Score an Exclusive Chance to Test-Drive Febreze NOTICEables

New product review club offer!
Michelle Villett
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New product review club offer!


When you think about fragrance, what comes to mind is probably the perfume you spray on your bod every morning—right?

Me too. But there's so much more to scent than that. Take HOME fragrances, for example. Did you know that the same master perfumers who create some of the world's finest perfumes also design fragrances for the home, inspired by the hottest trends in food, travel, colour and home decor? It's true.

And speaking of home fragrances, Febreze makes pluggable air fresheners called NOTICEables that give you long-lasting freshness and actually eliminate odours in the air. Kind of like a double whammy, really. (And speaking of doubles, each scented oil warmer refill contains two different but complementary fragrances, which automatically alternate throughout the day and last for up to 30 days on low.)

Wanna try it? Now's your chance, because 200 lucky peeps will score a spot on our review panel. Selectees will receive a FREE Febreze NOTICEables Starter Kit in two scent combinations: Morning Walk & Cleansing Rain and Lavender Comfort & Gentle Vanilla.

To apply for this opportunity, complete this short survey.Because *of course* you want your home to smell as good as you do!

PS: You can also trade up from your old pluggable air freshener to a Febreze NOTICEables warmer FREE* after a mail-in rebate. Check out after Feb. 17th for details.

*Limit one per household. Offer ends 6/30/2012 with your original package UPC and sales receipt.