The Best Health and Beauty Products To Stash In Your Gym Bag

Upgrade your workout routine with these must-haves.
Michelle Villett
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Upgrade your workout routine with these must-haves.
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SPONSORED: It builds seksi muscle tone, elevates your mood and does glorious things for your complexion. Exercise is a definite beauty "do." What can be challenging, however, is the whole scramble from office to gym to dinner or drinks. It's not the workout per se, but the gym bag packing that's a problem. (I know, it's my beauty OCD flaring up.) For me, assembling my stuff is on par with deciding what to put in my carry-on luggage—there's just so much you could bring!

That said, who wants to lug around 27 different beauty products when you could whittle it down to just a few hard-working essentials? I've got five that I won't break a sweat without...

Cleansing wipes: Use these before AND after your workout. Before, because you don't want to be the lady on the treadmill in a full face of makeup. (Clogged pores, por favor?) After your workout, use them to cleanse your complexion instead of relying on the overly drying soap in the gym shower. Many wipes even come with built-in moisturizing ingredients, so depending on your skin type you might be able to skip moisturizer. If you're not showering at the gym, swipe one or two of these puppies across breakout-prone areas like the face, chest and back as a pimple prevention measure.

Super-grippy hair elastics, hairbands and barrettes: How many times have I landed at the gym sans hair tie and had to work out with my hair down, all sweaty and sticking to my neck and face? Yeah, too many to count. Finally, I invested in an entire bag of hair elastics and kept them in the darn gym bag (since, like socks in the dryer, they tend to mysteriously disappear ALL THE TIME). If your hair is short, layered or particularly unruly, hairbands and barrettes are a good idea too—both for your workout comfort and for preventing acne breakouts. Plus, when you're finished your workout you can use one or more of these hair accessories when you style your hair.

Antiperspirant or deodorant: Well, duh. It's only polite! Which one you choose depends on your personal preference; while deodorants mask odour, antiperspirants control wetness (and therefore odour) by slowing the flow of perspiration to the surface of the skin.

Body lotion: Use your gym's shower gel if you must, but I urge you to bring along your own lotion. First of all, treating your sore muscles to a full-body lotion application just feels great, no? And secondly, need I remind you that we live in Canada—skin gets dry, yo. But this product is also a fab multi-tasker. In a pinch, you can use it as shaving cream, and it also doubles as a flyaway tamer if you don't want to lug around a styling cream. (Just use sparingly!)

Tampax® Radiant™ Tampons: You won’t need to think about anything but your workout routine, thanks to FormFit™ protection that gently expands to fit your unique shape, and a LeakGuard™ braid to help stop leaks before they happen. These even have a CleanSeal™ wrapper—the first ever re-sealable wrapper for worry-free disposal.

Tampax Radiant Tampons

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