Hairstyles Just Got More Interesting For Fall 2013

Pretty ponytails, beautiful braids and awesome updos at New York Fashion Week.
Michelle Villett
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Pretty ponytails, beautiful braids and awesome updos at New York Fashion Week.

I'm usually more interested in the makeup side of things at Fashion Week, but that's only because there can be seasons when you'll see show after show after show of girls with super-slick, tight-to-the-head buns (which nobody in real life can pull off, save J.Lo). Even your stock standard bouncy blow-dry can get boring.

Not this year. If New York was any indication, hair just got a lot more exciting. I'm talking braids, I'm talking updos, I'm talking braided updos. And fancy ponytails, chignons, half-up hair... it's all good stuff.

If you've ever wanted to do more to your hair than just leaving it loose, or pulling it back into a simple pony, then you need to see these pics!

Half-up hair with braids and rosettes at Rodarte

Rodarte - Fall 2013 hair

They called this "rocker princess" hair, and I don't know about you, but I want to be that.

Hairstylist Odile Gilbert used John Frieda mousse and a curling iron to give the hair a bedhead texture. Then, she created braids on either side of the head that joined into a "hair rosette" before cascading down the middle.

Rodarte - Fall 2013 hair

I'm not so into the rosette for real life, but I've always loved half-up hair (even when it's not been in style). Adding a braid is a great way to make it more interesting!

Low ponytails tied with ribbons at Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham - Fall 2013 hair

Don't you miss ribbons? I mean, why should little girls be the only ones who get to wear them?

Obviously I'm not advocating anything TOO juvenile (like hairbands—they can look ridiculous past a certain age), but a long ribbon on a slightly messy ponytail looks pretty incredible. (Nice work by hairstylist Jeanie Syfu, who reps TRESemmé.)

Jenny Packham - Fall 2013 hair

I think the key is the placement of the pony (low) and the ribbon (long and not too perfect). Let's all go to Fabricland and stock up!

Twisty, braided chignons at Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka - Fall 2013 hair

Speaking of braids, this reverse French braid chignon thingie is SO cool. Hitchcock girls were the inspiration (don't you love that?), although this is definitely one you'd leave to a professional (like Peter Gray, who did this using Moroccanoil products).

Some of the models had slightly simpler versions, with twists instead of braids:

Badgley Mischka - Fall 2013 hair

Maybe it's just because watching early Mad Men re-runs is like my favourite thing, but I love seeing classic "lady looks" like this—even if I don't possess the skillz to replicate them myself.

Victory rolls at Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera - Fall 2013 hair

What the heck's a Victory roll, you ask? Well, it's a hairstyle that dates from the 1940s and is characterized by rolls of hair that mimic a "v" shape. Whether a full updo or just half-up, versions of it have been spotted lately on a few celebs—Marion Cotillard and most recently, Jessica Chastain at the Globes.

At Carolina, hairstylist Orlando Pita (for Moroccanoil) really committed to the look, creating the "v" in the front and then a roll going all the way around the head:

Carolina Herrera - Fall 2013 hair

Sure, it's severe, but don't think you could never do this. I just stumbled upon a DIY by this ELLE UK beauty ed, and her (more casual) version looks fantastic.

More Victory rolls La Perla

La Perla - Fall 2013 hair

These rolled updos (created by hairstylist Rodney Cutler using Redken hair products) are a little more relaxed-looking.

Also? I believe they were mainly achieved with those mini-comb things that work brilliantly for pushing up and fastening your hair:

La Perla - Fall 2013 hair

So, translation: go buy some for a fast, easy way to create your "v's." I think this looser style is more wearable.

Low, loose chignons at Delpozo

Delpozo - Fall 2013 hair

Hair like this is SO romantic. It makes me want to pretend I'm a character in a Charlotte Brontë novel. (Except back then I guess they didn't accent the look with pink eyeliner.)

The great part about these chignons, created by Moroccanoil artistic director Antonio Corral Calero, is that they're not too difficult to do, at least from the front—you basically just want a side part and everything loose. At the back, you could do a simple bun if you don't want to get this complicated:

Delpozo - Fall 2013 hair

It's a back-combed, braided ponytail that was pinned from the nape of the neck up to create a "winged" effect. I say: ask a friend for help!

Undone updos at Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji - Fall 2013 hair

This hair look (another Rodney Cutler/Redken one) is also pretty romantic, although you'd probably want to be just a tad tidier in real life. (That said: the fact that it's deliberately half falling out is a good thing in case pins go awry!)

You want to start with hair that's as texture-y as possible, and then braid it at the back before securing it into a bun:

Tadashi Shoji - Fall 2013 hair

Then, the best part is that you get to "distress" it by pulling out random stray pieces. I can't tell you how many times my side buns have done this on their own accord—now I'll just rock it!

Photo credits: Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera and Delpozo by David Webber for Moroccanoil.

I'll be posting detailed how-tos on these soon, but in the meantime tell me:

Are you feeling inspired by these new hair ideas?
Which one(s) would you try?
Which are too runway for real life?