Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Because Archie’s Girls are about to get their own makeup line from M.A.C!

Archie, Betty and Veronica

Long before there was Team Aniston and Team Jolie, there was Betty and Veronica. So when M.A.C announced yesterday that they’re teaming up with Archie Comics to launch a full colour cosmetics collection called Archie’s Girls, I knew it was a collab I could totally get behind. I heart Archie Comics—always have, always will.

So you know what to expect from this one: blonde Betty is the sweet, good girl next door… while raven-haired Veronica is the sexpot you love to hate. Oh, decisions, decisions! No wonder Archie couldn’t make up his mind.

Here’s what the logo’s gonna look like:

MAC Archies Girls Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Because Archies Girls are about to get their own makeup line from M.A.C!We’ll have to wait a while for this to come out—’til spring 2013, sad face—but in the meantime M.A.C is asking for our help. They want to know who should win Archie’s heart, and you can tell them by texting “Betty” or “Veronica” to 898622. Fans of the winner will be the first to hear when the collection’s available online.

Okay, now fess up—

Are you as into this collaboration as I am?
OBVIOUSLY I need to ask… are you a Betty?
Or a Veronica? (I’m with Veronica. Betty’s a bit boring. I just say.)


Wednesday, July 11/2012 at 4:24 pm

Yessssss! I bet the packaging is going to be adorbz. Can’t wait.


Wednesday, July 11/2012 at 8:30 pm

OH MY GOODNESS! This is so cool!!! I always loved Archie comics so much as a child, i think i’m definitely a Betty, i’d always read the comics and think ‘ugh, Veronica is so mean!’, but then she did have her heart-of-gold moments didn’t she? I am so jumping on board!


Thursday, July 12/2012 at 10:28 am

I was always team Veronica, and still am! Can’t wait for this collection to come out!


Andrea Z
Sunday, July 15/2012 at 6:30 pm

I always used to cheer for Betty. She was just so sweet, and always did nice things for him. :( But the funny thing is, I look exactly like Veronica with black hair, bangs, and red lipstick. Oh well.


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