Score a Free Online Hair Consultation From Celebrity Hairstylist Bill Angst

He's a hair genius, as well as my longtime hairdresser.
Michelle Villett
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He's a hair genius, as well as my longtime hairdresser.
Anna Sui - Fall 2011 hair

Beauty editors are constantly getting free haircuts thrown their way—which is awfully tempting considering we're always broke. (It's a very champagne taste on a beer budget sort of lifestyle.) I've done my share of dabbling over the years, but you know what? My fellow writer friend Nancy said it best on Instagram a couple months ago: "when it comes to hair in this town, there is only bill. #angst"

You see, she had just discovered Bill Angst, the Toronto-based hairdresser who has been cutting my hair since I was in university—so, way before I got into this industry. While even my beauty-ignorant self knew back then that he had special hair powers, I'm now even MORE convinced of his supreme talents. Think about that. I've been a total haircut guinea pig, experiencing the so-called best of the best as a beauty editor...  and yet I've decided that nobody gets it like Bill gets it.


I'm absolutely convinced he would be a household name if he wanted to be—but he's too much of a cool person that wants to live a normal lifestyle instead of chasing after hair fame. (Read this post about the concept of the "Life Cut" if you need more intel on his talents. You can also check out his wicked website and blog here.)

Anyway, now I want to share the love. Because love him you will.

Bill Angst - Toronto hairstylist

The very exciting news is that Bill is joining the Beauty Editor stable to offer FREE online hair consultations!

That's his thing, you see. (In fact, it's the way my mom and I discovered him in the first place. He used to do makeovers on the old Cityline show and my mom, being a fellow beauty obsessive—I guess you could say I got it honestly—meticulously kept track of which hairdressers did the best makeovers. It was always, always Bill.)

What he's going to do is review readers' photos and then provide his expert recommendations on what type of cut (and possibly colour) that he thinks would best suit you. This is totally customized advice available FREE—even if you don't live in Toronto and aren't able to come see him in person.

The one caveat is that we'll need to publish your photo here on Beauty Editor as part of the deal!

How to receive a FREE hair consultation

1. Have a friend take at least TWO well-lit, preferably hi-res photos of you:

a) One should be a close-up showing your face and hair only.

b) The other one should be a full-body shot. (Bill will need to see this since hair is all about proportions.)

2. Email your photos and a brief description of your hair texture, colour and main hair challenges to:


Please put "Bill Angst Hair Consultation" in the subject line. Bill can't guarantee a response to every single consultation, but the best quality images will have the best chance of being published!

This is gonna be so much fun! Here's to happy hair in 2013!