What is the Best Way To Tone Down Brassy Hair at Home?

"I need to tone down the brassy colour in my brown hair."
Tony Chaar
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"I need to tone down the brassy colour in my brown hair."
Emma Watson - brassy hair

Emma Stone's brassy brown hair.

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Q: I need to slightly tone down the brassy colour in my brown hair, which has a few soft golden highlights. I love my colour, however I do not want to be blonde or a redhead! 

Who makes a great product for brassiness in brown hair that is available from the drugstores or beauty supply stores? — Jean

A: Jean, I believe Goldwell Colorance will be your best bet. 

This is a five minute express toner (demi-permanent colour) that deposits colour only. You can find it at beauty supply stores.

Get it in a cool tone to neutralize the warmth.

Be careful though! Do not use the cool-toned dye on the gold blonde highlights. Only put it on the brassy brown.

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