Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Hopefully you’re not sick of talking about the Golden Globes yet… because besides the gallery of all the pics and so very many how-tos, we STILL need to analyze it!

I just love a good awards show beauty summit, don’t you? I’ve narrowed things down to just 10 top looks that I thought were great. Based on creativity, red carpet-appropriateness and most importantly, just general prettiness. Then I’ll tell you about who I didn’t include… which might surprise you!

Here goes…

Kerry Washington Golden Globes 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Kerry Washington: She makes it on the list because of her hair. I don’t know if she always had bangs, but I don’t think we’ve seen her wear them this way—totally straight and with a matching lob—for quite some time. (To see how different this is, here’s her most recent BEAUTY EDITOR appearance.) I’d love to see her ditch the highlights, and also that purple eyeshadow. They add nothing and only distract from her beauty.

Jessica Chastain Golden Globes 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Jessica Chastain: She looks like a mermaid! And I mean that in the best way possible. I know this hair wasn’t for everyone—at least from the front, where it sort of peaks on each side. But strangely, I’m into it. Out of anyone, Jessica pulls off Old Hollywood glamour the best. It just suits her. Now, if only we could do something about getting this woman an eyebrow pencil…

Emily Blunt Golden Globe Awards 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Emily Blunt: I’m going to put this out there that I think she looked the best she’s ever looked that night. Quite a turnaround from whatever-the-eff was going on at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Here, I can’t get enough of this pretty ballerina bun (which is hiding her questionable bronde hair colour) and especially the makeup, which is perfection. It’s all Hourglass peoples, and this is how you do it.

Katherine McPhee Golden Globes 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Katherine McPhee: I know, I know, she’s not exactly A-list. But good hair and makeup need to get credit where credit is due, and I actually approve of this. What a fantastically textured top knot! And then her wicked makeup job really elevates it. Skin looks fresh and lovely, great brows, and those are the smoky eyes of my dreams. NARS, by the way, and I’ll be posting a how-to shortly.

Lea Michele Golden Globe Awards 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Lea Michele: Oh, Lea. I actually like you now. (Weird, because she still gives off that trying-too-hard aura that used to drive me crazy.) But beauty-wise, Lea has really come into her own in the last year or so, and I think she looks quite adorbs here. (Much better than at the People’s Choice Awards.) It’s the unapologetic deep tan, the just-right cascading waves, the pop of colour in the earrings and the pale pink lips—which play off the aforementioned tan. On anybody else, I’d hate it but on Lea it’s just right. This is young, fresh glamour at its best.

Isla Fisher Golden Globes 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Isla Fisher: The over-one-shoulder waves are classic. And no, they’re not a new beauty idea or anything. But I still appreciate how Isla pulled them off—the colour is amazing and her hair texture looks soft and touchable. Equally important is that she opted for super-neutral makeup save for that pretty berry lip. She looks dressed up but not too “done.”

Megan Fox Golden Globes 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Megan Fox: Here’s another wavy-hair pic, which I chose for much of the same reasons as Isla. Except that Megan is so physically perfect that she almost looks like a brunette Barbie now. Don’t you want to play with her hair? I know I do. Anyway, what I like here is the contrast of the glossy (and well-highlighted) brunette waves set against the pinkness of her makeup and earrings. It’s so nice to see Megan going for this understated glamour now instead of the in-your-face sexiness of the red lips we always used to see her with.

Sienna Miller Golden Globes 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Sienna Miller: What the…? I know you’re thinking that right now, and I get it. Probably this is my Sienna crush resurfacing since she’s been away from the red carpet for a while during her pregnancy and now as a new mom. But hear me out. There’s something I have to applaud about how she’s wearing practically no makeup, and her hair is scraped back off her face into a low bun, and she still looks stupidly gorgeous. It’s like she’s saying, I don’t even have to try. Can you see how this is so much cooler than, say, the spackle of a Julianne Hough?

Amy Adams Golden Globe Awards 2013 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Amy Adams: No surprise, Amy is usually one of my red carpet faves so she’s right at the top of my list for this event. (I wouldn’t have given her that distinction for her Critics’ Choice look, though.) What works here is the side-part—much better on Amy than in the centre—and the modern take on 1920s finger waves. (You know that decade’s gonna be hot this year, with The Great Gatsby coming out in May.) It also helps that she has the most adorable, infectious smile. Cuteness personified!

Marion Cotillard Golden Globe Awards 20131 Golden Globes 2013: The 10 best beauty looks (and why!)

Marion Cotillard: She wins it for me! Even though Marion has had a few misses along the way (cough*Critics’ Choice Awards*cough), she’s basically a beauty editor’s dream on the red carpet, hitting just the right notes of trend-awareness and prettiness. I love that she’s wearing her hair in this new mini-trend: super-long and super-straight but off the face and tucked behind the ears. (Stacy Keibler did it too, and looked surprisingly great.) Marion’s makeup, too, is outstanding: rosy cheeks and lips with just a pop of sparkling blue-green cat’s eye liner along the lash lines.

Now, before I go, just a few quick words about who wasn’t on my list:

  • Lucy Liu: I usually love her, but I think the fishtail braid looks dated now, wasn’t really appropriate for the red carpet, and didn’t at all go with her big ‘ol Marie Antoinette dress. (Although if you liked the braid, I’ve got a how-to right here.)
  • Jessica Alba: Everyone’s raving about the orange lipstick, which was a bold choice for sure… but I didn’t think it went with her Marilyn Monroe hair, necklace and dress. Plus, I think a cool-toned lip (like my current obsession, fuchsia!) would’ve been more flattering on her warm skin tone.
  • Claire Danes: Amazingness that she just had her baby a month ago! And her hair is all bouncy and stuff. But I don’t get the heavy-duty smoky eye fetish. For once, I’d love to see her with a bare-faced look.
  • Anne Hathaway: Zzzzzz. Ginnifer Goodwin needs to lend her some short-hair tips!
  • Nicole Richie: Props to her for trying the blue eye makeup trend… but something got lost in the execution and it aged her by 20 years.
  • Julianne Hough: I liked the idea behind what she was doing (gold makeup, cool quiff) but she was wearing waaaay too much eyeshadow. Like, gold threw up all over her.

And for worst of the night, it’s gotta be a tie between Kaley Cuoco (scary dark lipstick and matching roots) and Jennifer Lopez (completely bizarre use of highlighting and contouring, plus suspiciously arched eyebrows).

What do YOU think?

Who were your GG favourites?
Who looked totally blah, bad or downright scary?
If you had to wear one look in real life, which would it be?


Wednesday, January 16/2013 at 2:21 pm

Thank you! I’ve been reading all over the place how everyone loved Julianne Hough, and I thought she looked ridiculous!!
I actually disagree about Claire Danes- I thought she looked stunning and the makeup actually worked with the sexy red dress. (And she wasn’t overly oily like she normally is.)
I absolutely adore Sienna Miller and loved her bare-faced look. And Marion Cotillard is one of my favorite girls in Hollywood, and I thought she looked smoking hot and trendy!


Wednesday, January 16/2013 at 3:21 pm

I support you on the Claire Danes verdict — those weren’t smoky eyes, they were sooty eyes… like, wrong end of the chimney metaphor. Such an intense dark black, that wasn’t echoed elsewhere in her clothes or colouring: Taylor Momsen styling at its worst.


Wednesday, January 16/2013 at 3:27 pm

I liked Clare Danes’ look – she was all Versaced up in scarlet and sexy hair, so the eyes made it all work, as opposed to a bare face and lips – she looked really hot! Lea was so frickin’ orange it was ridiculous! She has a serious case of faketanorexia, she would look better in her “own” skin. Other than that – your list was spot on. I also loved Kate Hudson, but perhaps more for that dress, it was unbelievable (McQueen)! And a mention for Helen Mirren, who was very sexy.


Wednesday, January 16/2013 at 5:59 pm

I thought Jessica Chastain’s hair was amazing. She looked absolutely beautiful. But you’re right about the eyebrow pencil.. also it makes me wonder if she is a natural redhead? I guess I just assumed she is but her brows are so light.. hmmm.

I didn’t like Marion Cotillard’s hair… I think her ears are a bit too prominent to pull off the tucked behind look. Her makeup was brilliant though, as per usual. Flawless.

Sienna’s dress was bloody horrible, but her hair and makeup is lovely and fresh and she looked beautiful. Plebs like me should be aspiring to this kind of barely there look more often.

Lea Michelle – well hasn’t she come a long way! I usually can’t stand her but lately she has lifted her game and I loved her look. Her dress was also incredible. I might have to take back my previous comments that her face is made for radio:0

You have nailed the ‘worsts’ list too… I agree with you on all of them, although I loved Lucy Lui’s braid, just not on the red carpet and with that dress. But I think I’ll wear it for dinner with the girls or similar.

Kaley Cuoco.. Oh. Dear. Girl needs to fire her team for letting her appear in public like that.


Wednesday, January 16/2013 at 11:20 pm

i LOVE LOVE LOVE sienna millers look. SO fresh.

but marion cotlliard…hands down my favorite look. i cant believe more ppl havent been talking about it. that BLUE eyeliner! amazeballs. for real. Major girl crush!

i love these posts.


Thursday, January 17/2013 at 4:34 am

I like Katherine McPhee eyes a lot and I am among those people who do love Jessica Alba’s makeup.
Emily (Blunt) is my girl crush and I love how she looks almost always. Btw, have you seen a film Sunshine Cleaning where she and Amy Adams are sisters?
As for Sienna I do feel she could wear at least a lip balm. She does look great however.


Thursday, January 17/2013 at 9:45 am

Props to all the 30-somethings who haven’t zapped away those crows feet and look human and gorgeous


Thursday, January 17/2013 at 10:51 am

Here’s a breakdown of Marion Cotillard’s makeup from Allure magazine:

I need that pink lip colour!


Thursday, January 17/2013 at 12:13 pm

Katherine McPhee was my favorite look. I love her eyes and skin. I also thought Lea Michelle looked great and I usually don’t like her. Her skin is too “tan” but I thought her hair was really pretty and her makeup looks good.

I really love Marion Cotillard’s eyeliner. I usually wear brown or black but this inspires me to try some color!

Did Megan Fox have work done on her face? Maybe some fillers? I thought maybe she’s just a healthier weight since she had a baby but she has no lines at all on her face. Weird.


Thursday, January 17/2013 at 4:59 pm

I was BLOWN AWAY by the simplicity and sheer prettiness of Sienna Miller’s look! Marion Cotillard is always beautiful, so no surprise there. You’re right – Lea Michelle really is coming into her own in terms of makeup..I’m finally starting to like her too! I never really noticed Katherine McPhee before but, wow, seems she successfully took a page from Mila Kunis’ “How to do a perfect smoky eye” book!
Also, Nicole Kidman who? I’d say your celeb doppelganger is more Amy Adams…strawberry blond hair and all!


Monday, January 21/2013 at 12:21 pm

I agree, really good!

Although Amy Adams looks like she’s baring her teeth at the camera, rather than smiling. Hey, I would be too, by that point! I still love her.


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