Rachel Weisz Looks Insanely Beautiful at the 'Oz' Premiere

Glowy skin, great brows and flicky eyeliner.
Michelle Villett
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Glowy skin, great brows and flicky eyeliner.
Rachel Weisz - Oz the Great and Powerful premiere - Feb 2013


Rachel Weisz


At the Los Angeles premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful on February 13, 2013.


Because I think Rachel, at 42 (!!!) looks way better than many 22-year-olds. Seriously, WOW. There are so many things I love about her look here, but let's start with her skin. She just glows. I like that she's not wearing so much foundation that it doesn't look like real skin, and that super-subtle blush shade is just perfect on her.

But mostly, it's all about the brows and the eye makeup. Can we just award this woman the title of Best Brows in Hollywood and call it a day? People would kill for those arches. And as for the eye makeup, well, this is one pic I'm filing in my secret beauty folder where I keep all my favourites for future copying purposes. Look at how the liner follows the curve of her lash lines and then delicately flicks out at the edges—but doesn't look at all overdone. It truly is a feat of makeup mastery.

The other thing to keep in mind is that I rarely think people look good with hair this tight to the head. On Rachel, I don't miss the hair at all because it would only take away from the utter gorgeousness of her features. Totally jellis.