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Ask any beauty editor—or model, makeup artist or facialist. They’ll all tell you that staying hydrated from the inside out is one of the secrets to maintaining great skin AND good health.

But I’m not gonna front. It’s hard work getting in those six to eight daily glasses of plain old H2O. (Can you say BO-RING?) That’s why I’m super excited about Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal™, a vitamin-enhanced water that comes in five flavours and—duh!—has only 10 calories per bottle.

You heard me. Ten calories! And it’s all thanks to Reb A (Pure Via™ brand natural pure stevia extract). If you’re a health geek like me, you might already be familiar with Stevia because it rocks: the Stevia plant is native to Brazil and Paraguay, and it’s been used as a low-calorie sweetener for more than 30 years in other countries. Now it’s here in Canada for use in Natural Health Products. Hooray! You’ll also get the vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E. Conclusion: this drink gets an A+.

Wanna try it? Now’s your chance, because 150 lucky peeps will score a spot on our review panel. Selectees will receive a FREE sample of three flavours of Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal™ enhanced water, including the new Strawberry Lemonade flavour.

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Saturday, March 19/2011 at 4:48 pm

Hey everybody,

I tried three flavours of Aquafina plus+ Vitamins 10 cal: Blackberry Grape, Strawberry Lemonade and Fuji Apple Pear.

Overall, I have to say that I thought these beverages came from a great concept and I enjoyed trying each flavour a lot! All three are loaded with c, b and e vitamins (hello, antioxidants…) and it’s only ten calories which is in thanks to the Pure Via™ brand natural pure stevia extract. Stevia is a bit of a super-ingredient these days. It’s a natural sweetener that enhances glucose tolerance, making it a good sugar alternative for those of us on low carb diets, or diabetic. (Not an expert on this, though! This is just what I know from my nutrition class at uni.)

I would say that I enjoyed Aquafina plus+ Vitamins more than some other flavoured waters I’ve tried (i.e. Nestea Splash…not a fan, and Vitamin Water, which tastes fake-y and has annoying branding). However, I mostly found it to be a great replacement for Gatorade, which is my go-to hangover cure and loaded with sugar.

The Blackberry Grape was my fave of the three. It wasn’t too sweet, definitely refreshing and something I will pick up in the future. It tasted really fresh and because of the vitamins & low calorie count it’s something I would pick up instead of soda, or iced tea. The Strawberry Lemonade was best served super cold, with ice. The Fuji Apple tasted like candy. For me that wasn’t so good…it was just too sweet for my tastes.

My last point – I really liked the bottle design. Not as cumbersome as a giant Gatorade bottle and just generally ergonomic and simple.

I’m interested to hear what others thought of this!


Saturday, March 19/2011 at 10:23 pm

I was excited when I received the flavours Fuji Apple Pear, Strawberry Lemonade, and Black & Blue Berry for review!

I personally love the plain Aquafina water over any other water brands out there. The Aquafina Plus+ Vitamin 10 Cal Enhanced Water uses a natural sweetener Stevia hence the 0g of sugar! I loved the packaging because it is very pretty and sturdy and easy to grip. It is meant to be enjoyed chilled, the colder the better because at room temperature I found it tasted sweeter and was not as refreshing.

My favourite was the Fuji Apple Pear because the sweetness level was subtle and just right. Strawberry Lemonade was just off for me, it tasted like medicine and very artificial. Black and Blue Berry tasted like it would be great for making freezies out of and was the sweetest out of all of them.

I have tried the Aquafina Vitamin Water (not 10 Cal) and didn’t mind the strawberry kiwi flavour. But my favourite remains with Glaceau vitamin water because I don’t notice the artificial flavour as much in their drinks. The price range $2-$3 is about the same as the other brands.

I like how this is a healthy alternative to pop but I would probably not purchase this again since it’s not my first choice mainly due to flavour and wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

My overall rating: 3/5!


Monday, March 28/2011 at 10:49 am

Interesting article especially the fact that stevia is used as a sweetner. Believe it or not, Stevia isn’t permitable for sale in the UK and most of the countries in EU, so we must purchase this either from Canada or USA. Heard so much good things about this (the new agave nectar kinda hype) but it will take a while before we can enjoy such goodies.
Here is a link to the Food Standard Agency about Stevia that might interest you :


Monday, March 28/2011 at 6:23 pm

I welcomed the opportunity to try this new vitamin drink because I loved the concept. I frequently forget to take the supplements holding a lonely vigil on top my fridge and I thought grabbing a vitamin drink as I head out the door for my daily run would be a great way for me to hydrate and nourish my body.

Right off the bat I hit a stumbling block. I don’t particularly care for the taste. I looked at the label and I saw that they use stevia (a natural sweetener) to sweeten their drinks. It’s awesome that they’re using a natural product (it’s a much healthier choice than the sweetener I dump into my morning coffee), so I kept slurping, but stevia and me have never gotten along. I don’t care for Stevia’s slightly bitter lemon like taste that lingers on the palette and I find it overpowers any drink it’s in.

I shared a bottle with my boyfriend and he did not have the same adverse reaction that I did. He shrugged his shoulders, tipped the bottle back and said, “Tastes fine to me.” The only flavor he didn’t like is the lemonade version, all the others won his approval. He did concede that the flavors overall are a little different, but felt that once you’re prepared for something new ahead of time it’s not bad. My palette seems to a bit more sensitive than his and since I’m not a stevia fan to begin with, this drink didn’t really stand a chance with me.

On the plus side, the various fruit flavorings added with the stevia were quite nice and refreshing, and I love that the drinks are very low calorie. I liked the Black and Blueberry best and would have enjoyed drinking it more had it been sweetened with something else. I love the fact that there are vitamins in the drink and for someone into working out it’s a great choice for the gym.

I probably would not purchase this again for personal consumption and I would warn those who dislike Stevia to proceed with caution, but for those who don’t mind the taste of this sweetener, or are willing to sample something a bit different in the name of health, then I’d say go for it.


Monday, March 28/2011 at 8:01 pm

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal™ Enhanced Water for a product testing panel. Yay!

I have had the Aquafina Plus+ water before in a variety of flavors and absolutely loved it. Of all the other vitamin enhanced waters I’ve tried before, I think it’s most closely comparable to SoBe Lifewater. When my product testing box showed up there were 6 full 591mL bottles to sample: 2 x Fuji Apple Pear, 2 x Black and Blue Berry, and 2 x Strawberry Lemonade, the newest flavor in the Aquafina line up (and one I had yet to try – it’s delicious!).

Each flavor has a different vitamin combination (ie: Black and Blue Berry contains vitamins c, b, and e) to aid in maintaining good health. All are sweetened with Reb A, PureVia™ brand natural pure stevia extract. Since I am pregnant and avoiding sweeteners as a general rule, I was a little concerned at first about the Reb A but Stevia is deemed safe during pregnancy by the FDA.

I am a big fan of this product for several reasons:

* When I was consciously watching my weight, it was the perfect low calorie alternative to juice when I was craving something more flavorful than regular water.
* It’s VERY refreshing and delicious (unless it gets warm, after which the taste becomes very tart. It’s like night and day on the taste buds).
* I like the bottle. I know that one sounds silly, but I really do. It’s easy to hold on to.
* I know it doesn’t replace a good multivitamin, but the fact that I can get that extra health benefit without having to choke down a horse pill that makes me feel sick to my stomach is a huge bonus in my world. Vitamin enhanced water = genius.
* It often goes on sale for $0.99 a bottle at various retailers (I like to stock up at Shopper’s Drug Mart for the Optimum points ;) ) making it a much better deal than comparable vitamin enhanced drinks.

I plan on keeping my fridge well stocked with it (especially during hot summer days!) and I would definitely recommend Aquafina Plus+ to others.


Tuesday, April 19/2011 at 1:27 am

I’ve had a varied experience with Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal. The name is a bit of a mouthful as are many of the ingredients, but I did find it to be very much on par taste-wise with other “vitamin enhanced water” that I’ve tried. In the Black & Blue Berry flavour, I really felt I could taste each berry instead of a generic berry-punch taste. I had a similar experience with the other flavours, Fuji Apple Pear and Strawberry Lemonade. All the flavours were quite nice when drunk chilled, but as with many other sugarless drinks, I was left with a funny taste and some dryness in my mouth, but it was ignorable. Small price to pay for so few calories!

My favourite flavour was definitely the Strawberry Lemonade. It was really refreshing when served super cold. I experimented with it a bit, splashing some in with a bit of gin and soda and that was especially nice! Perhaps that counteracts any of the medicinal benefits, but no one has to know.

Taste-wise, I think this stuff is totally on par with other “enhanced water” beverages, and definitely better than other flavoured waters which just taste like aspartame. It’s kind of like a more grown-up Kool-Aid…fruity, but not like juice, but not like crystalized flavour powder either. It reminds me a bit of taking Flintstones Vitamins but in liquid form.

I like that it’s low-calorie, although I’ve heard a whole range of things about the Stevia sweetener so I’m not sure if that is a perk or not. I was left wondering if the 10 calories were left in to make people feel like it wasn’t totally artificial, but maybe that is just me cooking up a conspiracy. As for the vitamin benefits, I don’t know enough about my diet to determine whether or not I’m lacking in Vitamins B or E, so it’s hard to say what the benefits are for me. Vitamin C is so easy to get from fruit that getting from this drink is not much of a plus in my eyes.

Would I ever buy this again? It’s unlikely. Not because of the quality of the product necessarily, but it just isn’t something that really fits into my lifestyle. Since these are only palatable when really cold, I’d have to drink them straight out of the fridge at home and bottled drinks aren’t something I buy to keep around the house (price, waste, and space are all factors). I don’t think opening a bottle of this saves much effort compared to pouring a glass of water and taking a multivitamin, which I assume has a bit more value in terms of health. Plus, it’s way cheaper to go the pill route. Call me cheap, but I just can’t justify $2 a bottle for this stuff.

As an aside, I’m not completely loving the packaging. The bottle is clumsy and the name is unclear. I don’t like that I can’t see what’s inside very much – it’s supposed to be enhanced WATER, I want to see some clear liquid. Something about the opaque plastic label makes me feel like it’s being hidden for some reason, but maybe I’m reading into it too deeply – damn you design school!


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