Hooray! Bold Lips Are Still in Style

But so are punky streaks, exaggerated brows and "wet-look" hair. Uh-oh!
Michelle Villett
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But so are punky streaks, exaggerated brows and "wet-look" hair. Uh-oh!

I know you're probably contemplating your fall wardrobe about now (in which case, you should check out the Winners Runway department—they've got Prada and Dior boots if you like your designer footwear, and I really, really do). But while you're stocking up on cold-weather apparatus, for the next little while here at BEAUTY EDITOR HQ we're going to be looking forward... waaaay forward... to spring 2012.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Fashion Week beauty trends don't require the same six-month lead time before adoption as, say, that handbag you spotted on the runway. Sure, Chanel might make us wait for the nail polish of the season, but usually we can play copycat and dive right in—even if designers are showing the hair and makeup with sundresses instead of winter coats.

So to kick things off, here's a first look at what I'm spotting so far on the New York catwalks. Very exciting: bright lips are back again! Very frightening: designers are maybe encouraging us to go out with wet hair, Kate Bosworth-style streaks and/or enormous dark eyebrows. Yikes!

So you know how I said orangey-red lips were a nice update on the standard fall red lip? Well, it looks like you're safe with that trend from now right through to next summer. The close-up shot at the top of this post is Jason Wu, and so is this one:


I'm going gaga over this colour. The products are all M.A.C: Redd Lip Pencil, followed by Scarlet Ibis Lipstick (it's a red-orange shade, available next spring) and Pigment in Neo Orange on top for that extra pop. (Aside: does the model above have the best lips in the biz or what?!)

But it's not just orange-reds that are on trend. Over at Prabal Gurung, there's evidence that you can keep your fuchsias too:


Okay, you might want to skip that extra touch where it looks like the models have been drinking red wine all night. (Although it's nice to know that's stylistically okay now.) But take a look at the base colour, a matte fuchsia comprised of M.A.C products once again: Pro Chromographic Pencil in Process Magenta to line the mouth, and then Lip Mix in Burgundy and Fuchsia to fill it in. You may also wish to listen to makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury (who you may remember did Kate Moss' wedding makeup!). She told Vogue: “It’s a matte lip moment. I think high gloss is a bit old-fashioned right now." Noted.

And now we move on to hair. It looks like the celebrity movement towards bright, punky hair colours had an influence on Peter Som:


And you know what? I was very "anti-" this trend before, but I might be coming around. Not so much that I'll ever do this myself, but on this model, it's very pretty. Maybe it's just how hairdresser Eugene Souleiman describes it: “Bad hair and bad girls from very rich families.” I'm down with that. The models wore worn-in looking streaks of lavender, orange and pink—all hair extensions that were dyed before the show.

Meanwhile, over at Derek Lam, the thing to do was go big or go home on the brows...


Now, I love a bold brow but this is perhaps approaching the limit even for me. (Sorry, Tom Pecheux.) The yellow eyeshadow—which will apparently be a new spring colour for Estée Lauder, can you believe it?—is making the eye area look bruised. Not good.

That said, it's definitely more wearable than what he did for Altuzarra:


Yep, Tom's having a major brow moment—these ones got the full Elizabeth Taylor treatment with M.A.C eyeshadow in Feline and Carbon, winged out using a fine brush. Don't try this one at home, kids.

The next and final trend of the day could be good news if you're one of those people who rush out of the house with wet hair each morning. Based on what's happening at Alexander Wang, you're right in style:


The man behind the look is backstage hair guru Guido Palau, who says: “What’s chicer than wearing wet hair out the door with really amazing clothes?” I don't know... I always feel like a failed beauty editor when I do this, but maybe I've been chic all along and never realized it. Either way, I think the real thing is preferable to trying to achieve this with products (here, Redken Full Frame Protective Volumizing Mousse and a curling iron to keep it from looking too straight). The risk of people assuming you just didn't wash it is too great.

The wet-look trend continued at BCBG Max Azria:


This time the goal was to make the girls look like they were coming out of the ocean, via Bumble and Bumble Prep spray and Thickening Hairspray throughout the hair, then BbGel on the top section after back-combing. Personally, I'm going to stick with just the makeup on this one, which is minimal but glorious thanks to the expert eye of Charlotte Willer. Nope, that's not a lip stain on the lips (darn!), just Maybelline New York Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm. It's on the eyes too!

Tell me:

Are you excited that you don't have to put away your bright lipsticks anytime soon?
What about big brows—does this inspire you to put away the tweezers and break out the brow pencil? (This is a good one, by the way.)
Did you realize how chic you are when you leave the house with wet hair? Yeah, me neither.