5 Grooming Gift Ideas for the Guys in Your Life

Inspired by my new TV boyfriend.
Michelle Villett
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Inspired by my new TV boyfriend.

Meet my new TV boyfriend. Actually, he's not really the boyfriend type, but John Krasinski and I broke up when he got together with Emily Blunt... and I know this is blasphemy, but I've never been able to fully get on board the Don Draper train. (I KNOW.)

Anyway, his name is Harvey Specter and I'm not altogether positive that you can't get pregnant from watching his show (Suits). Trust me. He's that charismatic and handsome. (Real name: Gabriel Macht. But I just call him Harvey.)

Why do I bring this up? Well, I think we're going to be hearing a lot more about him rather soonish. And seeing as he's the most well-groomed man on TV these days, it only makes sense to take inspiration from him when thinking about what to buy the man in YOUR life. As in: WWHD? (What Would Harvey Do?) I'll tell you: he would use one of these man-friendly Christmas presents.

YSL L'Homme Libre


Harvey is not an Old Spice kind of guy. He only wears Tom Ford suits! So I think he'd definitely approve of this, which is the brand newest men's scent. If you want your guy to smell manly, but fresh, this is a great pick. (Funnily enough, when I Googled it just now that's exactly how Mr. Natalie Portman, Benjamin Millepied, described it to Allure: "I like it because it's fresh and youthful, but masculine at the same time.") We'll just ignore the fact that they've got a ballet dancer fronting this. Put that out of your mind and THINK OF HARVEY.

Armani C0de Sport


So if YSL is what I imagine Harvey wears to the office, then surely this new EDT from Armani is what he wears in his downtime.... What? Oh sorry, I got distracted there for a second. Anyway, this one is super duper light and fresh, with citrus and tons and tons of mint (which is unusual). Definitely one of my new fave men's scents.

Philips Bodygroom Pro


So you know how guys get that scruff on their necks in between haircuts? Yeah. Harvey never has that. I swear, that shiz is important! Same with the chest hairs poking out of the shirt collar—some guys need to deal with it. If your man needs help in this department, gift him this all-over body groomer. It even works in the shower!

Braun Series 3 Shaver


Speaking of shaving... Harvey probably has someone come into the office to give him those old-fashioned barber shop ones. But if he was going to use a gadget, it would definitely be something like this. Pulsonic technology and an ergonomic design (with a $180 price tag—who knew?). Tech geeks will surely appreciate this one.

M10 for Men


Would Harvey have a skincare regimen? As much as it pains me to recognize his metrosexual tendencies, I have to say yes. He would. Not that it's a bad thing really—and if your guy's skin is looking less than fresh these days, then the brother line to my beloved Miracle10 is a fantastic option. (Yes, I'm still using the line and I still love it.) It's only sold out of Dr. Frank Lista's office for now, but they have a great special on now. Find out more here.

And now let's have some gratuitous Harvey shots...


I love this one.


And if you're still not convinced, please watch this:

Now tell me:

Will you be checking out any of these grooming gifts for your guy?
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