Oscars 2013: Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Romantic Updo

Recreate this loose, textured style.
Michelle Villett
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Recreate this loose, textured style.
Jenna Dewan-Tatum - Oscars 2013 hair - front

The look:

A loose, textured updo.

The inspiration:

“We went for a soft, retro, romantic feel. I wanted to emphasize clean texture."—celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager for Macadamia Natural Oil.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum - Oscars 2013 hair - side

The how-to:

1. Spray Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Pre-Styler on damp hair from the mid-shaft down. It softens hair instantly while protecting wet strands from the breakage that can lead to frizz and fly-aways.

2. Brush through the hair to make sure it's tangle-free, and then use a dime-sized amount of Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment on the ends to protect against the hot tools and to quench the hair's thirst.

3. Rough-dry the hair to bring out its natural texture.

4. After hair is dry, take 2-inch sections of hair and wrap around a 1-inch curling iron, pulling down on the hair to soften the wave as each section is dropped.

5. After the hair is set, begin lightly twisting the hair just above the ears and pinning it back until it hits just above the nape.

6. Take the remaining hair and loosely braid it, wrapping it into a low knot and securing it with hair pins.

7. Finish the look with a light hairspray, such as Macadamia Natural Oil Control Hairspray.