Mila Kunis Has Seriously Shiny Hair at the 'Oz' Premiere

The extreme shine that only brunettes can achieve.
Michelle Villett
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The extreme shine that only brunettes can achieve.
Mila Kunis - Oz the Great and Powerful London premiere - Feb 28, 2013


Mila Kunis


At the London premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful on February 28, 2013.


In today's chapter of "wanting what you cannot have," I'm all over Mila's mega-shiny hair. It's classic Demi Moore hair, and that Real Housewife of Beverly Hills (Kyle I think her name is?). Not that I watch that show, but she's the only one I can ever remember since all of the others look EXACTLY the same: crappy blonde bleach jobs and over-Restylane'd faces. Kyle, at least, has her own thing going on with the long, straight dark hair.

But back to Mila and why she looks awesome here. Her hair has the kind of extreme shine that only brunettes can boast of, because light reflects so much more off a dark surface instead of blonde or red. The perfectly straight texture also helps (with those long layers Tony Chaar was talking about the other day). And she's very lucky: she's got a round face that looks amazing with a centre part. If you have a long face shape, then a side part will probably look better.

I'm also admiring the beautiful, shimmery, taupey-grey eye makeup—this chick has the best eyes in the biz for makeup, no?