Nail news! CoverGirl’s nail art spokesmodels, a new rent-a-polish service and Rihanna’s French pedi faux pas

I was at a media event yesterday getting my nails done (as you do), and we got talking about “the old days” of the beauty industry. As in the mid-2000s, when I first got into the biz—and when it was practically unheard of to have your nails painted any colour outside of pink, red… or maybe if you were REALLY daring, a dark navy or burgundy. It was around the time when Chanel came out with Black Satin and OPI launched Lincoln Park After Dark. Remember when those colours were considered, like, sooo fashion-forward? HAR.

So when I found out who CoverGirl picked as their newest spokesmodels, it made me realize just how much things have changed in a few years. Dude, the brand now has NAIL ART spokesmodels. Meet Australian DJ duo Nervo:

Nervo for CoverGirl Nail news! CoverGirls nail art spokesmodels, a new rent a polish service and Rihannas French pedi faux pas

They’re actually sisters (Liv is on the left and Mim is on the right), and as you can see, they love some too-cool-for-school nail art. Seeing peeps like this repping a brand like CoverGirl is quite the departure from that whole “easy, breezy, beautiful” thing, no?

Their first job is to promote the brand’s new polish collection—called Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss—with edgy nail art designs like the ones you see in the pic above (photo via MTV). Even though I would need a new wardrobe (not to mention personality) to pull something like that off, I’ve gotta say that I love the mix ‘n match idea, especially with those hearts, and the long almond shape.

And the polishes themselves? I got a preview at another media event, so you may have had a sneak peek if you follow BEAUTY EDITOR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr (whew!):

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Nail news! CoverGirls nail art spokesmodels, a new rent a polish service and Rihannas French pedi faux pas

Couple things to know. First, you only need one coat. One coat! That means no top coat either. The formula is THAT saturated and shiny. So awesome. Second, the shade selection is actually quite good. (In their now-discontinued line, it didn’t used to be.) Now it’s totally on-trend and modern, with nice, saturated, flat colours instead of weird mother-of-pearl iridescence. So keep an eye out for these, as they’re coming out later this month in limited distribution and then fully available at mass-market retailers in Jan.

Next up in nail news is this service I heard about on the other day. It’s called Lacquerous and it’s a rental service… for nail polish.


Dolce Gabbana Nail Polish on Lacquerous Nail news! CoverGirls nail art spokesmodels, a new rent a polish service and Rihannas French pedi faux pas

You know, like how you can rent a handbag or a fancy dress… now, someone has applied the idea to beauty. It’s only available in the U.S. right now, and how it works is you pay $18 a month to receive three polishes for 30 days. After that you send ‘em back with a prepaid postage label, and they send you another batch out to test and play with.

Personally, I’m completely grossed out by the idea of sharing nail polish. I’ve interviewed podiatrists who’ve made me shudder with stories about all the cooties you can catch. (One told me it’s not enough to worry about the sterilization of the tools they’re using at your nail salon; he said you should always bring your own polish too—including base and top coat.)

That said, how many times have you EVER finished off a bottle? It’s never once happened for me, although I suppose I’m the worst case study since I’m constantly testing newbies. Anyway, with the zillions of shades out there just begging to be trialled, I can see the appeal of rotating through a service like this. I just worry for your foot hygiene, is all.

But someone who desperately needs their polish—or ANY polish!—is Rihanna, by the way. I’m on some Calvin Klein press list that sends out celebrity photos and I got this one the other day from the GQ Men of the Year Awards:

Rihanna Calvin Klein GQ Men of the Year Awards 2012 Nail news! CoverGirls nail art spokesmodels, a new rent a polish service and Rihannas French pedi faux pas

You scroll down and everything’s looking good… nice hair… nice makeup… nice dress… WAIT WUT!?

Did you spot the toenails?

Rihanna Calvin Klein GQ Men of the Year Awards 2012 2 Nail news! CoverGirls nail art spokesmodels, a new rent a polish service and Rihannas French pedi faux pas

It’s only the worst of all beauty crimes: a French pedicure. Now, I knew the French mani was back, and I’m okay with that, but this is Just Not Right. (And it’s not even the first time she’s gone there.) Surely a shorter length and one of the nice, new, eye-catching polish shades would be a better choice?! I would even prefer toenail art, to be honest.

Tell me:

Have you heard of Nervo and what do you think about them partnering with CoverGirl?
Would you ever rent a nail polish?
How do you feel about Rihanna’s toes? It’s okay if you need to lie down for a bit.


Sunday, November 18/2012 at 8:40 am

Here in the USA french pedi are sooo popular…I can’t stand them. even though i’ve seen about a hundred of them they still make me look twice…you’d think i’d be used to it by now…but no. I suppose it’s better than no toenail polish which is waaaay worse. and i suppose they do it so it matches everything…b/c that can be a problem. but the french pedi just isn’t my thing either…i’m with you on this one! oh! and eewww on the sharing of polishes…i did not know that sharing polishes was icky…i will start bringing my own to the salon with me from now on, including top/base coat. That totally explains why some salons offer you a bin to keep your polishes in and they keep them in the back…hmmmm great concept!


Sunday, November 18/2012 at 2:09 pm

Michelle, I feel like you and I are always on the same page about beauty trends! I hate french pedi’s.
French mani’s I can deal with they are not so bad (I like to do them once in a while too), but french pedicures -> -_-
I feel the same way about highlights, especially the stripey ones and colourful hair (pink-blue-etc.) and extra- long nails and nail art, and the new pointy nail trend- oh man! But people are free to wear what they want, all we can do is watch them experiment.

And about the nail polish sharing, that is so gross, sharing beauty products in general is unhygienic. I once went to mac and used one of their makeup brushes to try on a blush and by the time I got home my cheeks were itchy and turning red. So now I just swatch makeup on my hands.


Sunday, November 18/2012 at 5:53 pm

I can’t believe they chose the nervo girls to be honest… No one knows who the hell they are (even in Aus they are hardly known) and they are quite tacky to be honest. That photo of them kind of says it all. Doesnt really seem in line with Covergirl but I guess they are experimenting. Seems ridiculous though.

EEEWWW I am so glad I don’t get professional manicures or pedicure.. you have totally just grossed me out. Icky!


Monday, November 19/2012 at 11:23 am

C’mon peeps this nail art stuff is old news. 5 years ago Kid Sister had a single with Kanye just about her nails (and surely she wasn’t the first to work the look).

But CoverGirl will pluck a couple of OTT hip blonde DJs out of obscurity and make it acceptable/trendy rather than “ghetto” as I’m sure many people once considered decked out talons to be.


Thursday, February 7/2013 at 8:31 am

I´m from Argentina. I think the Nervo Twins are just gorgeous. They came to Arg. to perform in the Creamfields a cuple months ago, I really love them and enjoy their music.
I came back from the USA last week and when I knew about Nervo partnering with CoverGirl I´ve bought 20 different nail polishes :)
I believe this will sell a lot.


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