Hot-guy-in-a-fragrance-ad alert: Garrett Hedlund is YSL’s new face!

Garrett Hedlund

So I haven’t seen On the Road yet. But I HAVE seen Country Strong (don’t laugh). And I completely, 100 percent understand why Yves Saint Laurent has just announced their choice of Garrett Hedlund as the new face of the men’s fragrance La Nuit d’Homme.

He. Is. So. Dreamy.

The 28-year-old American actor, according to a YSL press release, perfectly expresses the “spirit of a very strong and virile man [with] great sensitivity.”

Did you hear that? Virile. 

He’ll start appearing in ads for the scent come June and I, for one, am totally buying what he’s selling. (Which is this—a fresh oriental blend of cardamom, bergamot, courmarin and vetiver…)

YSL La Nuit dHomme Hot guy in a fragrance ad alert: Garrett Hedlund is YSLs new face!

Haven’t heard of Garrett? Well then, it is my duty to leave you with this:

Are you a Garrett Hedlund fan?
What about YSL L’Homme de Nuit?
Isn’t this SO much better than the Brad Pitt/Chanel shenanigans?

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