Did Nail Art Die At Fashion Week?

Plus backstage beauty tricks and the "perfect" diet.
Michelle Villett
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Plus backstage beauty tricks and the "perfect" diet.
Richard Chai - Fall 2013 backstage

The Perfect Diet

Via The Fuck It "Diet": Eat carbs! Don't eat carbs. Fat is good—no wait, it's bad. If you're like me and have adopted various eating philosophies over the years—not for weight loss, mind you, but just to be "healthy"—then you'll identify with this so hard. (Hence, fuck it.) I love this so much, I can't even tell you. > continue reading

Hey, Bloggers, Welcome to the Beauty Editor World

Via The Cut: Uh-oh, editors at Fashion Week are bitching about bloggers again. And actually, since I straddle both worlds, this article does have a point. Distracted subjects, canned responses, crappy photography... I don't know, I'm not so into it. > continue reading

10 Tricks We Learned from the Pros During New York Fashion Week

Via Beauty High: Speaking of Fashion Week, here's someone who actually did manage to grab some good tips. Pay attention to #5, because from the shows I've seen so far, I think the just-bitten lip look is gonna be big. > continue reading

Nail Art Just Died

Via BuzzFeed: Is this the final nail (ha) in the coffin for nail art? After Chanel's French mani for S/S '13, I'm thinking yes. > continue reading

Hair Ideas: Terrycloth Is a Blowout's Best Friend

Via Allure: Got frizz-prone hair? I think this is an especially good little tip for making a blowout last. It's all about these minor details, my friends. > continue reading