So, about that road trip: How to travel-proof your hair, makeup… and fragrance


SPONSORED: I received free samples from Procter & Gamble in preparation of writing this piece. This post reflects my personal opinion and was not influenced by the sponsors.

I am, like, the WORST packer. Which is ironic considering I backpacked all around Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia and had to make do with (shudder) not a stitch of makeup and only a few different outfits. But that was then (PBEE: pre-beauty editor era) and this is now. I’m way more beauty-conscious. But you already knew that.

In the old days, I used to just toss everything into a bag, but now I’m like a Girl Guide and plan things out—including my face, hair and scent. I mean, think about it: a road trip actually presents special challenges (wind; sweat; lack of access to washroom facilities). So here’s my guide to looking (and smelling) fresh.

HAIR: Dude. OBVIOUSLY you need one of those glamorous silk scarves to wrap around your hair like a movie star… even if you’re not driving with the top down. Not your thing? Then at least go for a cute hat, because you do need something to hide windblown (or unwashed) hair. Other than that, it’s really all about the dry shampoo and hair elastics. Get a beachy texture going and then pull your hair into a cute top knot, side pony or braid.

MAKEUP: Road trips are all about low-mainty makeup, so I suggest leaving that smoky eye palette at home (as killer as it is). Most of the time you’ll be wearing giant sunglasses anyway, but other than that I suggest some waterproof mascara (it’s sweat- and smear-proof) and powder or blotting papers to deal with that annoying shine that seems to breed like crazy when stuck in a car for hours. Oh! And don’t forget lipstick. Red lipstick. You’ll need it for when you wear the aforementioned scarf.

FRAGRANCE: So those salt and vinegar chips you had at 3:30 are really starting to smell, and it’s hurting your beauty mojo. Can we talk about Febreze CAR Vent Clips? They’re a brand new way of freshening up your surroundings (which would be your car). All you do is clip one on the air vent, and it will slowly release a continuous scent that eliminates unpleasant odours (instead of masking them). And I’m not sure how long your road trip is, but these babies work for up to 30 days (on low, under ambient conditions).

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Thursday, March 15/2012 at 3:21 pm

My favourite travel things …
- Love my Bioderma 3-in-one Cleanser and my Balea travel packet of wipes to remove everything on my eyes and face quickly!

- BB cream and concealer work wonders for my dry skin
- I love a good lip stain with lots of gloss applications on top so you don’t need a mirror to re-apply once you put the colour there. You don’t have to spend a fortune on stain – Revlon and CoverGirl have great ones I use and get complimented on all the time! Colour fades gently throughout the day giving you an evolving look.

- Gnu Bars under 150 calories, sweetened with fruit and has 12g of fibre (for those of you who, like me, find ‘things’ sloooow down in that department when you travel. Plus, they taste great! I found mine at Winners.
- My body can’t metabolize the caffeine in a full cuppa’, so I like to bring a couple sachets of Slimquick, RapidCuts or Xenadrine powdered packets for an extra boost of caffeine in my water bottle when my energy runs low (which it inevitably does on a vacation). I don’t believe it helps you steer away from gross goody indulgence, but they taste great, help you get in your hydration quotient, and I always get a little boost when I use them.


Thursday, March 15/2012 at 10:47 pm

I love Garnier make up wipes. I also always carry corrector and both lip gloss and chapstick. I do not put mascara on since I want to be able to take a nap especially on long flight. I always try to bring antperspirant with me. Besides that body spray can come handy for both body and hair. For snacks, I like gummie bears and chips. Not very nutricious but im not fan of granola bars. Tic tac, chewing gum or mentos are must have as well.


Elaine R
Friday, March 16/2012 at 2:36 pm

I love you so much for saying your snacks are gummy bears and chips. Mine are too! When I fly, I wear zero makeup because it all melts off or becomes flaky from the plane.

Yay unhealthy snacks! And is it weird that the only time I eat them are when I fly?


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