Madonna is Launching Her First Fragrance

Plus a sneak peek at spring nails and a cold-fighting tip.
Michelle Villett
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Plus a sneak peek at spring nails and a cold-fighting tip.

Celebrities have the Oscars (and let's face it, a zillion other red carpet events). Beauty editors have the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards. They're our equivalent of the Oscars, and they were held this week in downtown Toronto. So you might say it was a pretty big week in beauty, even though I've been MIA for most of it thanks to the terrible cold virus that's been going around—anyone else been struck down by that? Thankfully Elizabeth and Nicole have been holding down the fort.

Anyway! The beauty industry never sleeps, so I've got loads to update you on regardless: big fragrance news, new nail shades and much more.

... This is Madonna's first-ever fragrance

It's called Truth or Dare and will be available in May:


According to UK Vogue, it's a floral with notes of gardenia, tuberose, neroli, jasmine, lily, vanilla, caramelized amber and musk. I'm not a Madonna fan girl or anything like that, but I'm definitely intrigued because the notes sound eerily similar to my man-magnet signature scent!

By the way, can you believe it's taken this long for Madonna to launch her own fragrance? That seems wrong somehow when there is also a scent called Snooki by Snooki Polizzi...


That, too, launched this week—and according to, Snooki wanted it to be “tacky and gaudy, just like me.” There is actually a note in there called "pink cupcake accord."

I WILL judge you if you wear this.

... Speaking of fragrances, here are two I'm liking lately

Don't you think all companies should sell rollerball versions of their scents? My handbag is heavy enough without lugging around a full-sized bottle, so I tend to wear my rollerball stuff way more often. And in the current number-one spot is this guy:


It's called Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk by Trish McEvoy, and it basically delivers on all the elements in the name. Equal parts fruity blackberry, sensual vanilla and musk... and it is indeed seksi. (Marina at is loving it too.)

Then there is this rollerball from Avon (I know, Avon!) called Step Into Sexy. It's an oriental floral, and the face is Christy Turlington Burns (the Burns is her hottie husband Ed Burns... swoon):


The rollerball isn't pictured here, but it's about the same size as the Trish McEvoy one (10 mL). Because I'm a snob I honestly wasn't expecting to like this, but you know what? It's nice—really nice. (And the price is right!) The notes are black raspberry, freesia, violet, rosewood, orchid and amber.

... A really good tip for getting rid of a cold

All of this perfume talk and I haven't actually been able to smell anything for the past few days with this cold! But I think I did shorten its lifespan with a great tip I found at (my go-to source for weird home remedies). Maybe this doesn't really have to do with beauty, but I'm going to share it anyway. The tip involves basic 3 percent hydrogen peroxide that you can buy at any drugstore...


... and what you do is pour a few drops (maybe a capful) into your ear and then lie on your side for about 10 minutes. Within a couple of minutes, it will start bubbling—not painful, it just tickles—as it kills the microscopic cold and flu viruses that breed in the inner ear. Gross, huh? Apparently they enter our bodies through the ears, not the nose, mouth or eyes. The sensation is totally weird at first, but you get used to it, so once you do one ear and it stops bubbling, flip over and do the other side. I swear that my sore throat and runny nose disappeared within a day of doing this (I repeated the process about three times over the course of 24 hours).

... Congrats to Michelle from!

So like I was saying, the P&G Beauty Awards were on Tuesday night, and after taking home the Best Fashion or Beauty Blog award in 2010, I was thrilled to be nominated again (alongside Anya from and Michelle from The winners are selected by a panel of industry judges and Michelle won the title this year—congrats to her!

... Michelle Williams wears her pixie for Heath


I'm not a short hair person and never will be, but I love, love, LOVE it on Michelle. And how touching is this (told to British ELLE)? "I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it." Awww....

... A sneaky peek at what's coming up in nail polish shades

Recently the beauty press here in Toronto had three consecutive nail polish events: one for OPI, one for Revlon and one for Essie. That means back-to-back manicures, three days in a row. (Don't hate us—it happens sometimes.)

Anyway, the big news from OPI is that their next collection (out in February) is inspired by Holland. Here are the shades:


I went for "Vampsterdam," which is the deep purple on the bottom right. OPI is also launching a Nicki Minaj collection, but that was less up my alley—think fluoro turquoise and chartreuse and tons of glitter.

The next day was Revlon, who are introducing a new formula inspired by no-chip formulas like Shellac and Axxium. No, you don't have to go to a salon to get it done... but the polish itself contains UV-sensitive elements that help it "cure" when exposed to light. So just like your Shellac has to cure under a UV light, when you wear the new Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel it will dry in natural light to a stronger, harder finish than regular polish. How cool is that? Stay tuned—it's out in December. (And check out Beautygeeks for images and more deets!)

Last but not least was Essie. And remember how much some of us (including moi) loved that Chanel peach nail polish? Well, I'm THRILLED to have another (less pricey) option here. It's called "A Crewed Interest," and I'm loving it on my toes right now. (Yes, I'm having a pale toes moment lately.)


Essie's also making a foray into glittery topcoats with these:


Somehow, they're a touch classier than a lot of the stuff that's out there right now. Would be perfect for holiday parties!

So that's a wrap for this week. Tell me...

Would you want to smell like Madonna or Snooki?
Do you have any cold-fighting home remedies?
Which of these polishes are you most intrigued by?