Check Out This Fall Fashion Makeover From Fairview Mall in Toronto

And vote if you like it!
Michelle Villett
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And vote if you like it!

SPONSORED: We're going to pause our regularly scheduled beauty programming today to chat fashion! Specifically, fall fashion—because now is that time when suddenly, you can't wear summer clothes anymore and you realize that you're in desperate need of a seasonal wardrobe shake-up.

At least that's how I feel. And how—I think—Maria Jalloh was feeling before she won our Fairview Fall into Fashion makeover!

Before the makeover

Here's Maria's "before" pic:

Maria - before

If you've been following along on Twitter and Facebook, you know that BEAUTY EDITOR was at Fairview Mall (1800 Sheppard Avenue East in Toronto, if you haven't been yet) last Monday along with friends from ChickAdvisor and HUG. Together, we were giving away three FREE makeovers—meaning our winners, if they chose to accept the mission, got to shop with us for the afternoon (and spend a Cadillac Fairview shop! card® worth $250!) as well as get makeup done for professional pics.

FUN, right?

So now let me tell you how it all went down. After Maria said YES to the makeover (who wouldn't, right?!), we got to chatting about her wardrobe needs. She's a busy mom of two and a real estate agent, so she wanted to find a professional, work-appropriate outfit that could still be dressed up or down (and wouldn't be too restrictive for playtime with her kids).

Mission. Accepted.

Maria - Fairview Mall shopping

After browsing a few stores, we figured out that a dress would be the most versatile option. And then we spotted The One in the window of Mexx:

Maria - Mexx dress

Maroon, lightweight knit, dressy enough for work but not at all stuffy. We went through the motions of trying other stuff on, too, but we both just KNEW it was perfect.

Next stop, shoes. We only had less than $100 left to spend, so we hit up more budget-minded stores, finally settling on Aldo.

Maria - Aldo

Maria wanted black pumps, so we settled on some suede, almond-toe numbers that are totally classic.

Then, we had just $20 or so left—so decided on a striking cuff and earrings, also from Aldo.

And then it was time for (obviously my favourite part) makeup!

Maria - The Body Shop

Maria's skin is so flawless that she wasn't wearing a stitch of makeup (jellis? me? YES). But the amazing makeup artist at The Body Shop worked some magic to create a polished, day-to-night look that transformed Maria into a complete stunner. And I do mean STUNNER!

Check this out (she's wearing their new BB cream and an incredible vermillion lipstick):

Maria - The Body Shop

And then it was time to put the whole look together. Are you ready for the big reveal?

The final look

Maria - after

Wowza. Can you believe that happened in only a few hours and for just $250? I was so inspired that by the end of the afternoon, I wanted to stay and shop for ME. (Besides the ones I mentioned, they have tons of great stores there—Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Sephora, Aritzia, Nine West—so yes, Fairview, I will be back!)

Vote at Fairview's Facebook page!

I hope you're a fan of this Beauty Editor makeover... because if you are, head on over to Fairview Mall's Facebook page and VOTE! Until Friday, September 21, you can vote for your favourite out of the three makeovers. The winner will even be featured in Fairview’s new cover photo. And if you're in Toronto, don't forget to visit Fairview Mall—maybe I'll see you there!