Five Days, Seven Olay Cleansing Products

And one fantastically clean, soft, smooth face (mine!).
Michelle Villett
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And one fantastically clean, soft, smooth face (mine!).


When Lady Gaga recently revealed that she makes a habit out of going to bed without washing her face, beauty editors the world over clutched their pearls. Cleansing twice a day is, like, basic skincare 101. And why wouldn't you want to invest in a cleanser (or three) when there are options out there like Olay's redesigned range of facial cleansing products?

Yep—last month, the completely revamped line hit stores, and when I say options, I mean OPTIONS. With nine products in total, there's something for every skin type (sensitive, dry and oily/combination) as well as concerns like pore minimization and blemish control.

And lucky me! I count myself within more than one of those categories, so when Olay asked me to give their prodz a five-day test drive, I used all but two (the Acne Control Face Wash and the Blackhead Clearing Scrub). Here's the play-by-play:



It's been a while since I gave my skin a good exfoliation job, so I decide to start my trial with the Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub. Expecting it to be abrasive, I brace myself—but am pleasantly surprised at how gentle it is. (That's the tiny microbeads, which buff away dead skin cells without causing irritation.) The creamy formula also contains beta-hydroxy acids for an extra skin-smoothing boost. When I'm done, my sensitive skin isn't red at all and feels smooth and soft—not dry or tight at all. This one's a keeper!



I've got a big event today, and so I find myself drawn to the Shine Control Lathering Cleanser—because I have combo skin, controlling some excess shine in the T-zone would be very, very nice! I grab this one as I head into the shower, and to my delight, it's a space-age silvery colour with a mask-like texture. FUN! You don't need to leave it on as you do with a regular mask, but it does employ the same deep-cleaning, detoxifying powers to purify the skin and minimize shine. (Rinsing it off is also way easier than with a mask, just FYI.) And you know what? I think my T-zone WAS a bit less shinier than usual for a little while after using this—but again, not at all dry or tight.

At night, I decide to pamper my sensitive skin with the Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin (it also comes in Normal and Combination/Oily versions). This one is oil-free, soap-free and allergy-tested. Not only does it produce a rich lather, but it also removes every trace of my makeup. Score!



It's the weekend! And because I have to freshen up—FAST!—before I go out, I pop one of the 2-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths into my makeup bag. You have to wet them with water to activate the cleansing power, which makes them perfect for travel. One side is smooth, for gentle cleansing, and the other is beaded, for exfoliation. Honestly, they work just as well as a regular cleanser—and you could even use 'em post-gym workout for your entire body. LOVE.



And now for one of the best inventions of all time (and the product that Lady Gaga needs to keep beside her bed): Wet Cleansing Cloths. Available in normal and sensitive skin versions, these are pre-moistened cloths that remove grime and oil in one easy step—no rinsing required. After an, um, late night tonight, I try the sensitive ones. Totally gentle and non-drying (in fact, you can probably skip moisturizer in a pinch) and surprisingly, I don't wake up with raccoon eyes! They do a wicked job of removing makeup. My only wish is that they came in a resealable package.



Sundays are beauty days around these here parts, so to prep my skin for all of the serums and lotions to follow, I start with the Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub. (Because who doesn't want to have smaller-looking pores, right?) This one sure is purty: it features alternating, swirling ribbons of deep cleanser and exfoliating microbeads. It's slightly less powerful than the Cream Scrub, but still leaves my skin smooth and soft—and I can't resist the convenience of a 2-in-1.

I follow it up with the Oil Minimizing Toner just on the T-zone, which to my delight doesn't sting or tingle in the slightest. Perhaps that's because it contains soothing aloe and witch hazel, which leave my skin sooper-soft, not stripped, while removing all remaining traces of dirt, oil and makeup.

So that was my trial... just five days but I'm hooked! The biggest and happiest surprise for me was that none of these prodz left my skin red, dry, tight or irritated (which other sensitive skin types will understand is a common problemo with most cleansers). So—hooray!

What's YOUR skin type?
Are you happy with your current cleansing prodz?
Have you tried any of these from Olay yet?

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