Right-wingers are "hotter" than lefties, says a new study… and this news either thrills or enrages you (AMIRITE?)

Sarah Palin

I know, I know, politics don’t belong on a beauty blog. Except when they do—because our favourite publisher of dubious studies, the Daily Mail, has just informed the world of some new research saying that conservative politicians are seen as more attractive than their liberal counterparts. Yowza! But that’s not all. Right-wingers tend to get more votes because of their good looks, too.

(Shallow? Us?)

Now, all of this “research” happened in Finland and Sweden, where I’ve never been but imagine to be exclusively populated by über-tall, über-blonde, über-gorgeous individuals. Isn’t everyone attractive in those countries? And wouldn’t they have higher standards of beauty than the rest of us, seeing as they’re surrounded 24/7 by other über-tall, über-blonde, über-gorgeous individuals?

Apparently not. Researchers showed photos of 1,357 anonymous Finnish political candidates to 2,500 people from five non-Scandinavian countries (including the US and Britain), and asked them to judge them on a scale from ‘very ugly’ to ‘very beautiful.’ And supposedly the consensus is “universal”: conservatives are hotter.

Hmmm… do we all agree on this? Let’s reach across the aisle and check out some candidates closer to home. I think this calls for a vote!

First up, there’s no female politico more famous right now (like it or not) than  Sarah Palin… and her counterpart on the left is Hillary Clinton:

Sarah Palin vs Hillary Clinton Right wingers are "hotter" than lefties, says a new study... and this news either thrills or enrages you (AMIRITE?)

I’m staying non-partisan here, I really am, but that beehive? Has got to go.

And now for the American menz… Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown vs. Barack Obama:

Barack Obama vs Scott Brown Right wingers are "hotter" than lefties, says a new study... and this news either thrills or enrages you (AMIRITE?)

You do know Mr. Brown is an ex-Cosmopolitan centrefold, by the way, don’t you?

And because we do have a little “.ca” after our name, we can’t forget the Canucks. Howzabout some Stephen Harper vs. Michael Ignatieff?

Stephen Harper vs Michael Ignatieff Right wingers are "hotter" than lefties, says a new study... and this news either thrills or enrages you (AMIRITE?)


And batting for the ladies, we have Danielle Smith of the (righty) Wildrose Alliance vs. the Green Party’s Elizabeth May:

Danielle Smith vs Elizabeth May Right wingers are "hotter" than lefties, says a new study... and this news either thrills or enrages you (AMIRITE?)

All I’m gonna say is that dentists are doing REALLY good cosmetic work these days. (Post on that coming soon, by the way!)

Now, the hypothesis put forward for all of this ‘conservatives are hotter’ business was that “people who are seen or consider themselves beautiful tend to be more anti-egalitarian… and hence more attracted to right-wing politics,” said researcher Niclas Berggren.

What? I don’t consider myself beautiful (I just try my best), but to me this sounds like a fancy way of calling us beauty-aware folks selfish. And it’s THAT part I take issue with. Is it really so selfish to want to have nice hair? Long eyelashes? Painted toenails?

I don’t think so. (Nor do I think caring about beauty determines how you vote.) But you tell me…

Do you agree that the righties are the hotties, or were left-wing peeps denied here?
Have you ever voted for someone because you thought he/she were more attractive than the other person?
Do you think beautiful people (or those of us who try to be) are selfish?


Monday, March 7/2011 at 6:18 pm

The Conservative voter is, on average, a middle aged man, so I think having attractive women run for office is quite deliberate. I’ll vote for brains over beauty any day.

Now. As for my Beauty Gurus? I like ‘em gorgeous….obvi-catz *stares at Michelle*


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, March 7/2011 at 10:04 pm

Did I mention that I love you Jane? :-)
I am hereby adopting the term obvi-catz also.

PS – I agree, despite my “job” – in politics, it should be brains over beauty all the way!!


Tuesday, March 8/2011 at 8:09 am

I have to give credit for obvi-catz to my darling 15 year old (who also lurves BeautyEditor) otherwise she might make things awks-in-a-box ;)


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, March 16/2011 at 3:12 pm

You’re killing me with the lingo! Please ask her if I can steal obvi-catz AND awks-in-a-box. :-)


Monday, March 7/2011 at 6:31 pm

Oh, friend, we learned long ago *never* to discuss politics. Aside from the fact that we should rarely, if ever, lend any credence to the Daily Mail “news”paper, I think to properly carry out this asinine debate we need to set it up fairly. Not Secretary of State v. Ex-VP Candidate of Dubious Literacy, but Pretty face v. Pretty face. Let’s pit right wing’ers (see, I didn’t say fascist dictators) like Palin and Smith against, say, Belinda Stronach and Jennifer Granholm. I’m just asking for a fair fight.

Also, I think Obama is a hot piece of ass. #justsayin


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, March 7/2011 at 10:11 pm

Oh come on – I love the Daily Mail! I owe them for inspiring countless blog posts here.

As for the comparisons – was strictly going by name-recognition… I would’ve used Belinda but I don’t think she’s an MP anymore is she?


Monday, March 7/2011 at 6:42 pm

Danielle Smith and Elisabeth May, that’s just WRONG! xD My vote goes to.. Hilary Clinton. TYVM. (She’s come such a long way!)

And just food for thought, I’ve been to Finland and Sweden, and although Sweden is indeed populated with blondes, I can tell firsthand that they are NOT uniformly über-tall, über-blonde, über-gorgeous individuals! In fact, there’s some butt-f***ing ugly dudes and gals up there, believe me! It’s always comforting to find out, in a sort of way, hahaha.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, March 7/2011 at 10:16 pm

Hillary does look great in that photo, I agree! And I thought she looked amazing at her daughter’s wedding last summer: http://socialitelife.com/chelsea_clinton_is_getting_married_today-07-2010

Whoever is styling her needs to get their hands on Lizzie May, stat! After just having a couple of veneers put on plus laser tooth & gum reshaping, I am now a HUGE believer in cosmetic dentistry (when it’s done right). I think it would completely change her look – and probably her career prospects, seeing as we’re all apparently shallow enough to vote based on attractiveness!

PS – SO happy to hear that about Finland & Sweden! That is comforting indeed :-)


Tuesday, March 8/2011 at 8:19 am

Yeah, well Lizzie May should go to work with the Conservatives then, and we could pay for the surgeries ourselves with our taxes! (oh snap..) Can’t believe I just wrote that…


John Galliano
Friday, May 13/2011 at 12:54 pm

Yes, the fashion beauty of a politician is sooooo much more important than aaaaanything that might come out of their pouting mouths. Just look at Danielle Smith and Elizabeth May. Both might actually be smart, intelligent and accomplished indivudals but we should not worry our small little fashion-obsessed brains with such trivial things. Let’s concentrate exclusively on their outward appearance because, as everyone knows, that is all that matters in a world populated by bimbos and fashionistas and beautiful people.


Saturday, September 3/2011 at 12:21 am

People… listen!!!!!!!!!!!!
What about the beauty lefties that never ran for offices?
I think that’s because they all went to Hollywood make a much more decent way of living!!!


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