Watch This Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong (VERY Wrong!)

Plus backstage beauty classics and how to look well-rested with makeup.
Michelle Villett
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Plus backstage beauty classics and how to look well-rested with makeup.
DKNY - Fall 2013 backstage beauty

Welcome to your weekend beauty reading:

Little Pick Me Up

Via The Beauty Department: Your ophthalmologist won't approve, but this is a wicked trick to help you look like you got eight hours sleep when you really got five. Also, the lavender is much softer than the traditional white. > continue reading

Sleep Tricks: How to Feel Well-Rested

Via Allure: Speaking of looking well-rested, how about feeling that way too?! I talked about cortisol a little while back, and how it might affect your skin more than sex hormones—so getting quality sleep is critical if you want to lower it. Some good tips here. > continue reading

9 amazing all-natural perfumes

Via Well+Good NYC: I'm way more into natural and organic fragrances than mainstream ones, so I love this list—Red Flower and Tsi La are two of my longtime fave brands, and I'm dying to try the rest! > continue reading

Beauty: fashion show backstage essentials

Via The Guardian: Sali Hughes has been going to Fashion Week since 1990 (!). And amazingly, these classic products that hairstylists and makeup artists use backstage have not even changed. Guess that means they're REALLY good! > continue reading

This Is What Happens When A Hair Tutorial Goes Very, Very Wrong

Via Refinery29: You know, you really have to be careful with hot tools. I'm just going to leave this little video right here.

Terrible but also hilarious. I'll never quite trust my curling rod again! > continue reading