Try This New Eyeshadow Technique For a More Youthful Look

Plus DIY dry shampoo and how to trim your own bangs at home.
Michelle Villett
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Plus DIY dry shampoo and how to trim your own bangs at home.
Christian Dior - Fall 2012 makeup

Colouring Lesson: Stop Contouring Your Lids—Try This More Youthful Eyeshadow Technique Instead

BeautyGeeks: Are you still applying your shadow the old way? (Medium shade on the lid; darker in the crease; light on the browbone?) Janine suggests you try this technique instead—that's it in the pic above from Christian Dior F/W '12—and I concur. > continue reading

Nail Art Trend to Try: Mixed Prints

Glamour: You know how mixing your florals with your polka dots (or whatever) is kind of a new thing in fashion? If you're not brave enough for that, then you can at least try the mixing trend on your nails. Warning: this one's only for the truly ambitious and artistic. > continue reading

DIY Dry Shampoo

Beautiful Basics: Hair gold! Apparently that's the verdict on this all-natural homemade recipe, which features just three common household ingredients. > continue reading

How to Trim Bangs at Home Without Screwing Up

The Cut: Seeing a pro is always best—they don't even charge you for it anyway!—but if you MUST cut your own bangs, this is an excellent how-to guide. > continue reading

Snooze: Monaco Blue Is Pantone's Top Color for Spring 2013

Racked: So you know how tangerine was the colour of 2012? (And they were right—I am SO into orange these days, I can't even tell you.) Now, here's the shade we can look forward to in 2013. Snooze is right. > continue reading