Behold! It’s a video of some shirtless dudes making Lady Gaga’s perfume

Lady Gaga fragrance video

I might be able to get into this now.

Remember how Gaga’s launching a perfume? You know, so you can smell like “expensive hooker?”

Call me crazy, but that’s never been one of my fragrance goals… and yet, I’m strangely drawn to this two-minute vid about the formulation that was just released by Haus Laboratories.

Because, you know, ALL great perfumes are made by hot guys with their shirts off.

And then, of course, you may have seen the ad that she tweeted a couple days before… she’s nekkid! And those are little army men climbing all over her.

Lady Gaga Fame ad Behold! Its a video of some shirtless dudes making Lady Gagas perfume

You know what? Props to her for being creative. Wildly creative. Because if I have to see/smell yet another boring, generic, wishy-washy fruity-floral fragrance that you know the celebrity just slapped her name on… I may just slit my wrists. At least Gaga has a VISION.

Are you feeling these fragrance formulator dudes in the video?
Or are you over all things Gaga already?
How do you feel about the celebrity scent category in general? (I won’t lie… I do still remain loyal to J. Lo for Glow.)


Anne ♠ Dot and Lil
Monday, July 23/2012 at 1:01 pm

Yeah I’m liking the vision! It’ll be interesting to see whether the fragrance is, in fact, a wishy washy fruity floral though, haha. What I mean is, saying it has elaborate heart notes of yadda yadda yadda may just be drama. I do love that video! Can’t wait to smell this.


Tuesday, July 24/2012 at 9:20 pm

Like you, I appreciate the creativity, that it’s not another cookie cutter celeb fragrance. I know I will have to sniff test it just to see if it lives up to her hype.


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