2013 Oscars After-Parties The best beauty looks at all the 2013 Oscars after-parties

This year’s Oscars red carpet brought some of the best beauty showings yet—thanks to peeps like Keibler, Kidman and the flawless Chastain—but the hair and makeup fun doesn’t end there! Now we need to check out the post-show after-parties, where dozens more celebs were primped to perfection. Bright lips and easy updos were a key theme, but the starring looks included Ginnifer Goodwin’s incredible eye makeup, Kate Bosworth’s pretty braid and Amber Heard’s cascading Ombré waves. Plus, Zoë Saldana, Amy Adams and Amanda Seyfried made quick hair (and outfit) changes to switch up what we saw earlier in the night. Clickity-click to see it all…


Wednesday, February 27/2013 at 11:30 am

Two general comments: 1. They seem to have some harsh lighting at these after-parties! Yikes! and 2. Very, very, very few people look good with a nude lip.


Wednesday, February 27/2013 at 12:15 pm

Kim Kardashian’s fake eyelashes seriously freak me out.


Friday, March 1/2013 at 6:16 pm

I do not understand how Kim Kardashian can look at photos of herself (and you know she does, over and over) and think that is a good look. Yuck. The eyelashes are ridiculous.
Photos like these make me feel better about myself, somehow – it’s better to see how caked in makeup the stars are at these events than to see them all airbrushed, looking inhuman and perfect.
The best looks are the luminous, moderately “natural” ones where there’s a bit of colour on the lips and you can see the skin.


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