Here’s the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey-red or pink eyeshadow

Donna Karan - Fall 2012 makeup

Never say never.

That’s what I’ve learned from closely following runway beauty trends over the years. You see the craziest things on that catwalk and think—really, designers? You really expect me to do that to my face and go out in public?

But then, you notice the same trend reinterpreted at the next fashion house, and the next and the next… and gradually, it starts to grow on you. The next thing you know, celebrities are sporting it. And looking kind of good. And then suddenly, you’re embracing the damn thing because it looks SO RIGHT.

Such is the case with the newest eyeshadow colour trend: shades of orange, red or pink. Oh yes, you heard me. They’re the new browns and greys.

For this fall, Dries Van Noten showcased a bold orange worn all the way up to the eyebrows.

Dries Van Noten Fall 2012 makeup Heres the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey red or pink eyeshadow

Eeks, right? I mean, wearing eyeshadow up to the brows is scary enough without it being also, um, orange. Not even all of us are comfortable wearing that shade on our lips yet.

So how about a pinky red, then? This is from Donna Karan, again for fall/winter ’12:

Donna Karan Fall 2012 makeup Heres the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey red or pink eyeshadow

I can’t say I’ve ever considered wearing this colour on my eyes… but hot damn, I AM considering it now. I think this works because of how beautifully the shading’s been done, and how neutral they’ve left the rest of the makeup.

It’s definitely a more wearable execution of the same hue, which we saw at Miu Miu back in the spring:

Miu Miu Spring 2012 makeup Heres the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey red or pink eyeshadow

I loved this, but it’s really not something you could ever wear if you aren’t a) a model; b) in Paris; and c) wearing makeup just applied by Pat McGrath. But as with everything Pat does, it DID make a statement, which was that this colour palette is about to hit the big time.

If we go even further back in time, to 2011, these unusual colours were kicking around at Derek Lam

Derek Lam Spring 2011 makeup Heres the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey red or pink eyeshadow

…and this has to be my favourite version so far. Doesn’t it make you wonder why we always do cat eyes in black? I mean, we’re ignoring all those other colours, for Pete’s sake! Urban Decay sent me a fuchsia eyeliner a few months ago and at the time, I put it aside (since I never thought I’d use it). Yep, I judged it. And now, re-aquainting myself with this pic, I’m scrambling to find the darn thing.

But I know this is all runway stuff and not real life. So let’s take a peek at how celebs are embracing the trend as of late.

Here’s Emma Stone doing her Emma Stone thing during her Spider-Man tour this spring:

Emma Stone The Amazing Spider Man Moscow photocall Heres the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey red or pink eyeshadow

I didn’t really like this at first, but it’s grown on me. The rosy pink is certainly an easier shade in which to wear the full-blown, up-to-the-brows technique as compared to the Dries Van Noten version. The shadow also looks surprisingly nice paired with lippie in the same colour. Who knew?!

Next we have Marion Cotillard, who was extremely brave at The Dark Knight Rises premiere:

Marion Cotillard The Dark Knight Rises premiere Heres the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey red or pink eyeshadow

OMGorange. Unfortunately, it’s iffy on the runway and even iffier on a (gorgeous) celeb. So on the likes of you and I? Probably a no.

A still subtler version of this whole colour trend was at this year’s Billboard Music Awards on Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift Billboard Music Awards 2012 Heres the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey red or pink eyeshadow

Bronzey pink worn all the way around the eyes and grounded with heavy black lashes and liner. (But of course she would do that.) Still, it’s a good trick to keep in your pocket with ANY eyeshadow colour. If you think you’ve gone too far (or too bright), slick on the black mascara and liner, and see if it doesn’t make the whole thing 10 times more wearable.

And here’s the absolute no-risk way to do pink on your eyes, courtesy of Emily Blunt:

Emily Blunt Tribeca Film Festival 2012 Heres the latest tricky trend to try: Orangey red or pink eyeshadow

It’s kind of a rose gold—still counts, right?—and it’s just that fraction more exciting than normal gold (or brown or grey, etc.). And it’s completely non-scary. Let’s call it starter pink eyeshadow. Once you master this, you can graduate to the big leagues…

Tell me:

Are you a fan of these new shades for eyeshadow—or do you think they belong strictly on the lips?
Which are your favourite runway and celebrity interpretations?
Would you try this for real life or are you sticking to your go-to shadow colour? (Which is…?)


Friday, August 17/2012 at 2:00 pm

This is off-topic, but: it is SO comforting that the first model pictured and Candice Swanepoel both have visible pores and shiny skin, and that Candice Swanepoel also has some facial hair! Yay!!


Friday, August 17/2012 at 10:59 pm

I’ve been rocking the pink shadow for a bit actually! And I got the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the orangey shade, I love to wear it on its own as a liner or blended with a pale tangerine shadow at the inner corner and maybe some light brown crease work. With a peachy blush and mascara, it looks great on my pale complexion! I wear a sheer lipstick with it, like Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in 69 Flirt, or the L’Oreal The Balm in Caring Coral, and it makes for a really great summer look!


Sunday, August 19/2012 at 1:49 pm

This is awesome, I’ve been doing variations on this since high school, and always thought I looked pretty cute. :)


Monday, August 20/2012 at 2:50 pm

Actually, I’ve been using pink & red/plum/burgundy eyeshadows for eons… they bring out grey-green eyes like crazy! But I do find they need black or brown eyeliner or mascara, so it’s not RIGHT next to the whites. You can also contour a pink lid with brown in the crease & around the eye, looks great too.


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