefully you’re dong better. But what I learned is vent to one person and then don’t talk about it. My last botched hair cut I spent days telling everyone and made it worst. I vented for hours with my last night, emailed her pictures of the awful cut and tomorrow when I go to work, with my hair UP…I am not saying a word. Not even to my other “hair” buddies – the same girls who have hair issues. I promised myself not to open my mouth to bring more attention to it and get myself more upset.

In eight weeks I’ll go get my first trim and hopefully the first layer will have grown out – but will take the advice above to just cut the bottom and bring my regular stylist a big boquet of flowers for taking me back.


Alejandra Medina
Friday, August 8/2014 at 6:09 pm

I just got my hair cut yesterday. I had layered hair down to the middle of my back. I wanted a long bob … Kind of like Alexa Chung’s look but without the short bangs. So the lady I went to cut my hair up to my shoulders. My hair is sort of thick so the ends were looking too blunt. I told the lady to make the ends less blunt and give me light layers. But of course she didn’t listen and she cut my hair so much it now looks like I have a mullet. There’s so many layers, the shortest one just above my ear! I really don’t know what to do now. I will start taking biotin supplement to see if that helps but it will take me probably a year to grow out the layers. It makes me so sad and I haven’t cried yet but I probably will in the future.


Friday, August 8/2014 at 6:41 pm

Alejandra – I posted on here TWICE one a few years ago and then one in June for the same issue. I read every blog on what to do and yes biotin and folic acid helps. But I can give you some tips that I’ve done the past few months…the first few weeks are awful. My layers were so bad and uneven that the week after the tragic cut I went back to the salon and a sr. stylist shaped it but was being super careful, helped a little but the mullet was still there. I waited a full month taking biotin and foci acid and went to my regular stylist who did a major shaping and though still a lot of layers she got rid of the mullet ( my hair is shoulder length and they chopped my top layer like yours) 3 weeks later it’s starting to grow out and I’m not obsessing over it. My one length hair that took me 2 years gone. The salon I went to was going to refund me, but then I went to get it fixed and they they gave me a credit which. Also I added some highlights around my face which helped break up the choppiness. Let it grow- it’s growing as we speak ;)


Friday, August 8/2014 at 9:51 pm

Very sorry about what happened. Truly disgusting and unprofessional. But I looked up Alexa Chung, and I guarantee your hair does not look like a mullet. Only if your hair was very short on top and shaggy in back would you have a mullet.
The good thing about bad layer cuts is that even chunky or uneven layers do begin to naturally blend after a few months. Hang in there, and stay away from salons. If you want long hair, salons are the enemy. My apologies to those stylists who ARE competent, and care about the client’s wishes. The bad ones are ruining YOUR businesses.


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