How To Create a Top-Notch Top Knot

Totally excellent tips 'n tricks—plus a new tool!
Michelle Villett
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Totally excellent tips 'n tricks—plus a new tool!

You know how skinny jeans became a trend circa 2005? And ballerina flats even years before that? Well, it's 2011 and they are both still in style—and that's kind of how I predict things will go with the top knot. Sure, it was all we could talk about, hair-wise, last year... but it's showing no signs of going away. And why should it? It's totally easy, totally adorable—and totally handy when you don't have time to wash your hair.

That said, I've just realized that my how-to from last year was a bit lacking, because hairstylist Brennen Demelo (who recently showed us how to get brushed-out waves) has some way better tips and tricks. I'm serious—watch this demo and you will learn stuff:

Here's the tool he used; it's called the Goody Bun Spiral:


I'm not so crazy about the optional accessorizing, especially with the orange and yellow flowers, but if you stuck with just the black, I would approve.

Tell me:

Are you still a fan of the top knot?
How great is Brennen's finger-backcombing tip?
Have you tried the Bun Spiral yet?