How To Get Gwyneth Paltrow's Smoky Eyes

Plus mother-daughter plastic surgery and 8 DIY beauty treatments.
Michelle Villett
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Plus mother-daughter plastic surgery and 8 DIY beauty treatments.
Gwyneth Paltrow - Michael Kors Golden Heart Gala

4 Steps to Getting Gwyneth Paltrow's Perfect Smoky Eyes, Straight From Her Makeup Artist

Glamour: Gwyneth's skin may be looking a little ruddy in this pic (from the Michael Kors Golden Heart Gala this week), but GOSH don't you want her softly smudgy eye makeup? Handily, Petra snagged a how-to from the makeup artist, Katey Denno. > continue reading

Beauty Confidential: Toronto Fashion Week Edition

Beauty RSVP: Models are genetically blessed, yes, but they also tend to have great beauty tips. Here's what three Elmer Olsen faces (who you'll see at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto) swear by. Rooibos tea and argan oil, anyone? > continue reading

Mother-Daughter Plastic Surgery: A Growing Trend?

The Huffington Post: Call me crazy, but MY mom and I like to bond over cups of tea... or baking... or shopping. We don't, um, get plastic surgery together. But it turns out that's the new thing. Creepy! > continue reading

8 simple homemade beauty treatments

Canadian Living: Oh look! It's a web version of an article I wrote for the November issue—all about how you can whip up some seriously good beauty treatments using common kitchen ingredients. > continue reading

How much primping is too much primping?

The Globe and Mail: I'm probably in the wrong line of work to be contemplating this question, since I'm obviously responsible for encouraging these unrealistic grooming standards that the author is railing about. But is it really such a bad thing to have nice nails and hair? When you look good, you feel good, I always say. Thoughts? > continue reading