People’s Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)… and 5 I didn’t

The People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night were très underwhelming from a beauty perspective. I had much sads going through the pics.

I mean, I couldn’t even fully stand behind my headline here—there weren’t any hair and makeup looks I really LOVED. So I’m just gonna talk about a few peeps that I “liked.”

And then we’ll get into the fun part: five of the key beauty crimes that took place on that red carpet. (Shudder!)

The “likeable” looks

Brittany Snow Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Brittany Snow: Cute. Could use a root touch-up, but the piece-y, tousled bob style is very good, and I’m a fan of the simple, low-key makeup. Do her blue eyes pop or what?! The mascara’s a bit clumpy, but I can live with it. And I really like that warm, not-quite-pink but not-quite-coral shade on the lips and cheeks.

Emma Watson Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Emma Watson: I don’t care, I always like this girl. Even though one commenter had this to say: “[she] should have stood a little further back from the makeup gun!” Okay, so one could argue that there’s a lot of pink goin’ on—the eyelids, the cheeks, the lips. But I like to stand REALLY close to that makeup gun myself when it comes to blush, so I don’t have too much of an issue with it. And I adore the lipstick, and the half-up hair, and the tight-lining around her eyes… so there.

Rachel Leigh Cook Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Rachel Leigh Cook: This one comes closest to what most “normal” people would probably do for dressy-uppy occasion. And Rach looks pretty nice—fresh skin, side bun, bronzey under-eye shadow and not-too-obvious false lashes. The only prob is that the necklace is casting weird reflections on her chin.

Sandra Bullock Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Sandra Bullock: Sandy B! I’ve kind of missed you. I think the last time we saw her on a red carpet was in the 2011 awards season (remember these bangs?) I’m so happy she grew them out. Her hair looks all seksi and undone here, and the pop of fuchsia on her warm skin is a lip-look keeper.

Chloe Moretz Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Chloë Moretz: I feel kind of wrong examining a 15-year-old’s beauty look… but then again, most of the runway models we pore over here are probably that age too. Truth be told, I’m more a fan of the fluoro-floral dress than anything going on above the neck, but it’s nice that they left the hair alone instead of making it all contrived and grown-up, and I think the touch of eyeliner and mascara is enough to dress her up without being OTT. Heck, loads of grown women would look way better if they went this low-key!

The beauty crimes!

Taylor Swift Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Taylor Swift: Taylor’s got a weird expression here… but then again, who can blame her with that eyeshadow? It’s taking over her entire face and really making me question that whole colour rule that says coppery browns accentuate blue eyes. Although I’m sure the people that wrote that rule didn’t mean for it to be worn from the bridge of your nose and all the way up to your eyebrows.

Katy Perry Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Katy Perry: So the shadow’s not as bad as Taylor’s, granted, but still I have to ask WHY? The mauve isn’t even a particularly flattering colour either, so it’s extra-perplexing that it makes a second appearance on the lips. I also think that lip liner makes her look so hard and overdone. Tinted balm, Katy. Buy some.

Kaley Cuoco Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Kaley Cuoco: Kaley is a cute girl, but she needs to find a new hairstylist ASAP to stop making her rootage area look so ashy and grey (a common blonderexia issue)… and to not style it into a dated bouffant thingie. (Notice that it’s complete with hair accessory on one side. A true beauty WTF if there ever was one.) Eye makeup’s not bad, but I wouldn’t have done such a Barbie lip with a pink dress.

Melissa Rauch Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Melissa Rauch: As you can see, “prom” was a big theme on this red carpet. This one drives me crazy because Melissa is soooo close to looking amazing. All it would have taken was a bit of hair spray to get those bangs out of her face! They way they’ve been styled, they look way too wispy and curled under (i.e. ’80s, and not in a good way).

Katie Cassidy Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Peoples Choice Awards 2013: 5 looks I loved (okay, LIKED)... and 5 I didnt

Katie Cassidy: Remind me to bust out this photo the next time I need to make a point about eyebrows. No matter how good the rest of your makeup or hair or outfit is, there’s just no getting around how a skinny brow takes over your whole face. (And not in a good way.)

Honourable mentions!

Head on over to the full image gallery to check out some more potentially bothersome looks, including…

  • Lea Michele, because a tight updo doesn’t really flatter her that much, and she needs some blotting papers (although she had a wicked dress on)
  • Olivia Munn, because she forgot to put bronzer on her chin to match her forehead (it’s like an Eagle but all happening above the neck!)
  • Morena Baccarin, because she needs Whitestrips
  • Naomi Watts, because she needs to get her roots done, and ditto on the Whitestrips
  • Paris Hilton, because she is ORANGE

What did you think of the beauty on this red carpet?
Who was your fave?
Who’s on your “worst” list (I’m assuming there are multiples)?


Friday, January 11/2013 at 9:41 pm

The thing that bugs me about Taylor Swift’s eyeshadow is the fact that the application seems to draw attention to her lack of eyelid. It’s like they just kind of smeared it all over instead.


Saturday, January 12/2013 at 1:00 pm

You were so mean this time! Yes, there may have been some mistakes, maybe their makeup and hair aren’t perfect but I think that in some cases it’s just a matter of taste.

I think I like Sandra the most although her eyeshadow is a tad too glittery for my taste.


Saturday, January 12/2013 at 3:03 pm

Rachel and Sandra look gorgeous..


Courtney D.
Saturday, January 12/2013 at 5:48 pm

I think that’s the best I’ve seen Sandra look in years! Beautiful.

I don’t think Katy’s eyes look bad, but I don’t like her lips. Her skin is looking less…painted on than usual.

I really don’t care for Taylor’s look. She has fairly small eyes, and this just closes them further. Also, what is with the wrinkles in her forehead? I’m a year or so older than here and don’t have any wrinkles at all.

I think the chick at the bottom (never heard of her before) looks a LOT like Drew Barrymore!


Courtney D.
Saturday, January 12/2013 at 5:59 pm

Also-Julianne Hough looked amazing! Totally makes me want to cut my hair (which is about to my bra hooks in the back) into a bob. I will admit that her brows are a bit dark though.

I love Jennifer Lawrence’s hair color. But whoever did her eye shadow matched it exactly to her hair! Way too much coppery/bronzy color.


Saturday, January 12/2013 at 11:35 pm

I don’t think any of those “bad” photos were actually bad except for taylor swift. that was gross. and katy perry had bad lipliner but other than that i see no problem with the rest of the look or other girls.


Sunday, January 13/2013 at 3:11 pm

I don’t even know who that Melissa person is, but her bangs gave me a Jennie Garth flashback.

I think what Olivia Munn has going on there is real sun damage, not bronzer? The freckles on the bridge of her nose look unusually dark. It’s like she got a burn that faded to a tan.


Monday, January 14/2013 at 10:34 am

I think the word underwhelming was a good choice.
Rachel Leigh Cook is probably my favorite. I love her makeup. I also thought Katy Perry looked better than she usually does. Nice to see a normal hair color and what appears to be less foundation but you’re right about the lips.

Worst offender by far is Taylor Swift’s eyeshadow.

Melissa Rauch’s bangs are styled so terribly! Whenever I see pictures of myself with bangs like that back in the day I’m horrified! She looks like a nice person so I don’t know why someone would do that to her. Her makeup looks nice though.


Comment Avatar Vero Neek
Monday, January 14/2013 at 10:55 am

While most of the looks of the night were definitely underwhelming and sometimes kinda weird, the one that bothered me the most was Lea Michele. Girl! Why cornrows?! Such a beautiful girl, but that hair! Every time I saw her during the show, my scalp hurt for her and I thought, “at least if it looked good, then the pain would be worthwhile, but it doesn’t!”


Monday, January 14/2013 at 12:25 pm

I think Katy Perry was trying to match her makeup to the pink little flowers on her dress. I don’t mind it, but it’s pretty flat. The crazy lashes on almost everyone else freak me out a lot more.


Monday, January 14/2013 at 1:14 pm

Does Rachel Leigh Cook ever age??!! Seriously she looks amazing.


Monday, January 14/2013 at 4:24 pm

I wish I knew what lipstick Sandra wears, it’s so beautiful!


Sunday, October 13/2013 at 2:08 pm

I totally agree!
Regarding Katie Cassidy… its shocking that people go on about how great she looks recently… to me, the brunette Katie with skinny eyebrows looks 10 years older than she really is. She is no longer the beauty queen from Harper’s Island or tfrom Gossip Girl… On Arrow she looks good, but this is not Katie I’ve fallen in love with. People claim that she had a nose job… to me its all about those damn brows – they mess up everything.


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