How To Get "Classy" Candy-Coloured Hair

Plus wedding makeup tips and the real reason arched eyebrows are over.
Michelle Villett
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Plus wedding makeup tips and the real reason arched eyebrows are over.
Anna Sui - Spring 2013 hair

How to get candy-coloured hair that still looks classy

xoJane: Since New York designers have just confirmed that unusual hair colours—pink, peach, blue, green, you pick!—are going to have some staying power through spring '13, check out Gala's tips for a "classy" DIY. > continue reading

Wedding beauty: To trial or not to trial, that is the question

Beauty & The Blog: I have this fear—which I like to think is pretty well-founded—of having my makeup done. If you're getting married, so should you! I fully recommend doing a trial run first, and Andrea explains why in this post. (PS: She's done my makeup before, and it was AWESOME.) > continue reading

9 things you should know about permanent makeup

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Eyebrows have been getting lower and 'more masculine' for the past 60 years: Study

Stylelist: So we know that bolder brows are a big beauty trend for spring '13. I've noticed they've been getting straighter, too—and now there's an actual study that explains why. But I'm not sure how I feel about this theory. Sperm brows are tacky, but I don't want to look like a man either! > continue reading

Avoid autumn weight gain

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