Video: Botox and filler tips (for people who don’t want to look like they’ve had injections)

Botox injection woman

Last week I showed you a picture of Dr. Spock along with several sorry tales about the scary things that can happen to your face when you use too much Botox (or have a doctor who sucks at it).

This week, the flipside: what you need to know if you are going to get injections and want to have a good result.

You see, I’m not actually anti-injections. Just anti-BAD injections. You know what I mean—I think we’ve all seen women with overly lifted, expressionless, chipmunk-cheeked, smooth-as-a-drum faces. It’s one reason I cringe a little bit whenever people bring up my celebrity double, Nicole Kidman.

nicole kidman wtf Video: Botox and filler tips (for people who dont want to look like theyve had injections)

But here’s the thing: Women like Nicole (and Lisa Rinna, Meg Ryan, etc.) are the ones giving injectables a bad name. I’ve had several beauty insiders tell me that waaaay more people go under the needle than you’d ever imagine. They’re just not telling—and the work they’ve had done is so good, they just look refreshed and rested but not “done.”

So really? My philosophy is to go ahead and do it if it makes you happy… but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE find a good and experienced doctor. (Notice that I said doctor, not nurse.)

To get the scoop on how to find the right person and get the best results, I met with two of the top injectors in Toronto, Drs. Romy Saibil and Francine Gerstein of True MediSpa. They tag-teamed my Botox right after we stopped filming here, and I’ve gotta say that the results were good—I can definitely still frown, so it was verrrry conservative.

Here’s the vid:

One important thing that they didn’t mention (which they do and I think is a must for any doctor you’re considering letting near you with a needle) is before and after pics. Anytime you’re injecting in a new place, the in-person follow-up visit is KEY, because the phenomenon known as “Spocking” (where your eyebrows can lift too much and sometimes look uneven) is very, very real and demands correction. And probably other areas could require touch-ups as well. I know of more than a few injectors that just do their follow-ups on the phone, and I think it’s an appalling lack of quality control.

If you’re still not convinced that you need to choose your injector carefully, check out this super-scary investigation that recently aired on Global News. Remember: injections are just not a place where you want to try and save money.

Now tell me:

Have you done or would you ever do Botox or fillers?
Do you agree with Drs. Saibil and Gerstein? (Don’t they look amazing?)
Do you have any injection horror stories to share?


Monday, November 22/2010 at 2:21 am

I’m only 25, but has anyone ever used botox at a younger age to prevent wrinkles in the forehead? or are those wrinkles just inevitable?


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, November 22/2010 at 4:58 pm

Good question Janelle. I’ve heard different things from different doctors. Most Botox injectors will say that yes, you can use it successfully to “prevent” wrinkles before they happen…. and they definitely have clients in their early 20s.

However, I did interview a plastic surgeon the other week who said he did not advocate using Botox as a preventive tool… he said the lines can easily be dealt with when they appear so there is no need. (Now, whether he says that because surgeries later in life are his bread and butter, I don’t know…)

I guess if it were up to me I wouldn’t bother spending the money on injections until an issue that bugs you actually arises – and then you could keep up with the Bo regularly to prevent it from re-occuring. Either way you’re going to need treatments regularly so you may as well delay as long as you can. Injecting without knowing the wrinkle patterns on your face just seems a bit risky to me. Plus I have to wonder if your muscles will get lazy and come to depend on the Botox to look “normal”….


janie kendle
Friday, December 10/2010 at 6:14 pm

I just feel that until the job is complete and looks good the client is satisfied, PLEASE don’t keep charging them , when you are the guys who have to complete the task…”sure I’ll complete it, but that will be another $399″, and so one…I think every one gets the SAME standard conservative amount, the rest should be free, OH and I bet no one reimbursed for the WRONGFUL idea of the doctors who were injecting in the mouth lines rather than the cheeks too! Even though it was THEIR error as they are supposed to be the medical professionals (well cosmetic, but they are still doctors, so they can’t get off the hook)..I get the work done, but I am unsatisfied with the professionalism.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Tuesday, December 14/2010 at 6:04 pm

You know what Janie? I totally agree with you. The costing for injectables is not very transparent at all – it seems like only the docs have a good idea of how many units a person “needs” and I am totally confused by how they price it out. Can you use part of a vial of Botox or filler or do they charge you for the whole thing even if they don’t use it on you? I feel like it’s the latter.

Also yes, I think most if not all of them charge you to “fix” things in a 2nd visit, which hardly seems fair. No wonder so many MDs are getting into this business… it’s a huge cash cow. I obviously wouldn’t trust discount Botox places, but at the same time there needs to be waaay more transparency here.


Thursday, December 16/2010 at 6:44 pm

Yes! I gave started regular treatments at age 27. I’ve smoked & tanned for years so I do have premature wrinkling. That said, I LOVE Botox! It makes me look many years younger & I’ve never had any problems at all. I get about 31 units every 3-4 months and I’m completely hooked and will do it for the rest if my life. It’s a miracle drug! So I say, as long as u have a qualified professional that really knows what they are doing, ie: nurse, nurse practioner, or doctor, give it a try! What do u have to lose!
I bet 90 percent of people are ecstatic with the results because it’s like going back in time. Best decision I ever made & now I have my confidence back! Happy Botoxing! :)


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