Be One of the First To Try Pantene's Brand New Collection!

It's called AgeDefy, and here's how you can score a test-drive.
Michelle Villett
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It's called AgeDefy, and here's how you can score a test-drive.
Pantene Expert AgeDefy collection

SPONSORED: People in the beauty business—including me—love to talk about "fighting the signs of aging." Man, I think I've written a variation of that sentence about 947 times in my career as a beauty editor, and almost exclusively on the topic of skincare. But you know what? Hair gets old too, and I'm not just talking about getting greys. Breakage, split ends, frizz, thinning, dryness and dull colour are all fun parts of the aging process too. Thanks, Mother Nature!

Now, if you're anything like me, you're well-stocked in anti-aging skincare products... but haircare? Not so much. That's why my little beauty editor nerd self was totally intrigued when I heard about Pantene's newest launch: AgeDefy from the new Pantene Expert collection. It's comprised of a shampoo, conditioner, masque and thickening treatment—and is the first and only hair line from mass to address an impressive list of aging concerns. Like, seven of them. It reduces breakage; prevents split ends; tames frizz; controls unruly greys; minimizes lacklustre colour; and minimizes dryness and thin-looking hair.

Impressive, non? Actually, it really IS.

My first experience with AgeDefy was with Pantene Pro-V Consulting Stylist Justin German, who washed and styled my hair with the products, and then gave me a wicked bouncy blowout.

Justin German

Here's the before:

Pantene before

And the enhanced-with-fuchsia-lipstick after:

Pantene after

My hair felt and looked amazing for three days after this... but I know what you're thinking. Any good blow-dry can make your hair look nice. It's what I was thinking too.

The REAL test was how the products performed at home. So I did two experiments. First, I used the shampoo and masque—both of which look, feel and smell like some kind of luxe banana pudding—and then sprayed the Advanced Thickening Treatment on my roots before blowing my hair dry. The Thickening Treatment has an awesome dispenser that really helps you get the product on your scalp before massaging it in… and then it thickens by increasing the diameter of your individual hair fibres. (For women in their 40s and beyond, the formula—which contains caffeine, niacinamide and pathenol—actually produces a hair diameter effect of someone 10 years younger!) I'm not going to say my blow-dry skills are anything like Justin's, but I did have a particularly great hair day. Normally it's a trade-off for me between thickness and smoothness, but for once I had both. Both!

The second experiment was with just the shampoo and conditioner... and the way I usually dry my hair, which is naturally. (Yep, I'm lazy like that.) But Oh.Em.Gee. Normally, air-drying leaves me with thickness that could also be described as "frizz" and "tangles." Not with this good stuff. I can't stop touching my hair—it feels silky yet strong, exactly the way children's hair feels before it's been ravaged by years of heat-styling, colouring and, well, this ol' aging process.

Pantene says AgeDefy can make hair act up to 10 years younger... and I'm a believer.

Wanna try some too? Pantene is giving 25 BEAUTY EDITOR readers the chance to test-drive the AgeDefy collection.

To apply for this opportunity, complete this short survey.

You have until Sunday, March 17th to enter. Here's to younger-looking hair!