How To Do a Quick Updo Hairstyle

A time-saving cheat for a high or low bun.
Michelle Villett
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A time-saving cheat for a high or low bun.

So you know how I've said—quite a few times on this blog and even more in real life—that I never accept a free haircut? Well, I lied. That siren song is hard to ignore (especially when, ahem, you blow a few hundred bucks on a new pair of boots) and so back in October I found myself in the surprisingly capable hands of Mr. Alain Larivee, Canadian consultant for John Frieda and co-owner of CAJH Maitres Coiffeurs in Montreal.

I say surprisingly just because I have trust issues with hairdressers. But you know what? He did a great job on my hair. AND he gave me some great advice re: updos.

Loose, sexy, effortless-looking updos. Because truly, there is nothing worse than an updo that looks "bridal." Whether you are, in fact, a member of a bridal party—or not.

This is what I'm talkin' about:

Busted Image

Not that I think most/any of us could achieve this at home, but... it looks crunchy, it looks overdone, it looks like it came straight out of the 1990s with a giant can of hairspray.

Not what we want, obvs.

Instead, we take our inspiration from people like Leighton Meester, above, and Anna Faris and Mila Kunis, below:


The EXCELLENT news it that not only do these styles look touchable and sexy and like you barely tried (in a good way)... you really DON'T need to try (much) at all.

Here's the vid with Alain's tips:

Recognize anyone? Behold—the model is Katherine from Canadian Living, whose gorgeous lips n' lashes I mentioned in the TIFF '10 beauty editor edition...


Anyway! Tell me—

Are you proficient at updos or are your skillz a bit lacking?
Think you might try Alain's little tricky trick?
Or do you prefer your hair long and loose like most of the ladies in this post?