Ask Tony Chaar: How can I make my boring brown hair more exciting—but still keep it healthy?

Jennifer Lopez - blonde hair

The question

Reader Daria writes:

I have been dyeing my hair for years because I love changing things up. I was a dark brown to red Ombré for a year and then did a six-hour process to get to a very bright red all over (think Rihanna).

I kept that for four months and then decided to go back to a more natural colour because of school and work. My stylist said blonde wasn’t possible, so my hair was bleached (turned pink) and then brown was put on top.

Now I am stuck with a boring one-tone brown (think Leighton Meester) that I find doesn’t suit me at all (I am pale with blue eyes) and that lacks lustre. I have always had long hair and my natural colour is dirty brown. What do I do if I want to have healthy hair that still looks fun?

The answer

Tony Chaar’s advice:

As we all know, colour is about skin tones. I agree that the blonde colour might suit you. I recommend for your skin tone to have light golden highlights with a light, warm Jennifer Lopez brown. Or go to strawberry with golden highlights. You would look stunning!

[To get there,] I would recommend that you put some soft highlights everywhere in your hair with very low lifters so it will be soft on your hair. It will take a longer time, but it won’t be as damaging.

You must use an oil from René Furterer called Karité Intense; it protects your hair while it’s lifting.

And I do recommend that you do deep moisturizing masks and liquid protein treatments all the time for you to be able to have luscious and playful hair.

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