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Michelle Villett
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New product review club offer!

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Ask any beauty editor—or model, makeup artist or facialist. They'll all tell you that staying hydrated from the inside out is one of the secrets to maintaining great skin AND good health.

But I'm not gonna front. It's hard work getting in those six to eight daily glasses of plain old H2O. (Can you say BO-RING?) That's why I'm super excited about Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal™, a vitamin-enhanced water that comes in five flavours and—duh!—has only 10 calories per bottle.

You heard me. Ten calories! And it's all thanks to Reb A (Pure Via™ brand natural pure stevia extract). If you're a health geek like me, you might already be familiar with Stevia because it rocks: the Stevia plant is native to Brazil and Paraguay, and it's been used as a low-calorie sweetener for more than 30 years in other countries. Now it's here in Canada for use in Natural Health Products. Hooray! You'll also get the vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E. Conclusion: this drink gets an A+.

Wanna try it? Now's your chance, because 150 lucky peeps will score a spot on our review panel. Selectees will receive a FREE sample of three flavours of Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal™ enhanced water, including the new Strawberry Lemonade flavour.

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