Is There a Cut That Will Make My Thick Hair Less Heavy?

"My hair is not very difficult, but it can be dry and lacking in volume."
Bill Angst
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"My hair is not very difficult, but it can be dry and lacking in volume."
Hair consultation - Yuan

Yuan wants a new style for her thick, volume-challenged hair.

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Q: I am 5'5" with brown eyes and dark brown/black hair that has never been coloured. My hair is very thick, and when air-dried—which is every day—it is slightly wavy. My hair is not very difficult, but it can be dry and lacking in volume. Thank you so much for offering this service, it is greatly appreciated. — Yuan

A: Miss Yuan, thank you for submitting your photo! Your natural approach to your style is commendable.

You should grow your hair much longer and have the mid-shaft and the ends notched with scissors, not thinning shears nor a razor. (These will make your hair fuzzy and hard to style.)

Camila Alves - 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival

Camila Alves at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Notching in the right places will release weight in the hair, add volume to the mid-shaft and texturize the ends where necessary. Also, this will make the ends tapered—which will remove weight and help to promote wave.

Try not to wash your hair any more than your roots need. No need for greasy roots but washing too often makes it difficult to keep control of this style.

Leaving gel and a ridiculous amount of conditioner in your ends will, with the help of a little scrunching, add wave to your ends with this cut.

The longer the better for your hair, Yuan. And your part could be anywhere it wants to be with my advice.

PS... Please stay away from colour to get the most out of your hair.


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