Is Bar Soap Making a Comeback?

Plus lip balm that doubles as blush and the perfect palettes for fall.
Michelle Villett
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Plus lip balm that doubles as blush and the perfect palettes for fall.
Christopher Kane - Spring 2012

Bar Soap Sheds Its Bad Image and Wins New Fans

The New York Times: Do you use a bar of soap in the shower? What about on your face? If you're doing the latter, then you're apparently part of a growing beauty movement: people who are returning to this old-fashioned cleansing method because it's more economical, environmentally-friendly and (thanks to today's reformulations) non-irritating to the skin. Will you give it a go? > continue reading

DIY Color Boosted Hair

The Blush: Here's a fab weekend beauty project for anyone whose hair—colour-treated or not—needs a boost. Hint: it involves teabags and water, and takes just 10 minutes. Let me know if you try this! > continue reading

In a Pinch: My New Favourite Blush Should Be Yours Too

Beautygeeks: I swear I get the best blush recommendations from Janine. (And you know I love me some blush.) Turns out, her new favourite isn't a blush at all—it's a tinted lip balm. But you can bet your Botox that I'm looking for my sample of it just as soon as I finish writing this post! > continue reading

12 Perfect Palettes for Fall

Beautezine: If palettes are your beauty crack, have a browse through this gallery of newbies for fall. My pick? The Hello Kitty one, of course. What's yours? > continue reading