It’s here! Your Oscars beauty round-up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Oscars 2012 - Jessica Chastain

Maybe it was Billy Crystal. Maybe it was the Cirque de Soleil interlude. Or maybe it just that I settled in to watch the Oscars straight after OD’ing on cupcakes at a four-year-old’s birthday party. Whatever it was, last night made me verrry, verrry sleepy. Seriously, it’s a problem when the main show highlights are J.Lo’s nip-slip (follow on Twitter: @JLosNipple) and Angelina’s leg (@AngiesRightLeg).

Thankfully, there was plenty of exciting beauty action on the pre-game red carpet, so I didn’t feel guilty bailing on the dullsville show itself. (Okay, there was fashion action too, but I don’t pretend to know anything about that… so remember that I’m only talking about hair and makeup here!)

So let me tell you what I thought, and you can tell me what YOU thought, and together we’ll judge everyone. Whee!

First up, the looks I loved…

Rose Byrne

Oscars 2012 Rose Byrne Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

This hair on Rose is so chic it hurts. Did I mention I met with the man behind it—the great Harry Josh—only a few weeks ago? More on that later, but for now just know that he does colour for pretty much everyone who’s anyone. I mean, just LOOK at this brown. The style is fab also (he does that too)… at first I wasn’t sure about the side part, but now it’s grown on me. The makeup is by NARS. Only complaint? Girl needs some Visine.

Rooney Mara

Oscars 2012 Rooney Mara Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

The skin! The bangs! The brows! The lips! There is so much I love about this, even though I would never in a million years be able to (or even want to) pull it off myself. Yes, it’s “cold,” even intimidating, but it’s refreshing to see something like this alongside the Stacy Keiblers and J.Los, no? Rooney looks like a porcelain doll.

Kate Mara

Oscars 2012 Kate Mara Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

And here’s Rooney’s sis. I’m obsessed with both her hair colour (eeks! Should I go darker?) and hair accessories. (And also her dress—definitely the one I’d wear if I had to pick.) The super-undone chignon is also my kind of updo. Can we even call it an updo when it’s half cascading down to her shoulder?

Ellie Kemper

Oscars 2012 Ellie Kemper Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Are you noticing beaucoup de bangs? That was definitely a theme last night, and save for that single strand of grey at the top (!), Ellie’s were my number one fave. Although again, I would never cut my hair like this. I think they’d be a nightmare for real life, but somehow, with the rest of her hair pulled back, a dress in a similar colour, and with these earrings, it all works magnificently.

Jessica Chastain

Oscars 2012 Jessica Chastain Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Jessica looked so romantic with this hairstyle (and dress). I have to say, peeps on Twitter last night (tweeps?) were divided on her look, but as a longtime half-up/half-down wearer, I have to endorse this. I like that the makeup is extremely subtle as well, save for the tiny flick of black liner.

Also pretty great…

Jennifer Lopez

Oscars 2012 Jennifer Lopez Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Say what you will about what was going on from the neck down (i.e. ghetto-fabulous dress and, um, nipple), but J.Lo’s hair and makeup were fantastic. Few people can pull off the hair donut like she does, you see? Tight, scraped-back locks are very unforgiving. I might have liked slightly softer contouring on the eyelids, but I’ll overlook that. I’m too distracted by her great brows and glowy skin anyway.

Cameron Diaz

Oscars 2012 Cameron Diaz Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

I swear that chopping off her hair and going blonder has shaved at least five years off Cameron’s age. I like this ‘do—yes, it’s casual, but she’s such a sporty girl that it suits. (Did you see her pipes when she was presenting? Wowza.) Her skin looks pretty good here too.

Octavia Spencer

Oscars 2012 Octavia Spencer Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Another star who can really pull off the high ballerina bun. Also? Whoever is styling Octavia really knows what they’re doing. Not only was her dress supremely figure-flattering, but the eye makeup focused on the outer edges helps elongate her face. Do you see?

Anna Faris

Oscars 2012 Anna Faris Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

I don’t want to say I told you so, but I did call it on this bobbed hair trend. Anna’s is another example, and I think it looks great on her. Maybe not with this dress though…

Kristen Wiig

Oscars 2012 Kristen Wiig Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Okay, not the best expression on Kristen here, but we still love her, right? And I have to praise her hair—the colour and the undone style are both great on her. I like a little informality at the Oscars sometimes. I’m still undecided about whether I can live with that brown eyeshadow, however…

Shailene Woodley

Oscars 2012 Shailene Woodley Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Shailene gets a pass, because there is nothing to love nor to hate about this hair and makeup. It’s just… there.

Busy Philipps

Oscars 2012 Busy Philipps Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

I’m kind of fascinated by Busy’s highlights. (I feel like I had a Barbie with hair like that—alternating strands of gold and platinum.) Anyway, another popular hairstyle last night was the sideswept ‘do, which on Busy helped to show off this enormous earring. I have to say that I like this on her a lot more than when she wears her hair up. The lip gloss is also a nice shade.

Stacy Keibler

Oscars 2012 Stacy Keibler Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Did you catch the part last night where Guiliana actually called Stacy a “trophy girlfriend?” Since her dress was all shiny and gold and trophy-like… I guess. Yikes! Guilana, you’re not supposed to say that OUT LOUD. She did look great last night, though. Slight Eagle situation, but really pretty hair and glowy makeup.

Tina Fey

Oscars 2012 Tina Fey Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Tina looks pretty here, don’t you think? I like her hair, I like her skin, I like the lip gloss… the only thing I’m questioning is why she needed the fake lashes.

Now don’t get me wrong, these ladies looked amaze, but…

Angelina Jolie

Oscars 2012 Angelina Jolie Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Needs to eat a sandwich. Seriously, aside from the weird leg presenting thing, the first thing I did was gasp at her arms when the camera panned in. She is, like, scary skinny. Which makes it hard for me to focus on the hair and makeup. I did love both, though. Stupidly beautiful lips and smile… and is it just me or did she go more red with her hair?

Gwyneth Paltrow

Oscars 2012 Gwyneth Paltrow Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

So angular, non? I’m probably nit-picking on Goopy, but I just found this severe-looking ponytail less than flattering with her features… even though it was probably the only thing that suited that dress and that cape. (No, I wasn’t really a fan of the cape.) However, the makeup is very pretty, and it’s NARS.

Berenice Bejo

Oscars Berenice Bejo Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

So this might just be the worst hairstyle of the night. Which makes me sad, because Berenice is an extremely pretty lady, and the hairstyle itself (all braidy and stuff) is also pretty. The two just don’t go together, unfortch. Berenice needs something softer, looser, with more bang.

I’m officially over it…

Michelle Williams

Oscars 2012 Michelle Williams Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Nathalie Atkinson tweeted last night: “Anyone else fed up with Michelle Williams’ pixie fragility thing yet?” To which I immediately responded: “OMG YES.” I don’t know why, but suddenly I’m weary of her whole schtick. Beauty-wise, I really, really wish she’d kept the darker, more flattering strawberry blonde colour. Remember it from the Critics’ Choice Awards? SO much better than the platinum. Although I do like the punchy lips.

And now for the celebs who left me distinctly underwhelmed…

Emma Stone

Oscars 2012 Emma Stone Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Shocking I know! But there was just So.Much.Red. The dress, the hair, the earrings… and then even the lips and the eyeshadow were in similar (pink) tones. Did she really need the pink eyeshadow? I love you Revlon, but I don’t think so. Me, I blame the dress. I think it was the wrong choice—too similar to Nicole Kidman’s in ’07, and not many people besides Nicole can pull off a high neckline. It all went downhill from there.

Milla Jovovich

Oscars 2012 Milla Jovovich Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

I thought Milla looked incredible on the red carpet, but then I saw the up-close pics, and I changed my mind. Can you say too much blush? (And you know it’s a problem if even a blush-whore like me finds it extreme, yes?) That said, I am fascinated by the velvety texture of her lipstick. Gorge!

Natalie Portman

Oscars 2012 Natalie Portman Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

You know, I’ve complained about Natalie being boring on the red carpet as of late—specifically when it comes to her go-to updo. So I was all ready to praise her for wearing her hair down for once… until I realized that I don’t actually like it. Something is really bothering me about those stiff-looking, swoopy bangs.

Viola Davis

Oscars 2012 Viola Davis Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

Okay, I love Viola’s eye makeup. Like, serious love. And I love that she went au naturel, sans weave. I just don’t know what’s going on with her hair colour. I don’t think this red-brown is very flattering because it’s so close to her skin tone, so I can’t help but wish she would have gone natural on that front as well.

Penelope Cruz

Oscars 2012 Penelope Cruz Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

So Penelope is gorgeous no matter what, and it’s sickening. But she sorta killed her pretty with this hairdo last night. Is it just me or is it a little old lady-ish? I get that she’s trying to do the Old Hollywood thing, but you know what? I’m starting to be over that too.

Please make it stop.

Sandra Bullock

Oscars 2012 Sandra Bullock Its here! Your Oscars beauty round up (a.k.a. my take on the biggest beauty event of the year)

There really are no words for how Sandra’s apparently been tinkering with her face. (It can’t just be the ponytail, right, that’s making her look all weird and stretched?) Oh, Sandra… what have you done?

Tell me:

What did YOU think of the Oscars last night?
Which celeb(s) had the best hair? makeup? dresses?
Who would you put on your “worst” list?


Monday, February 27/2012 at 9:20 pm

As I was watching the oscars last night, all that kept going through my head was “I can’t wait to read Michelle’s re-cap” so glad you posted this today and antsy pants me didnt have to wait. As more Michelle Williams, SO over her, in fact, I was over here ages ago, I dont think I’ve ever been a fan. I find her so boring and dull, her hair makes me crazy and so does her always closed mouth smile. gag me.


Monday, February 27/2012 at 9:22 pm

I thought Michelle Williams looked much better when her brows were brown and her hair slightly more platinum (…too much yellow right now I think.

Quite a few people on this list could do with some more brow pencil IMO. Pale brows and hair off the face makes for a looot of forehead.

Tina Fey looked gorge – loved her in that dress. Preferred Kristen Wiig as a blonde but her colour’s still nice, just not with that shadow. Rooney Mara scares me but she is striking, no doubt! Def has some Audrey Hep brows goin on.


Monday, February 27/2012 at 9:49 pm

Nailed it on every single one!!! Except Anna Ferris – she looked awful IMO


Monday, February 27/2012 at 9:54 pm

My favourites of the night by far was Milla Jovovich (Too much blush, granted, but she STILL looks like a goddess!), Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow. I love that they always do their thing instead of feeling the need to constantly “play it up”. When something works, it WORKS! Besides, how weird would it be to see Angelica in hot pink lips or something? It simply wouldn’t be her, right?

Oh, and I had bangs like Rose Byrne for about 10 years, and you’re right, they really are a bitch to maintain in real life. They do look good in pictures though, but it’s so not worth it in my opinion… It obviously took me a while to realise that though. ;)


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 12:40 am

My favorite from these was Jessica Chastain. Beautiful hair and makeup.

Rooney does looks like doll. I’m not crazy about the bangs, but she can pull it off.

Ellie’s hair color was phenomenal. On the fence about the bangs being so thick, but it worked.

JLo looks good as usual, but I’m with you on the blending.

Anna’s makeup ages her. It’s too matte. She needed some more dewiness. This is chalky and accentuates every line and makes he look older than 35. Her lips need lip liner and is that even lipstick on them or has it rubbed off. Yuck with her makeup.

Angelina’s hair and makeup looked very good. I especially like her hair with the red highlights. It’s so much better suited to her skin tone. I have to agree that she’s so skinny in the arms. This is coming from a skinny girl too, so I don’t like to say that about people, but I am very small and petite, and her upper arms are the size of my forearms. I’m worried for her, actually. She’s lucky that she doesn’t look gaunt in the face. I’m guessing her face shape/bone structure helped her there. And what was with the leg while presenting? I get the red carpet, because you’re supposed to be posing and showing off the dress, but while presenting was awkward. Rose also looks scarily skinny.

Bernice’s bronzer looks so weird. I noticed it on tv — it looks like they stopped at her upper forehead, because it was so much whiter there. It doesn’t really show up in the print though. Even in the pic, it looks like someone rubbed orange bronzer all over her forehead and cheeks and it looks bad. It’s too much and too dark and orange for her skin tone.

I feel like Emma needed more upper lash here, as in mascara. It would have looked so much better. As it is, her liner dominates and overtakes the eye and it looks like she’s not wearing mascara. I also think she needed a lip gloss here. I agree about the dress being too similar to Kidman’s.

I thought Mila looked really good, but now that you mention it, she does have too much blush on. I’m also a blush whore.

Viola’s makeup is too orange.

I also thought Sandra looked “done!”

Best, Jessica.

Worst: Berenice and Anna

PS– You should try darker, but not too dark and make sure it’s a demi, so it won’t be hard to go back to blonde.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 3:34 am

All of these trends are old. Bangs have been popular for the past couple years. Hair donuts were the big trend for last years spring runways & before that high ballerina bun was popular for years. The sideswept ‘do has been considered a classic look & fake lashes & ponytails have been popular ever since I can remember. Pixies came back in style around 2 years ago.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 4:40 am

I was also shocked at how skinny Angelina looked…she looked gorgeous from the chest up and it’s nice to see her smiling and looking happy, since usually they look all ” oh, we are famous…and so serious” but those skinny arms…ugh.
Personally I think the super light hair and also the eye makeup was not doing Cameron Diaz any favors…but I have never been a fan of hers so I am probably biased…but I think she just looks old and blah
I SO agree…Berenice Bejo was not looking so great, which made me sad because she is SO pretty, but just something about her forehead, she really needed a sweeping side bang to help soften things up. Also I hope that the red/orange hair color on her is for a movie because I think it’s too harsh


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 5:00 am

I laughed so hard at your ‘please make it stop!’
I didn’t feel any of the makeup looks here except Mila’s.

Does anyone else notice the amount of creasing/wrinkles under the eyes of nearly everyone here. Either they go mental with concealers or the camera’s are harsh. Some of these people shouldn’t look so chalky and plastered.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 5:36 am

My favourite makeup-wise have to be Jessica Chastain, I just think this girl is gorgeous and Angelina Jolie.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 5:46 am

Rooney Mara is very pretty and her skin is enviable but those harsh bangs are very distracting. I also think a slightly lighter hair color would suit her way better.
Cameron Diaz should dye her hair the same color she had in ‘There’s something about Mary’. That was the best look for her.
I agree with Cassandra about Anna Faris. The lines around her eyes is all I can focus on. Her makeup emphasizes them so much. Also, I don’t know how old she is, but doesn’t she have a lot of lines? Like, too many for a girl her age?
Angelina looked amazing. Hair and makeup. I don’t think either that she should change what’s working for her. But I noticed she’s gotten so skinny to the point that her teeth are now too big for her face. It’s very visible in the pic you posted.
Berenice, pretty lady but the red hair looks awful. I agree, bangs would look great.
Michelle Williams, I like her pixie (with a darker color even more), long hair makes her look boring, but it’s the way she wears her hair cut. Like ‘Look at me, I’m the only girl with short hair. I do it for Heath. It makes me sophisticated and untouchable.’
Milla Jovovich is awesome. I don’t mind the blush but I hate the extremly matte lipstick. And she caked on her foundation.
Natalie Portman’s hair – eww.
Viola Davis, I don’t like anything in that pic. The hair color is bad, so is the harsh eyeliner around her eyes. Her lips are a huge fail and she wears too much bronzer. Her whole face shimmers.
Winner that evening? Jessica Chastain.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 10:44 am

I thought Viola Davis looked great!! She just looked so different from everyone else…. which I guess is probably partly because she’s… not white? But I think even besides that, I just liked that she was wearing a different color from other people, and different makeup, and different hair, and I just thought she looked refreshing and real. I guess it also just makes me sad that everyone was all about Viola Davis before the Oscars, and then not only did she lose, but now everyone is hating on her look as well. People are def entitled to their opinions, but the turn around just makes me kind of sad for her.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 12:35 pm

Okay, I guess I’m one of those ‘people’ you’re referring to.
I think I need to make something clear: I’m from Germany. I have no idea who Viola Davis is. I haven’t seen ‘The Help’, I didn’t know she was nominated before you mentioned it, hence – I haven’t even seen the Oscars. In fact, the first time I saw her was the pic right here in this post.
So everything I wrote about her was based on this picture of Viola. ONLY.
And I can’t believe you’re playing the race card. Seriously?


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 1:38 pm

…I didn’t say people who didn’t like her look were racist. All I said was that I feel bad for her that people seem to have turned on her so quickly, and that I personally thought she looked great. The only reason I mentioned her race is that, obviously, part of the reason she stood out from the crowd was that most of the people on that red carpet obviously could not have short “natural” hair. Sorry if I made you feel bad.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 1:39 pm

And by “different” (or “standing out”) I meant that in a good way, not that people were somehow saying that she looked “bad” because she looked “different.”


Thursday, March 1/2012 at 11:24 am

After reading Laura’s post very carefully, I do not see race in there anywhere. Just sayin’…


Sunday, April 1/2012 at 6:48 pm

There definitely was ‘race in there’ when she said that negative remarks were probably made about Viola ‘partly because she’s… not white?’. I’m all for free speech etc but this blog has never shown preference for white people and I was shocked to read a comment that suggested it did – maybe Laura didn’t mean it in a bad way but she should be more careful in her choice of words in future and not be so surprised and defensive when someone questions her intentions.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 12:26 pm

Agree with Phil, in general there was a whole lotta chalkiness going on. Kinda like a lot of these ladies were like it’s the Oscars! “Do it all, concealer, full coverage base, powder,whatever,its the Oscars!”
A lot of bangs too, I’m thinking at least half are clip ins. I think this is why Rose(luvher) has the side part flip/comb over to hide it. Rooney’s( the word exquisite comes to mind on her look) bangs look super black super shiny against her natural hair.
Agree Jessica Chastain was perfect. Jlo always looks gorg she takes risks but always keep a lot of pretty in to ground it. Cameron looked great best in a long time but I wish she’s go just a shade darker.
Stacy Keibler is one of those very blonde girls who I know spends way too much time, effort and money to be that way. Whenever I see a girl like that I’m puzzled. Obviously pretty dark naturally and would look just as good or imo even better closer too that but to them blonde is better. Very pretty makeup though
Angelina looks great but just like Angelina, Don’t see the “work” done look on Sandra, she doesn’t strike me as the type either, I’m going with the ponytail, makeup. Penelope’s not working because she went too far with the retro, stiff done hair and pearls and retro earrings all with a strapless chiffon dress. Decolorize the photo and you can’t tell what year it is.
Natalie’s hair has a little bit of Mom wet her finger and brushed it to the side and out of your face because you’re growing out your bangs vibe to it.
Mila looks amazing. I’m the opposite of a blush whore, not a blush virgin more like I went to the Carmindy school of blush. But I’m feeling it on her. Which is crazy because of the whole strong eyes or lips I usually follow again I’m feeling it on her.
I must say I’m a little bothered by the Michelle Williams backlash I’m sensing. There was a pretty mean comment which is now gone mocking her about wearing her hair short for Heath, her smile among other nastiness. I’ve said it before I’m all for critiquing hair, outfit, makeup choice you know in JoanRiversing it up. But when it crosses into criticizing ones god give looks I don’t like it and won’t partake.(not that anyone is doing that today here). The negative comments towards Michele are something that women do that makes me sad. Over her pixie fragility? She wears a short haircut called a pixie. It’s a haircut. Fragility? She’s raising a daughter alone and works( not quite like real moms but still)To those who are tired of her haircut I respond “life cut” AND working no husband mom. Yes she can afford cleaning, cooking help but emotionally all on her. Not even considering what we know about one of the reasons she wears her hair short.. Schtick? I don’t even know what to say to that. Is it her smile? Wardrobe choices?
We as a sex are most certainly the meanest of the two. Men don’t do to each other what we do….


ana p
Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 1:02 pm

Rooney actually took my breath away. It is a strong/severe look, but I LOVED how her eyes were soft, and think that was brilliant.
Emma’s makeup was dissapointing, but I get it. Instead of pairing her dress with the obvious Hollywood Glam look, it was done softer, with a twist. The only thing I would change is less pink on the lids and adding a lip liner for definition.
Oh, Cameron. I’m glad she started to get injections and take better care of her skin ( from all that sun and partying), but her look look isn’t doing her justice. Hair, good. Makeup too aging. The shimmer in her lips is more of a frost and the eyes are messy intense. I see a sold lip and softer eye as suiting her better.
Oh Sandra. Yes she looks like she did in Practical Magic circa 1999 I believe? But tight and puffy…. I understand, getting older can be hard. Crap, I’m a 35 year old trapped in a 22 year olds mind.
I am also team Michelle still! The platinum tone is gorg with the lippie, yet I agree it could be toned down a bit.
ANd lastly, it bothers me when thin lipped laddies don’t wear lip liner when a dolled up. Gwen needs it. Everything else, I agree with 100%!


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 10:11 pm

I have been over Michelle W’s look for aaaaages. It suits her sure, but the ethereal pixie-ness of it all just bores me. I loved everything about Jessica Chastain, her hair, her makeup and especially her dress. She looked great. I love Angelina’s hair color, it’s so warm and it’s so what I want. I’m always jealous of rich, warm, caramel browns with depth. I kind of hated Ellie Kemper’s bangs, they’re too long and hanging in her eyes and it bothered me. I think Rooney is striking but I’m not such a fan of the harsh bangs, they look so out of place. I want the hair down in an edgy, sharp bob or something. I thought Emma looked nice. Not great but nice. I think the problem is that she didn’t hit it out of the park like normal so it’s a bit disappointing.


Tuesday, February 28/2012 at 10:59 pm

I agree with most of the comments here. I LOVE Kate Mara’s hair and makeup. Is she an actress too, or just accompanied her sis, I wonder….. I have to comment on Viola Davis’s makeup! Her light eyebrows and light lipstick are driving me crazy! I get that the look that they were going for is light and ethereal, but to me, it just ended up making her look ill (at least in this photo, as I did not watch the Oscar’s!). I wish that she had left her hair and brows in their natural colour. I think she would have looked so much better.

Also I LOVE Kristen Wiig, but really really wish that her makeup were a bit more exciting. I think that she is such a cool chick and could easily carry a more daring makeup look. Like a bright lip…. something!!!


Tuesday, March 6/2012 at 9:49 am

Sandra is tweaked almost beyond recognition. Honestly, when I see that much work I just feel sad. I feel like the whole Jesse James situation threw her self confidence through the ringer. Where I used to see a strong, hilarious woman I now see someone desperate and unhappy. Agree, I’m over Michelle’s twee pixie wonderland situation. Angelina is terrifyingly scrawny, but as always she has beautiful skin. And I LOVED Gwyneth’s cape. Best dressed of the evening.


Thursday, March 8/2012 at 5:22 am

The biggest thing I noticed from these pics is the presence of lower eyelids and under-eye wrinkles. I KNEW they all had them (you never see them in airbrushed shots). It’s also somewhat gratifying to see other skin flaws showing through too. Whew. These people are humans after all.

Portman’s hair is surprisingly terrible, like someone ran out of gel. Busy Philipps has the kind of face where careful application of make-up could do wonders to flatter her more, but it hasn’t been done. Things like using eyeshadow to make it look less like her brows are about to smother her eyes. I also yearn for the day someone makes her pull her head back.


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