One Third of Women Wear Makeup Every Time They Leave the House

I'm one of them. Are you?
Michelle Villett
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I'm one of them. Are you?

I'm a high-low kind of gal, so I will freely admit to reading the odd gossip rag. (Yes, I did used to have a subscription to Us Weekly. What of it?)

Anyway, I don't know whether it's Us or In Touch or Star that puts it out, but you know what the best issue is? Stars Without Makeup, of course. (Stars With Cellulite coming a close second.)

Schadenfreude: everyone needs a hobby.

Now, even though we the general public like to gawk at celebs not looking their best (and then, um, some of us blog about it), obviously we take the whole no-makeup thing very, very seriously when it comes to our own lives.

How seriously? A new study in the Daily Mail (a.k.a. the newspaper of record for generally useless studies) has discovered that a full third of us wear makeup every single time we go out—even if it's 7am on a Sunday morning and we just ran out of cereal. (Have you tried Chia Goodness? Weird but yummy.)

And there's more... but first, because I know you clicked on this post for some celebrity schadenfeude, let me interrupt this with a pic of Kim Kardashian, without her war paint (that's Cameron Diaz, always a Stars Without Makeup regular, up top.)

Busted Image

Here's a makeup-less Sharon Stone.


And here's a bare-faced Gwynnie (pre-injections):

Busted Image

(I could honestly spend all day Google Image searching these, but to my surprise and delight a website exists called Enjoy!)

Now back to that study. In addition to the 33 percent who won't leave the house without makeup...

  • Nearly 50 percent of women say they feel better with a full face of makeup
  • 10 percent won't let their partner see them without makeup
  • 60 percent won't go to the office without makeup (and 25 percent are convinced that if they didn't wear it, they'd be passed over for a promotion)

Do these numbers surprise you?

I thought more women would say that they don't leave the house without makeup. (And yes, it does matter if you're in certain professions, say—ACTING? I don't know if these celebs have reverse body dysmorphia or what, but it's sure as hell deflating to see your favourite celeb's dark circles and acne scars.)

As for the rest of us, well, I'm torn. On the one hand, as you know, we don't advocate heavy makeup here at BEAUTY EDITOR HQ. Less is more...

...but to a point. Like I said in my 2011 beauty resolutions, part of the act of putting on a touch of makeup every morning—making yourself presentable—is a self-esteem thing.


It doesn't have to be much but at the very least I think you've gotta deal with skin imperfections (a swipe of concealer or mineral foundation works miracles), dullness (which is why I heart cream blush) and maybe some mascara, plus lip balm. Oh and EVERYBODY needs to do my essential trick for bright, wide-awake eyes. It only takes a couple minutes to do all of that—and yes, I DO do it every time I leave the house—and I'll bet Cameron and Kim and Sharon and Gywneth all wish they'd bothered to do so too. Right?

Of course, if you have specific stuff you want to hide (like acne), covering that shiz up has got to feel good as well. I've been waiting FOREVER for a reason to post this (not-really-related-but-sort-of) video and I'm shoehorning it in now:

Do you ever go bare-faced, or do you, at minimum, have to apply [insert-makeup-of-choice-here]? (I want to know what it is!)
Is Stars Without Makeup not the BEST issue evah?
This kid's acne song is catchy, huh?