Here's What Happened at Beauty Editor's Pantene Aqua Light Event

These five readers got totally pampered for the day!
Michelle Villett
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These five readers got totally pampered for the day!

SPONSORED: We whipped our hair back and forth! Seriously, we did. Thanks, Willow Smith, for the inspiration—and thank you Pantene for the ultimate in weightless hair products.

Let me explain. Last week, five lucky readers scored a special invite to Shagg Salon in Toronto where they got the full beauty editor VIP treatment. They got to learn all about Aqua Light, the newest range from Pantene (but more on that in a sec); had their hair washed, blow-dried and styled; received pretty makeup touch-ups; sipped on fancy blue drinks and gourmet sandwiches; and then went home with a big ol' bag of beauty products.

You know, just like a regular day in the life of a beauty ed (yes, really!). Here's how it all went down...

At Shagg, we were greeted by this giant signage—"the weight is over."


Get it? Because this range is all about zero weight and zero residue.

The line is ideal for fine hair, and features a silicone-free shampoo, lightweight conditioner and leave-in treatment:


After a quick meet and greet, celebrity hairstylist and Pantene consulting stylist Justin German (also co-owner of Shagg) talked to us about the product benefits.


I think everyone was pleasantly surprised to hear about the Clean Rinse technology, which allows the shampoo and conditioner to condition the hair but rinse away in seconds without leaving behind any residue.

Then we headed over to the sinks to give it a test-drive ourselves.


Confession: I've actually been using the line for about a week now, and I'm seriously not just saying this—I'm in love. With my fine hair, I'm the ideal candidate for Aqua Light, and I'm amazed at how bouncy (and non-greasy) it leaves my locks—but not too dry either.

After everyone got shampooed, it was time to head upstairs to be styled! The Shagg staff were ready with their blow dryers and round brushes.


As you know, I'm picky about my blow-dries, but no lie—everyone got a super-gorgeous style. Think soft, subtle waves and nothing poufy. Whew!

The finishing touch was makeup by the lovely Carmelle...


And then it was off to get our photos taken. When you look this good, you've gotta capture the moment, yes?

So now it's time to officially meet the lucky ladies. This is Sarah, whose fine hair is perfectly suited to the Aqua Light products:


They gave Mila the most stunning retro-style waves along with some impressive tight-lining with the eye makeup. I was definitely jells:


Izabella had the BEST poses. Seriously, a natural! I also loved her very chic centre-parted blow-dry:


Monique told us she'd been planning to get a haircut... but after seeing what Aqua Light did for her, she changed her mind! (I'm not surprised—girl has crazy gorgeous long hair.)


And finally, meet Jessie. Not only does she have the most perfect porcelain skin I've ever seen, but she looked stunning with her sleek lob and pop of red lippie:


Of course, no Pantene event would be complete without the next part. May I present... "the swish":


OH YEAH. Take that, Willow! And then we all went home with the products.

Missed out on this event? I have GOOD NEWS, GUYS! On April 20 and 21, Pantene is hosting a second event at Blo Bar on King Street in Toronto. Hooray! To sign up for your chance to attend, click here. The event is 100 percent free, but spaces are limited—so act fast!