ZOMG! Beauty Editor Has Had a Face Lift

Introducing our website makeover.
Michelle Villett
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Introducing our website makeover.
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Welcome to the brand new BEAUTY EDITOR! Isn't she purty?

It's kind of like the big reveal on that show The Swan, except without the Chiclet teeth, plastic boobies and skating costume ballgowns.

The Swan

MUCH better, right?

Not that we didn't need a complete overhaul—seeing as we first hung out our shingle in the beauty blogosphere way back in 2009. It was about time we had a makeover! I mean, it was the web equivalent of still wearing lip liner, for God's sake.

So what's new, besides the spectacular design? Well, let me give you a guided tour.

Beauty Blogs

Now there are two. As the, um, editor, I'll be blogging under the very creatively-named Editor's Blog, which will feature tips, tricks, trends and more "from a seasoned beauty insider." (I can call myself seasoned, right?) Blog number two is called The Beauty Report, and that's where you'll find bite-size beauty news, celebrity looks, and guest posts.

Blog logos

Beauty Advice and How-Tos

Ever wondered what shade of lipstick the models were wearing at your favourite Fashion Week show? Or how to recreate a certain starlet's red carpet hairdo? I know you have, because you've asked me. And now I'm answering with a brand-new section dedicated to solving such beauty conundrums. You can also submit your very own beauty question, and we'll do our best to have an expert tackle it in a future post.

Photo Galleries

When sitting down with someone who wields scissors or hair dye for a living, do I not always say that the very best thing is to BRING PICTURES?

Emma Stone - Crazy Stupid Love premiere 2011

It really helps. Not just with hair people but makeup too. So our brand new Galleries section will come in handy—both to inspire your next look, and to prevent beauty disasters. (Service-y!) Of course, even if you don't have any big beauty decisions coming up, clicking through pics is always a great way to spend your lunch hour. Just sayin'.


They've been on hold for a while, yes. (My excuse? All the new wrinkles that have formed from working on this redesign over the past year.) But now they have a new home all to themselves for your viewing pleasure. And stay tuned for fresh new vids real soon!

Products and Reviews

Even though I'm always telling you about the new!amazing!must-have! items of the season, like this one...

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

...I always want you to make informed purchase decisions. Over in the new Products & Reviews area, you can browse through all the latest sweet prodz, write a review of your own or read what other peeps had to say. Plus, find all the deets on what the product does, where it's available and for how much. Wherever possible, we're also including links to online stores where you can BUY STUFF RIGHT NOW. (Again: service-y!)


Oh HAI. Besides those linky links I just toldja about for individual products, hit up the Shop tab for a list of online beauty retailers and special offers. Okay, yes, I'm an enabler. What of it?


And this is where it's all about YOU. I'd love for you to join the BEAUTY EDITOR community!

Members get special attention, bonus privileges, access to special offers from our partners... and are really good-looking. They also receive our weekly newsletter. And when it comes to newsletters, ours is THE newsletter to be seen with this season. Seriously. We read it somewhere.

Here's where you can sign up.

Or, if you feel like just hangin' out for a while (you commitment-phobe!) you can subscribe to our newsletter without doing the whole membership shebang.

If you're ALREADY a subscriber to our daily email alerts

I encourage you to PLEASE re-subscribe, because like our website, they, too, got a facelift. See?


If you go here, you can opt-in for our daily email updates, which go out every time new content is posted, PLUS receive the new weekly newsletter. Yay options!

Now go forth and enjoy

I hope you love the new BEAUTY EDITOR as much as I do!

If you have a minute before you start clickity-clicking, I'd be thrilled to hear your thoughts on the redesign, new features or anything else that tickles your fancy. (And any technical kinks that you notice as well—we're still ironing out a few web issues to make sure everything runs smoothly.) Drop a line in the comments below or hit me up through the contact form.

Now, go scoot off and play! And if you like what you see here, I'll love you longtime if you tell all your friends, and you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.... KTHXBAI.