Could Botox Be a Cure For Acne?

Plus runway-inspired nail art and the new anti-mirror trend.
Michelle Villett
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Plus runway-inspired nail art and the new anti-mirror trend.
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Paint Your Nails In Stunning Runway Looks With These DIY Tips

Refinery29: Need some new nail art inspiration? Madeline Poole—a.k.a. "the polish princess of L.A."—has DIY tips for the most seriously stunning array of manis, all modelled off catwalk fashions. LOVE.

Put Down the Salicylic Acid: Botox Seen to Improve Acne

Fashion Etc.: Whoa! Not that we're advocating the frozen look or anything, but this is big news: some docs are saying that Botox can clear up blemishes by starving the bacteria that cause blemishes. Um... double-duty beauty?

Stop Saying You Can't Do Your Own Updo! I Bet You Can, If You Try My Too-Easy Trick

Glamour: I'm definitely one of those people with what Petra calls "updo block." (It's like writer's block.) But with this new strategy, I plan to seize the day...

Mirror Fasting: The Latest Beauty Trend?

HuffPost Canada: Apparently there is a movement afoot where people are deliberately avoiding mirrors as a way to boost self-esteem. I don't know about this—it still sounds kind of obsessive, non?

Non-Blonde Alert: Kim Kardashian Back to Dark Hair

Allure: Just when we thought Kim had become a bronde, we learn that it was just part one in a multi-step colour process. I'm a fan of the end result (chocolate brown with balayage highlights)—are you?