Have you seen Chanel’s couture nail art? OMG it’s gorge (and here’s how to get it!)

Chanel Couture FW 2012 nails

Okay, Chanel. You got me. I’ve always been anti-nail art. (Appreciated it as an art form, of course—but never really fell in love with it for ME.) Now, of course, I’m eating my words—because whenever Chanel does something it automatically legitimizes it and makes me see it in a whole new (stylish) light.

So that’s the case with the two-tone nails at the recent fall/winter couture show. I’m INTO them. The style is a crescent moon mani (a first for the brand!), with a gorgeous bright pink bordered by metallic silver at the base and sides.

Swoon. This is the first time I’ve seen nail art that I a) actually want to wear, and b) am actually capable of creating Hans Solo. Hooray! Here’s the lowdown…

What you’ll need:

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in May (from earlier this spring):

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in May Have you seen Chanels couture nail art? OMG its gorge (and heres how to get it!)

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Silver, which was a limited edition shade back in 2007. I’m guessing you don’t have this, so a good sub is Graphite from last fall (it’s just slightly darker):

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Graphite Have you seen Chanels couture nail art? OMG its gorge (and heres how to get it!)

And, of course, base coat (they used Chanel Base Protectrice) and top coat.

Step 1:

Apply your base coat (duh).

Step 2:

Chanel Couture FW 2012 nails Silver Have you seen Chanels couture nail art? OMG its gorge (and heres how to get it!)

Paint your nails with one generous coat of the silver polish. (Don’t apply two coats, as it’ll get too thick.) Wait for it to dry completely.

Step 3:

Chanel Couture FW 2012 nails May Have you seen Chanels couture nail art? OMG its gorge (and heres how to get it!)

Using the pink polish, paint a vertical line straight down the centre of the nail, leaving a gap on either side and above the cuticle to show off the silver polish underneath. Make sure the outline of silver is even on all three sides. Apply two to three coats of the pink polish so that it appears solid on the silver (not streaky).

Step 4:

Wait for your nails to become thoroughly dry, and then apply a protective top coat. You’re done!

This looks amazeballs in the pink and silver colour combo, but it would work with gold, red, orange… the possibilities are endless! I think what makes it appealing for us nail art newbies is having the metallic with the solid colour—it’s somehow less scary than two high-contrast shades.

Anyway, tell me:

Are you as in love with this manicure as I am?
Or do you still prefer to stick with solid colours?
What’s your favourite nail look/shade of the moment?


Renee | Beauty Fool
Tuesday, July 17/2012 at 1:08 pm

OMG, love! Definitely gonna try it. (But switch up the colors.) Thanks for the tips!


Tuesday, July 17/2012 at 1:19 pm

Gorgeous combo! I was at an event at Tips Nail Bar last week and Melissa gave me the same style, in gold and coral. It rocks. What I like about this style too is that it makes my nail beds appear much longer.


Comment Avatar Gimped
Tuesday, July 17/2012 at 1:58 pm

Pretty! I like Arianne’s comments, too; gold and coral sounds really pretty!! Don’t know if I can do it solo, but I’m up for a mani :)


Tuesday, July 17/2012 at 4:28 pm

That it’s Chanel is intriguing but i’m afraid it still doesn’t convince me. I will say it’s better than most nail art though. I personally just can’t imagine wearing it and not feeling silly (which is how I feel about all nail art).


Comment Avatar Katsy
Thursday, July 19/2012 at 3:11 am

Damn… I got April and June, and now I regret leaving May out SO much.. Wasn’t this Chanel Le Vernis collection the best?!

This mani sorta redeems Chanel in the nail department, as of late, I have NOT been impressed. The summertime collection polishes they came up with were the most uninspired and just plain blah… Island is like a regular, run of the mill champagne pearl, Delight is an EXACT replica of a 6$ Revlon from 2 years ago (Copper Penny, exact dupe, AND dare I say the formulation of the Revlon one is less streaky… WTF Chanel!)…


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