Beauty Editor is in This Month's Issue of Glow Magazine!

How to shop like a blogger...
Michelle Villett
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How to shop like a blogger...

My life has come full circle. See, usually I'm the one interviewing people and writing features for magazines—not appearing in them myself!

But this month, I'm honoured to be featured in Glow magazine, in their "Shop Like a Blogger" story (pages 34-42). It's the issue with Sofia Vergara on the cover:

Glow Cover - Oct 2012

I'm one of five Canadian bloggers in the story (the others were Tara from Seven Spoons, Afiya from The Style House, Erica from The Style Spy and Monica from Beauty Parler) and we each got an entire page (!!) to share our favourite products, tips and advice. We all have different beauty philosophies, too—and it'll probably come as no surprise to you guys that mine is "natural." (Because you know, that sounds better than "lazy." Just kidding! Sort of.)

Here's a quick tidbit of what I had to say on that:

"[My] main concern with makeup is calming down redness and perfecting my complexion. I'm obsessed with BB creams, tinted moisturizers, foundations and concealers, and believe that as long as your skin is looking flawless, you don't need to worry much about the rest of your makeup. Less is more."

Of course, at the time of this interview, I was just getting acquainted with this guy, and now he's completely stolen my heart. But as far as other favourite products, here's one I (still) love:

"I love playing up my eyes and often do a subtle cat-eye using liquid liner. I'm obsessed with Clarins 3-Dot Liner, which you can use like a traditional eyeliner pen or press into the roots of your lashes to make them look thicker and fuller."

I guess I tend use the word obsess a lot. Oops! I also shared some advice for aspiring beauty bloggers:

"[Cultivate] a unique voice and a fresh point of view... [but] don't take things too seriously. Beauty is supposed to be fun, and blogs are entertainment, so if you can give your readers a chuckle while conveying some beauty intel, then you're doing something right."

Agree? Oh God now I feel the pressure to be more funny.

Anyway, pick up a copy to read the whole thing. (And PS: don't judge my hair in the pic. It's an old photo since I was on vacation at the time it went to print, and I get a bit cringey now at the bangs and highlights. Obviously, it was before this happened.)

What's YOUR beauty philosophy?
Do you have a favourite product (or two) that you've discovered lately?
Is there a beauty category that you're... um... obsessed with?