Emily Blunt is the Face of YSL's Opium Fragrance

Plus Snooki's unconventional exfoliator... and would you sell your house for plastic surgery?
Michelle Villett
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Plus Snooki's unconventional exfoliator... and would you sell your house for plastic surgery?

The last half of November is fun times for a beauty ed. I used to think September was the busiest month—what with TIFF and the Fashion Weeks and all the fall launches—but this time of year is shaping up to be almost as crazy. (Maybe it's because—oh yeah!—I DO have actual writing deadlines that I have to take care of for February and March issues... as much as it would be nice to just swan about to press previews all day long. I often say that this would be the ultimate career if you didn't have to, you know, write anything.)

Anyway, here's a peek into not only what I've been up to lately but the goings-on in the beauty world in general. And no, I really wasn't kidding about the cat litter.

... So when I said I was pro-exfoliation the other day, I didn't mean THIS.

Really, you just need to watch this clip. (And I assume you read this post?)

You've gotta hand it to her... this chick just doesn't STOP. The transcript:

Conan: "I don't understand. I've never even heard of this. You take cat litter and you just mush it up against your face? Do you just stick your face in the box?"
Snooki: "No! Some exfoliants they have, like, rocks in them and it makes your skin, like, really smooth and cat litter is, like, a substitute for that."
Conan: "Yeah but isn't cat litter like a strong chemical of some kind? I mean, wouldn't you use any other kind of rock? I just can't believe this...have you tried this yourself?"
Snooki: "Yeah. I mean I haven't broken out at all yet so..."
Conan: Well I guess that's good enough for the FDA!
Snooki: Yeah, I think it works.

Anyone feel like trying this and reporting back? (I'm kidding! I love you guys.)

... Emily Blunt has been busy working on a new YSL Opium ad (the first in 10 years!).

Do we like Emily Blunt? I'm not sure. I know I like her husband. Anyway, she's the new face of Opium fragrance and this is a little teaser of the ad to come:

I've also got some behind-the-scenes footage of her talking about what fragrance means to her...

Are you an Opium fan? Are you buying what she's selling?

... Meanwhile, this woman paid nearly $50,000 for plastic surgery.

And now she lives in a mobile home instead of the three-bedroom semi-detached that she sold to get the surgery done. Here's the before (this story is via the Daily Mail... but of course):

And here's the after (post-full body lift, arm lift, breast lift and thigh lift):


I'm kind of torn about this one. Obviously I'm COMPLETELY vain (that's what working in this industry does to a girl). But I just don't know if I'd be okay with having a great (ish) figure but living here:


Would you?

... On the subject of peach nail polishes, Essie > Chanel.

So you know how peach nail polish is gonna be big for spring '12? Well, the samples have started to arrive so I'm already diving into the trend. I really did think that Chanel June (the middle one below) was The One:


But as it turns out, it really is more of a tangerine-toned peach. Heavy on the orange (too heavy for my taste). Instead, I'm really, REALLY loving Essie's A Crewed Interest (top row, middle):


It's a lot more wearable for those of us who are a bit more conservative (and cool skin-toned) for true oranges. I love that it's as pale as a pink but different enough to be fashion-forward.

... The most exciting news is that I just discovered a website that lists celebrities' signature fragrances!

So you know how I said I was really busy this week? Well, sometimes—and anyone who writes for a living will understand this—you have to get in a solid hour of mindless Googling to settle down and "get into the zone" before the work actually begins. (Other days, I decide it's a good time to bake cookies.)

Anyway, my procrastination method of choice this week was hopping over to this website, which has a kick-ass list of dozens of celebrities and their favourite scents. If you're not one for mainstream scents, you'll love scrolling through this list because the celebs are all about the niche scents. I especially loved seeing my beloved Child listed there...


... Although I hope it doesn't become TOO mainstream. (It's hard to find, so I don't think so.)

Lately, I'm having a real soapy-scent moment and have started wearing J. Lo Glow again (DO NOT JUDGE—men love it)... but I'm on the hunt for something a bit more unique. And thanks to this website, I think I just figured out what that's going to be.

Tell me:

Have you ever heard of (or tried?) exfoliating with cat litter?
If your body looked like that UK woman, would you trade your home for plastic surgery?
Do you have a favourite hard-to-find niche fragrance?